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The trip to Disneyland consumed more than half of the children’s physical strength.

In the subsequent itinerary, Mrs. Mu mainly took them to visit the historical sites. The Louvre, the Elysee Palace, the Pompidou Center for Arts and Culture, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and other places had their footprints.

Before Mrs. Mu took them on the tour, she would tell them some relevant information, which made the children who had never been in touch with them be confused. Then Mrs. Mu encouraged them to check it when they visited, like a connection, linking the introduction she talked to with the real thing, and whoever got the most links was the most correct and rewarded. The children suddenly became enthusiastic!

In the end, Mu Yiqi won (Feng Weiming, the primary school tyrant who lived in France, didn’t bother to win, but Mu Yixi, who had a lifetime knowledge reserve, deliberately gave in). The prize was an ice cream and a ten-yuan franc. Mu Yiqi bought ice cream for the other children. The picture of each of the four children with a popsicle was filmed by Mrs. Mu. It was too cute to be seen. Jiang Xinyu immediately asked for one of the copies.

Due to the strong request of Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan, Mrs. Mu took them to the pet shop to buy pets. In China, the trend of raising famous dogs had not yet risen, and there was no formal organization specializing in breeding. If they really wanted to raise them, it was better to buy them abroad.

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan went there expectantly. The cats and puppies in the pet shop were indeed very cute, but the excitement at the beginning passed. Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan began to be picky about them. They started comparing them with Louis’s liveliness or Caesar’s mightiness—in their short time together, they had developed a deep affection for Caesar and Louis.

The final conclusion was: not as good as Louis and Caesar!

So, they returned empty-handed and went back to continue to play with Louis and Caesar. That eager look made Feng Weiming feel a great danger, and he almost preferred to lock up Louis and Caesar from seeing them.

When they left, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were the most reluctant to leave the two dogs. Caesar was very cool from beginning to end, but just waved his paws humanely. But Louis became crazy, he held Mu Yiqi’s calf and refused to let him go. Mu Yiqi almost shed tears.

But when Mu Jiurong couldn’t see them, he personally asked Mu Jiuqing for Louis. Mu Jiuqing squatted down, he pointed to Mu Yiqi and asked Louis, “Do you want to go home with this brother?”

Louis opened his mouth stupidly and looked at him. Mu Jiuqing said, “It means to send you away, and not stay here in the future.”

Send away!

As soon as Louis’s ears heard this, he immediately let go of Mu Yiqi’s trousers. He ran towards Feng Weiming and hid behind him. He stuck out his nose and black round eyes like a thief and looked around, as if to assure that he was not being sent away.

Mu Yiqi’s reluctance immediately turned into an angry knot.

Feng Weiming showed a slight smile despite the fact his father was about to give Louis to someone, and he reached out and rubbed Louis’s head. Louis barked with joy.

The difference between Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi was also reduced. No matter what contradiction there was before, after 10 days of getting along with each other, the contradiction disappeared unconsciously.

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan looked at Feng Weiming with expressions of dismay, and automatically forgot about his mysophobia and hugged him. Feng Weiming accepted it quietly. Even Mu Yixi came over to hug him shyly, Feng Weiming also reluctantly hugged him, but quickly let go, with a cold sentence in his ear: “Your face is so ugly.” Being pretentious was the most annoying!

Mu Yixi’s peaceful and friendly mood immediately flew, and the gesture of ending the hug turned into a quick kiss on Feng Weiming’s face with a crying voice: “Bye bye, I will miss you …”

The onlooking people looked like “Ah, these two children are in such a good relationship.”

Mu Yixi was also very cunning and didn’t give Feng Weiming a chance to go crazy. After he finished talking, he immediately turned around and pounced on Mrs. Mu for comfort.

Mrs. Mu patted him on the back and gently comforted, “You will meet again in the future, don’t cry.”

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan also comforted the little brother.

“We can come again next time!” Come visit Caesar and Louis and have fun with Mingming by the way! ~(≧▽≦)/~Mu Yiqi had always been obsessed with Caesar and Louis.

“Coming again!” Mu Yixuan also squeezed her small pink fist. With Mu Yixi, summer travel had become much more fun! She had a very good impression of France.

Mu Yixi: “Woo, come again… Let’s watch Caesar and Louis, play together…”

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan nodded: “Yes, yes!”

“Haha, you are welcome! Come and play with Mingming. The third uncle will charter a flight for you!” Mu Jiuqing said with a smile. He was happy to see his son playing with his peers.

Mu Yixi, Mu Yiqi & Mu Yixuan: “Thank you, Third Uncle!”

Feng Weiming: “…”

Why did no one ask his opinion? = =

Although he didn’t object, how come everyone ignored Mu Yixi’s heinous act of kissing him?

It was all Mu Yixi’s fault!

So, Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming separated for the first time, and their impression of each other was –

Feng Weiming: What an annoying child!

Mu Yixi: Although I want to please him, but he is too unpleasant, I can’t help but bully the little thing that is really hilarious when changing faces!

After a few days of rest after returning home, the Yilian garden welcomed visitors again.

First, Mu Jiu’an’s wife Lu Peiya came with her children.

Mu Jiu’an was three years younger than Mu Jiurong, and since childhood, he liked to compare with Mu Jiurong. Not long after Mu Jiurong married Mrs. Mu, Mu Jiu’an married Lu Peiya. He was only 23 years old, and Lu Peiya had just turned 20 when they married.

