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Chi Fang had been very busy recently. After returning from the exchange program from Country M, Chi Fang did not directly enter Chi’s enterprise, but started from scratch and founded an Internet company.

The company had just been established, and everything had to be done by himself. Although there were many capable people, it was still very busy. Both of them were too busy, so Chi Fang had to send Xiaoyu to Mother Chi. Mother Chi’s love for the little guy soon surpassed Chi Zheng, and even Chi Fang’s first position was faintly unprotected.

After finally finalizing the matters of the first project with the project manager, Chi Fang glanced outside the window, only to realize that it was already dark. He glanced at the time; it was already ten o’clock in the evening.

Yu Mo didn’t even call him?

Chi Fang was puzzled and opened the chat box with Yu Mo, which showed that the last chat was three days ago.

Chi Fang blinked slowly and recalled the recent events.

The last time they had a meal together seemed to be a week ago, and the last time they went to a movie together…it seemed to have been three months ago. He seemed… indeed, to have been ignoring Yu Mo for a long time.

Chi Fang felt a little guilty, so he cleverly sent a message to Yu Mo.

Chi Fang: Are you at home? Have you eaten?

Even almost ten minutes after the message was sent, Yu Mo had not replied.

Chi Fang felt a little flustered, Yu Mo shouldn’t really be angry, right? He hesitated, instead of calling Yu Mo, he got up and left the company. Chi Fang’s company was based in the science and technology zone. In the evening, there were no other people there besides those who worked overtime, and only the sound of Chi Fang’s own footsteps could be heard quietly.

It was already December, and as soon as he walked out of the company’s door, he could feel the surrounding temperature drop sharply.

Chi Fang wrapped a scarf around himself and drove back to the villa.

The villa was not far from Chi Fang’s company, and it took only half an hour to drive there. Although the lights in the villa were not on, there was a slight light inside.

When Chi Fang saw this, his heart was relieved.

Yu Mo should have turned on the TV and fallen asleep… Chi Fang guessed and parked the car in the garage. When he walked to the door of the villa, he felt a sudden cold on his cheeks. He was stunned for a moment and looked up at the sky. Under the light on both sides, he could see small snowflakes slowly falling.

Wiping off the water marks on his face, Chi Fang opened the door and entered the house.

The room was completely dark, and the light that could be seen before, had disappeared without him knowing. Chi Fang stood silently at the door, and the few horror movies he had watched flashed in his mind in an instant. Chi Fang trembled, and subconsciously reached out to turn on the light, but he pressed the switch up and down several times, and the room did not light up.

Could it be a power outage…

Chi Fang felt a little flustered. He stood at the door but didn’t dare to go inside. He whispered, “Yu Mo? Are you there?”

His voice just fell, and it was very dark. A small light suddenly lit up in the living room. A Christmas tree was placed in the center of the living room, with colorful small lights hung on it to illuminate the surroundings.

“Merry Christmas.” A deep voice rang in Chi Fang’s ears, and he stepped back subconsciously, and slammed into the prepared embrace.

The light in the living room was on.

Chi Fang looked at the living room blankly. The furniture in the living room was decorated with ribbons. The Christmas tree in the middle was covered with strange little boxes, and the table beside it was also full of food.

He didn’t know what to say for a while and looked at Yu Mo blankly.

Yu Mo lowered his head, carefully removed the ribbons that had been rubbed on Chi Fang’s head one by one and whispered: “Today is Christmas.” Chi Fang was taken aback, then he realized something and apologized while rubbing his forehead: “I… I forgot.”

He had been so busy recently that he couldn’t remember the date at all. He had been in meetings every day, and he didn’t even think that it was a holiday today. Chi Fang paused slightly. If today was Christmas, it meant… Yesterday was Christmas Eve. However, he came back after midnight yesterday. Yu Mo was already asleep at the time, but he had placed an apple on the table inexplicably.

“Was that a peace fruit?” Chi Fang asked.

Yu Mo nodded, held Chi Fang’s hand in his palm, and sighed with satisfaction from the bottom of his heart.

Since being with Chi Fang, the gloom in Yu Mo’s heart had been completely suppressed, and Chi Fang was usually by his side, so he would not feel anxious. However, in the past six months, Chi Fang had always been busy at the company, and was usually late when coming home. The behemoth that had been stable in his heart began to become irritable, and his desire for Chi Fang grew deeper and deeper.

Before Chi Fang noticed that Yu Mo’s vision was getting deeper and deeper, he curiously led Yu Mo to the table, looked at the food on the table, and asked in surprise, “Did you make it?”

Yu Mo nodded.

Chi Fang really didn’t expect Yu Mo to have this hand. He glanced calmly at the location of the medicine cabinet at home, recalled that there should be stomach medicine in it, and then sat down with a smile.

Yu Mo knew Chi Fang’s small movements clearly, and he was a little bit amused in his heart. He was indeed not accustomed to cooking, and his rigorous habit made him quite uncomfortable with the vague description of the recipe.

