GLR Ch. 8

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After the meal was ready, Su Yemu packed two servings in a food box. He planned to give one to Jiang Xiaoyu and the other to the fool. He called out Su Xiaonan who was tossing about 033. Su Yemu would go to Jiang Xiaoyu’s house with her, and when he came back, he would go to the fool.

When Su Xiaonan ran out of the room, she was still holding a screwdriver; she threw the things away, ran into the kitchen with saliva flowing from her mouth, picked up the pumpkin pie and took a bite: “Brother, it’s delicious.”

“No dinner.” Su Yemu reached out to get the food box, but Su Xiaonan had already reached out to grab it and walked out, beckoning Su Yemu to follow.

She was used to taking care of her brother, and it was easy to do.

It was almost dusk at this time, and the orange light shone down, which looked very beautiful. Su Yemu found that this place was very similar to earth, but there were too many wastelands. His heart itched, he felt that using such a large space as a wasteland was too wasteful.

“Xiao Nan, who owns these places?” Su Yemu pointed to the open space in front of the door, where there was hundreds of acres of land.

“Anyone can use it. Although Saier Star is not big, there are very few people, only 300,000 people, and it is empty everywhere.” Su Xiaonan didn’t know why her brother asked this: “But let’s talk to Boss Hei first, it’ll be safer.”

Su Yemu noticed that Su Xiaonan seemed to admire Boss Hei very much, so he couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive, this was his sister, so he stopped and said to Su Xiaonan meaningfully: “Xiaonan, your brother is also very powerful. “

Su Xiaonan was stunned for a moment, then she pursed her lips and smiled: “Of course, brother is very powerful.”

With Su Xiaonan’s affirmation, Su Yemu was in a good mood, but decided to find time to meet this man named Boss Hei.

As he was walking, Su Yemu suddenly felt something was wrong, he always felt that there was a gaze staring at him from behind; Su Yemu thought for a while, took the food box from Xiaonan’s hand, and as expected, within a minute, a gust of wind suddenly blew up from behind, Su Yemu was pushed, and the food box in his hand was snatched away in an instant.

Su Yemu staggered a few times, and when he turned around, he could only see the back of a figure running away.

“Xiaonan, there is still a set in the kitchen, you go and get it to Jiang Xiaoyu, I’ll go and have a look.”

“Brother, no, he will beat you.”

“Do you think that your brother can’t even beat a fool?”

“If you could, you won’t be robbed all the time.”

Su Yemu: “!”

Feeling that she hurt her brother, Su Xiaonan hurriedly tried to remedy his self-esteem: “Ahem, I don’t blame brother, it’s because the strong monster is too tall and strong, brother, you are short, don’t be sad.”

Su Yemu turned even more sad; he had the same name and age, and even his appearance and height were exactly the same as before. Not to mention tall, rich and handsome, he was not even a muscular man!

“Hey, your brother will grow up.” When he was on Earth, some old people said that a man could still grow till he was twenty-five years old. When he came to the interstellar age, the adulthood was even pushed to twenty-five years old, so he should still be able to grow till at least two years beyond that.

Su Xiaonan wanted to tell her brother that he hadn’t grown since he was eighteen, but she said, “Brother, I believe you can still grow.”

His sister showed a soothing expression again, and Su Yemu decided not to talk to his sister and only thought about chasing the fool.

When Su Yemu ran to the spaceship, the fool had already started eating. His hair almost covered his face, and only his mouth was moving; Su Yemu squatted down, looked around, and found a semi-finished mech inside the spaceship. It was as if assembled from scrap parts.

“Did you assemble this?” Su Yemu asked, pointing at the mech. The idiot didn’t even lift his head, he just buried his head while eating fast.

“Would you like to go home with me?” Su Yemu thought that with his current economic situation, one more person was not too many, and one less person was not much.

The idiot didn’t respond, he just grabbed the food and stuffed it into his mouth, Su Yemu didn’t bother him anymore, he just watched him eat quietly.

After the meal, the foolish man leaned over to get the soup, and a leaf fell out of his breast pocket, with ‘A Sha’ written on it.

Su Yemu grinned, very happy: “You also think this name is good, don’t you?”

“Let me tell you, my grandma used to call me A Sha; when I was a child because I couldn’t speak until I was three years old, and I just sat there blankly. Later, the fortune teller told my grandma to give me a lucky name and then I’ll get better.”

“My grandma said that fools were blessed with fortune, so they called me A Sha…”

Su Yemu started chatting with A Sha without knowing it, or maybe it was because grandma called him A Sha when he was a child. Or it was because the body he passed through was also a fool, and he felt inexplicably close to A Sha.

After the man finished eating, he rubbed his hands vigorously on his clothes to wipe off the oil stains on his hands, then carefully picked up the leaves on the ground, put them in his chest pocket, and watched Su Yemu vigilantly through his dirty long hair.

Su Yemu didn’t notice A Sha’s gaze and continued to talk about the little things from his past. Inexplicably, he came to the interstellar age. He couldn’t tell anyone but could only chat with A Sha. He was very relieved when talking to A Sha.

As the sky gradually darkened, Su Yemu heard Su Xiaonan calling him, so he invited A Sha to his house again, but was rejected by A Sha’s growling warning voice.

Su Yemu expressed regret, A Sha couldn’t understand his regret, and gave another low growly warning to the hand he stretched out.