Mrs. Mu was born in a good family, beautiful and dignified, and Lu Peiya’s background was also not bad, coming from a scholarly family. She was beautiful, innocent and easy-tempered. Even though Mu Jiurong and Mu Jiu’an were at odds with each other, the relationship between her and Mrs. Mu had always been quite good.

Her children, five-year-old Mu Yirun and four-year-old Mu Yiyun did not look like her, but like Mu Jiu’an. Mu Jiu’an’s face was not as good as Mu Jiurong’s, and he looked a bit serious, his children had followed him. In fact, Mu Yirun’s personality had also followed his looks. At a young age, he was already quite serious. He liked ancient books and ancient poems. He had learned calligraphy from his grandfather Mu Jingwei, and he was very scholarly. His sister, Mu Yiyun, on the other hand, was quite arrogant and self-willed because of being doted on, and she liked to compare with Mu Yixuan in everything.

Mrs. Mu took out the souvenirs brought back from France for her nephew and niece.

“Sister-in-law has spent money.” Lu Peiya said embarrassedly.

“What’s the matter?” Mrs. Mu patted her hand, telling her not to say such things.

“We will also go to France in a few days, and my parents will also bring gifts for you.” Mu Yiyun took out a bracelet and gestured to her wrist in a clear voice.

Mrs. Mu raised her eyebrows.

Lu Peiya was embarrassed: “It’s Jiu’an who insists on going…” Mu Jiu’an said that Mu Jiuqing could entertain Mu Jiurong’s family, so he could also entertain them. Sometimes Lu Peiya couldn’t stand the competition between her husband and his brother. He was obviously a big man with an upright personality, but he had to compete with her brother, which made her unable to lift her head in front of her sister-in-law.

Mrs. Mu comforted her: “This is a man’s business, and we can’t do anything about it. It’s okay to care about our own affairs.”

Lu Peiya: “Who said it’s not?” The two wives started to talk.

Mu Yiyun didn’t know that her casual sentence had caused embarrassment at home. All her attention was on the bracelet. This bracelet was exquisite and shiny, and she liked it very much. She couldn’t clasp it alone and stretched out her hand in front of Mu Yixi: “Little brother, you can close it for me.” The tone was imperative.

When they were just introduced to each other, Mu Yiyun already knew that there was a new little brother in her aunt’s house. She didn’t have too many thoughts in her mind, but seeing that Mu Yixuan liked Mu Yixi, she couldn’t help but want to grab him over. She tried to snatch Mu Yiqi before, but Mu Yiqi didn’t even want to deal with his sister, and even more didn’t want to deal with his cousin. Mu Yiyun had done useless work, and her heart was very upset, so she had never had a good expression for Mu Yiqi.

But before Mu Yixi could speak, Mu Yirun had already grabbed her sister’s hand, took the bracelet and put it back in the box: “Go back and wear it again. Have you thanked aunt yet?”

Mu Yirun was slightly fat. That reduced some of the majesty of Mu Jiu’an’s looks on his face.

Mu Yiyun suddenly became a little stunned. After Lu Peiya gave birth to her, she was not in good health for a year or two, and Mu Yiyun was sent to her grandmother’s house to be raised. The Lu family was a scholarly family, and the two elders had a strong temper. Although the Mu family was prominent, they looked down on them. Coupled with the limited energy of the elderly, Mu Yiyun was mostly led by her aunt. The eldest aunt was more realistic, she didn’t dare to neglect the little lady of Mu’s family. She was always close to her, and she also asked her children to let her have her way. Mu Yiyun had too much of pampering, and her temper had risen, and she had become like this when she returned to Mu’s house. Lu Peiya could teach her softly, but Mu Jiu’an and Mu Yirun couldn’t let her be like that. Mu Yiyun, who was cleaned up by her father and brother, suffered a lot. She cried and made trouble with Lu Peiya. Lu Peiya was softhearted and interceded with the two men, one large and one small in the family. Mu Yiyun’s discipline was not so strict anymore. She was a little bit crooked, but being stared at by her father and brother, she didn’t dare to go too far.

She withdrew her hand aggrievedly, and whispered: “Thank you, auntie.”

“Little Yun, go to play with your brothers and sister, eh?” Mrs. Mu said softly.

Mu Yiyun bit her lip.

“I have other bracelets; do you want to see it?” Mu Yixuan said. They were the only sisters in this generation. Although Mu Yiyun was a bit annoying, Mu Yixuan felt that she was her sister, so she was still responsible towards her.

“…Hmm.” Mu Yiyun reluctantly nodded and followed Mu Yixuan upstairs.

Mu Yirun was worried about his younger sister and followed behind. Seeing that Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi were also here, he said to Mu Yixi: “Xiao Yun is rude, don’t mind, little brother.” He said politely.

“Ah, don’t mind.” Mu Yixi said shyly. Mu Jiu’an and Mu Jiurong had fought for a long while, but his children have always been marginalized in the Mu’s family. Mu Yirun became a professor in the Chinese Department of the National University. Mu Yiyun married early and experienced several marriages. Mu Yixi did not take them seriously in the last life.

“My brother is fine, so he won’t care about the little girl!” Mu Yiqi interrupted, showing off with a little pride in his tone.

Mu Yixi nodded: “They are all younger sisters.” It was right to let this point be explained.

Mu Yirun had a sad heart. Was that right? Because she was a younger sister, no matter how self-willed and arrogant she was, he couldn’t leave her alone and make her parents worried and embarrassed.

Mu Yirun thought that Mu Yixi who knew how to love his sister was good: “That’s good.” He was a little curious about Mu Yixi’s existence, but everyone was unfamiliar with it, so he didn’t want to ask more.

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