GLR Ch. 9

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The atmosphere of an open class at the Royal Academy of History was tense.

A man stood up straight and argued with the professor on the stage: “The Chinese civilization has a history of four thousand years until the 21st century, before humans left the earth. How can the professor say that Eastern civilization a branch of Western civilization?”

“The Eastern civilization faction claims to have a history of 5,000 years, but there is no evidence to support this argument.” Leonard was from the Western civilization department, and his lectures had always been biased, always looking down on Eastern civilization, especially Chinese civilization.

Although Ning Chuan held his breath before, he didn’t want to refute it, but yesterday in the live broadcast room, the anchor named Su Yemu said rightly, “As long as we are still there, the civilization will not be broken.” As long as the Chinese people were here, the Chinese civilization would recover one day, so instead of always being despised by these Western professors and admitting that Eastern civilization was a branch of Western civilization, he wanted to fight.

“The professor said that Eastern civilization follows Western civilization, so does the professor have evidence?” Everyone had no evidence, no history books, so no one was afraid of the other.

“Yes, where is the professor’s evidence?”

“What kind of evidence do you want? The professor is right. Do you want to fight?”

“Come on, am I afraid of you?”

Pai, rolled up his sleeves, slapped the table, ‘bang-bang’ sounded, and the noise was in full swing.

Professor Li walked downstairs with his hands behind his back. Hearing the quarrel upstairs, he stood for a while, and after understanding what the quarrel was about, he shook his head and left. When would Chinese civilization be restored!

Today’s live broadcast started at 4:00 p.m. Su Yemu was still wearing the panda apron: “Hello everyone, I am the anchor Su Yemu, and today I bring you Sixi meatballs[1] and beef brisket noodles[2].”

The audience during Su Yemu’s live broadcast poured in one after another. In just a few minutes, the number of people online had increased at an astonishing rate. It could be seen that the few food anchors who came over with a trumpet were jealous. They didn’t agree with this achievement, some anchors took several years to make it to the orange popularity list, but this anchor, after only a few live broadcasts, had achieved unimaginable results, which had to be envied.

[Love the anchor, love the braised pork, love the pumpkin pie, it was so delicious, but I didn’t eat a few mouthfuls, I didn’t drink a mouthful of the soup, before my grandparents and parents robbed them all. They also came today, saying that’s the base is big, and the hope of grabbing the lucky spot will be much bigger.]

[Holy shit, is this, okay? I immediately informed my neighbours, my uncle, my second aunt, and my third cousin to come over. I didn’t get it yesterday, so please God, I must have my share today.]

[Hahaha, I was prepared. I got the star delivery at the school gate and hid in the grove to eat it. It all went into my stomach. I was so happy, especially the soup, anchor, do you really have no magic power?]

It was not the first time someone mentioned the specialness of soup, Su Yemu felt a little strange, could the reason be that they didn’t drink soup much?

[Sixi meatballs, beef brisket noodles, just with the sound my mouth is watering.]

[Daily request to open a shop.]

[Please open a store, as long as the anchor opens a store, I will go as far as you want.]

System: ‘I’m a Carnivore’ voted as captain, everyone, come to the [Food Live Room] to pick up fighters!

System: “Erha” sent one star ship; “Want to Eat Food” sent three spaceships; and a firework, the bullet screen was full of messages asking to open a shop, Su Yemu inexplicably thought of the large land in front of the door.

“Okay, let’s start then! Let’s knead the dough first.” Su Yemu smiled, washed his hands, took out the flour and started kneading the dough. Chinese people had a long history of eating noodles, and there were many kinds of noodles. Su Yemu himself preferred ramen.

He took an appropriate amount of flour, added water, stirred, and kneaded it into a dough; when kneading the dough, the force had to be even and strong, so that the dough would be firm, and after kneading the dough until it was not sticky, he covered the raised dough with a clean cloth.

[May I touch it?]

The round dough looked like it wanted to be poked, Su Yemu knew they were curious, so he stopped covering it with a cloth, and said with a smile: “Try it, it’s very fun, when I first made dough, I held that dough and played all day.”

[So soft, no wonder the host can play for one day, I can play for two days.]

[I really want to take a bite, thinking of the buns made by the second-level chef.]

“To make steamed stuffed buns, you need to knead the dough. The previous process is the same.” Seeing that everyone was almost done playing, Su Yemu covered the dough with a clean cloth, and took out the beef brisket and white radish.

First, he cut the beef brisket into small pieces and washed them, then he put them into the pot and dry fried them. After frying the beef, he heated the oil, added the ingredients, star anise, fragrant leaves, dried chilies, etc. and sautéd until it became fragrant. Then he added water and stewed it for a while, then he added soy sauce and stew again. After about five minutes, he put the beef brisket into the pressure cooker, added water until it was covering three-fourths of the beef brisket, then he added a small cup of soda water, covered and simmered for 20 minutes.

They had to wait for the noodles and sirloin, so Su Yemu started making Sixi meatballs right after. He soaked star anise, ginger, and Chinese prickly ash in half a bowl of hot water for later use.