The right amount of salt, what is the right amount? A spoonful? Or two spoons?

Yu Mo couldn’t wait for all the ingredients in the recipe to clearly state the weight. He tried several times before Christmas before he made the finished product today. Fortunately, Chi Fang had been busy recently, so he didn’t notice that the storage of vegetables and meat in the house was decreasing rapidly and abnormally.

Chi Fang and Yu Mo sat down at the table, Yu Mo opened the prepared red wine and poured a glass for Chi Fang and himself. Chi Fang picked up the cup and shook it gently. The red liquid in the cup glided across the wall of the cup, looking seductive and intoxicating.

The corners of Chi Fang’s lips rose, and he glanced at Yu Mo with a smile.

Although he and Yu Mo had graduated for a long time, because of the status of the Chi family, Chi Fang had never had the opportunity to exercise his alcohol tolerance. Although he could say it was just a cup. Yu Mo knew his drinking capacity well, but he poured red wine with his own hands… The alcohol content of this wine was also enough…

Yu Mo arrogantly looked at Chi Fang’s gaze and raised his hand. He looked at Chi Fang with heavy eyes: “Merry Christmas.”

Upon seeing this, Chi Fang also lost his mind, raised the glass and gently touched the wine glass.

The wine taste was not bitter but had a hint of sweetness. Because of Yu Mo’s preferences, coffee, tea and the like had never been seen in the house.

Otherwise… Chi Fang thought about an incident that happened half a year ago when Yu Mo was overwhelmed by a sudden fever. Finally, his fever subsided slightly, and he was about to take medicine, but found out that the sugar at home had been eaten just two days ago.

As a result… Chi Fang blushed as he thought of the scene at that time. He coaxed and deceived, and… even fed the medicine himself, and then he got Yu Mo to reluctantly eat it.

“Don’t like it?” Yu Mo asked when he saw Chi Fang staring at the red wine in a daze.

Chi Fang came back to his senses, smiled at Yu Mo, shook his head, “No, it’s good.”

The dishes Yu Mo cooked were a bit beyond Chi Fang’s expectation. Although he could see that they were a little strange, they were better than what Chi Fang had imagined. Chi Fang squinted at Yu Mo with a smile, and secretly guessed how many times Yu Mo had practiced.

Thinking of a person like Yu Mo, annoyed at the failed products he made in the kitchen, Chi Fang couldn’t help feeling a bit of amusement and…warmth.

“It’s delicious.” Unwilling to look at Yu Mo’s fidgeting appearance, Chi Fang quickly gave his admiration.

Yu Mo nodded, his face was calm, but Chi Fang could see that after he said that; Yu Mo was obviously relieved.

The two didn’t eat much. Chi Fang told Yu Mo about his company, and Yu Mo would also give Chi Fang some suggestions from his own experience. After eating, Chi noticed that the bottle of red wine had been drunk by the two of them unknowingly.

Chi Fang shook his head, slightly dizzy, and suddenly smiled at Yu Mo.

When Yu Mo got up, he paused slightly, his eyes sinking slightly, he bent down gently, wiped off the red wine stain left on the corner of Chi Fang’s mouth, approached Chi Fang’s ear, and asked in a low voice: “Are you sleepy?”

Chi Fang stared at him blankly and with a trace of defensiveness. After a long while, he seemed to recognize who the person in front of him was. The defensiveness in his eyes faded in an instant, leaving only a slow reliance and joy. He stretched out his hand and said with a big smile, “Hug!”

Yu Mo looked at Chi Fang’s obviously drunk expression and smiled helplessly. He originally only wanted to make Chi Fang a little drunk, but when he didn’t pay attention, Chi Fang became like this.

Did this count as…lifting a rock and hitting yourself in the foot?

Yu Mo thought to himself, but he was dissatisfied with the movements of his hands. He bent over and hugged Chi Fang in his arms. Yu Mo couldn’t help but rejoice that no matter how busy he was at work, he did not neglect to exercise, otherwise he would have a headache now.

He carried Chi Fang to the bedroom and covered him with the quilt. When Yu Mo just planned to go out and clean up the living room, he felt that the corners of his clothes were being pulled by someone.

He turned his head, Chi Fang stared at him brightly, as if he had seen a small cat with a ball of yarn.

Yu Mo laughed, “What’s the matter?”

Chi Fang still looked at him seriously, “Hug!”

Yu Mo was stunned, Chi Fang kicked the quilt away, his arms opened wide, and he wanted to hug him. Yu Mo had to compromise and lay down, holding the little drunkard in his arms.


“Be good, don’t move. Sleep well.”

“Little Fang, don’t rub or hiss…”

“Don’t bite, Chi Fang…”

Yu Mo’s voice became deeper and deeper, but the drunk Chi Fang didn’t feel the danger at all, and he still fought seriously against Yu Mo’s shirt. Yu Mo stared at Chi Fang and asked in a low voice, “Do you want to take it off?”

Chi Fang nodded firmly.


It was noon the next day, when Yu Mo got to clean up the living room.

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