His live broadcast business had stabilized, so the first thing Su Yemu did was to brew rice wine to be used as cooking wine. Before that, when he went looking for ceramic pots, he found that the technology was too advanced and daily necessities were made of synthetic materials, while earthen pots were too difficult to find. Su Yemu thought about burning one by himself?

Although it was impossible to burn such beautiful porcelain as blue and white porcelain, it was still possible to burn a rough crock.

When Su Xiaonan heard that her brother wanted to make porcelain, her first reaction was to pat her brother’s forehead, but luckily he didn’t have a fever: “Brother, do you want to change your career to sell porcelain? You can’t sell it here.”

Things made of synthetic materials were cheap. There were too many, and the people here were poor, who would buy porcelain that could not be eaten.

Although Su Yemu wondered why his sister kept touching his forehead, he didn’t ask the reason, but just explained why he wanted to burn the crockpot.

“Grandpa Zong knows how to burn!” Hearing that her brother could make wine, Su Xiaonan’s eyes lit up. Boss Hei liked to drink. When her brother’s wine was ready, she would give him a few bottles. Maybe he would let him enter the mecha training room, even if she couldn’t drive, she could still touch one.

Action was better than inaction, so Su Xiaonan rushed into the kitchen, packed a box of steamed buns that her brother had made in the morning, dragged her brother to run out, and went straight to the station; the floating bus here ran twice a day, going there in the morning and returning at night.

Su Yemu had been here for five days, and it was his first time going out, and it was also the first time for him riding the hovering speed car. He was very surprised to see the car rising in place.

“Xiaonan, what are they doing?” Su Yemu looked through the car window and pointed at the people who were rummaging through the large garbage dump below. There were men and women inside.

“They are all looking for useful parts, dismantling them and selling them; the powerful ones can be assembled into small robots by themselves, which will cost more.”

“You usually come here to look for this?” While he stayed at home and rarely went out, thinking of Xiaonan looking through things here like a refugee these days, he panicked: “Xiaonan, we are not short of money now.”

“I know,” Su Xiaonan crossed her hands together, twisting, she didn’t know if she should say the following, she was afraid that her brother would feel that she was earning less.

“You want to learn to drive mechas, don’t you?” Su Yemu answered on her behalf.

Su Xiaonan said ‘hmm’, afraid that her brother would think too much, and said quickly: “Everyone here is like this, and I’m used to it.”

Su Xiaonan told Su Yemu about the situation in Saier Star in detail. They all worked hard, but after entering the interstellar era, spiritual power determined a person’s status. It would be better if you were born on the main star or a rich planet, where the empire had a well-established system to guarantee your life and study.

Saier star did not have this condition, if you want to stand out, you would have to leave Saier star, and only people with high spiritual power would be accepted by other planets. The mental power of the people on Saier was very low, and people above C level were concentrated in the first area of Saier, the base of Boss Hei. Those who stayed here were all F-level or mentally weak people, and this place was rated as the fifth district.

The speed of the flying car was very fast, and within fifteen minutes, they had already arrived at their destination.

Grandpa Zong lived at the foot of a mountain and was in the process of pulling clay. When he heard about Su Xiaonan’s intentions, he was very surprised. He knew Su Xiaonan’s parents, had even met Su Yemu before, and knew he was a fool; so after Su Xiaonan’s parents passed away, he thought about taking Su Xiaonan and the others to live with him, but Su Xiaonan refused. The eight-year-old girl was serious, as she firmly said to him: “I can take care of my brother.”

Now this idiot was no longer stupid, and could make wine, Xiaonan was also in her early years: “Just good, I am making a batch of ceramic bottles to send to Boss Hei, you see what kind of clay pots you want, and I’ll burn them together by the way!”

Su Yemu didn’t want to do too much, so he thought of five medium-sized pots and drew them for Grandpa Zong. Su Yemu looked at him working from the side lines, and after asking Grandpa Zong, he also began to tinker with it. He had played at pottery before and could make simple cups.

Seeing that her brother was eager to play, Su Xiaonan sighed and went into the inner room with the buns.

Hearing the sigh, Su Yemu looked up blankly, but only saw his sister’s back.

The two cups made by Su Yemu were not very successful, they were crooked, in Su Xiaonan’s words, they looked like they had been beaten to pieces; Su Yemu was upset, so he made another one for A Sha, he would definitely appreciate it.

After doing this, at two o’clock in the afternoon, Su Yemu was going to broadcast live in the afternoon, so he bid farewell to Grandpa Zong, saying that they would apply the glaze after it dried.

Back home, Su Yemu placed an order for the materials to be used today on Xingwang. Just as he was about to check the status of the seeds, a push notification popped up: The Empire has won a great victory, and the ten-year battle for the stars has ended.

Speaking of He Yunting, everyone in the empire and the federation knew him well; he was born in a military family, and his father was a general of the empire. He made countless contributions to the empire, but died in the flames of war when he was very young.

After graduating from the Royal Military Academy at the age of twenty-five, Marshal He joined the army. From captain to marshal, he experienced countless battles. His most famous battle was when he led the wolf army into the headquarters of the Zerg alliance. The army defeated the Zerg in one go. For the coalition forces, in this campaign, no one dared to question He Yunting’s position as the commander in chief of the three armies.

Su Yemu browsed through the profile of Marshal He, marvelling at his majesty and grand strategy. He really deserved to be called the God of War. He really wanted to see what he looked like, but unfortunately there was no photo of him on the Internet, so he had to say it was a pity.

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