“Sixi Meatballs are one of the famous Chinese dishes. They belong to Henan cuisine and are one of the must-have dishes during the Spring Festival.” Su Yemu took out the pork belly, washed it and cut it into small pieces, then chopped it with a knife in his hand.

The audience kept exclaiming, it was so powerful that they could see the shadow. As for chopping, most of the people in the Chinese Congress know how to do it. Su Yemu, who was praised, felt a little embarrassed and undeserving.

[Anchor, what festival?]

“The Spring Festival is one of the festivals that the Chinese people celebrate every year. On this day every year, no matter how far away or how difficult the road is, the wanderers will come back to reunite with their families, so it is also called the Reunion Festival.”

“The last day of every year is called New Year’s Eve, and the first day of the next year is called the first day of the new year, and the year is not over until the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, after the Lantern Festival.” Su Yemu couldn’t help popularizing science.

[Spring Festival? I don’t know why, it feels a little sad that we are not celebrating Chinese New Year now.]

[The Spring Festival sounds very happy, is there a lot of delicious food?]

“There is a folk song, listen to it: ‘Don’t be greedy, children’, After Laba is the new year; Laba porridge, drink it for a few days, it will be 23; 23 candied melon sticky; 24 house cleaning; 25 grinds tofu; 26 stewed pork; 27 butcher a rooster; 28 handfuls of dough; 29 steamed buns; 30 nights of cooking; walking all over the streets on the first and second day of the new year.” Back then, Su Yemu lived with his grandma, and every New Year, his grandma would sing this folk song, and Su Yemu still remembered it vividly.

[I am drooling when I listen to it, anchor, when will we celebrate the new year?]

[Anchor, when shall we make Laba porridge[3]!]

“Okay, at the end of this year, let’s celebrate the New Year together.” While talking, the stuffing had been chopped, then he put it into a large bowl, added eggs, starch, half a spoonful of low-alcohol liquor, wheat germ, and salt and stirred it until it became sticky. Then he peeled the horseshoe, chopped it and added it in the bowl, poured in the soaked pepper water, and stirred evenly.

[Unhappy, I quarrelled with Professor Xipai today, anchor, please comfort me!]

Su Yemu raised his head and saw the bullet screen message of “Food is tasteless” drifting by, and then, there were similar messages behind it. It seemed that this large group of people were probably classmates. From their few words, he could guess that they almost got into a fight with the Western history professor.

[66666, are all the students from the Eastern faction of the Royal Academy of History here?]

[This formation is not good, strengthen my ‘foodie department’, come on, brush up.]

[Holy shit, the fans of other anchors are single brush copies, the fans of this live broadcast room come in groups, and the close relatives spread it, no wonder the number of fans is so scary in just a few days.]

The other gourmet anchors who sneaked here also found out and couldn’t help but reflect on themselves. Was the difference between him and the other anchors of [Food Live Studio] just a piece of history?

“Then I will give you a Sixi meatball. Sixi meatballs imply the four happy events of life, fortune, longevity, and happiness. I hope you will be happy.”

After Su Yemu finished speaking, the screen instantly cleared, and a few seconds later, the barrage went crazy, everyone was saying that they were not happy. Why were they unhappy? Being scolded by mother, scolded by father, scolded by son, someone even got scolded by their own dog…

Anyway, all kinds of scolding, anyway, the baby was just unhappy.

Su Yemu had no choice but to say, “I only made eight of them, and the ones that are not enough, since I promised to give it to ‘Food is tasteless’, I can’t break my promise.”

The barrage was full of wailing again, and they all regretted why they didn’t get scolded by the teacher today. ‘Food is tasteless’ was happy, the barrage was full of his smiling faces, and the brothers and sisters of the Royal Academy of History said openly: ‘Intercept’.

On the bullet screen, some people even discussed that they would be happy to queue up from tomorrow, so that each of them would have the opportunity to eat the food made by Su Yemu himself, but in the end, they couldn’t make it down because everyone wanted to be the first.

Su Yemu had already started kneading the meat balls. After forming, he gently kneaded and patted to squeeze out the air inside.

He made a total of eight Sixi meatballs, then deep-fried it in hot oil until golden, drained the oil; opened another pan, added soy sauce, green onion, ginger, etc., sautéd until fragrant, then he added Sixi meatballs, water, and simmered on low heat for fifteen minutes, after that he collected the juice left and right.

At this time, the beef brisket had soaked until the aroma spread out. Su Yemu took out the white radish, washed it and cut it into small pieces; opened the lid of the pressure cooker, and the unique aroma overflowed. Su Yemu added the white radish, covered it again, and pressed the radish for ten minutes.

Although Su Yemu opened and closed the pot quickly, the aroma of beef brisket still wafted out. The smell made the audience salivate and swallow continuously.

[Fragrant, silently bite my nutrient solution.]

[I put a candy in my mouth and spit it out decisively, the taste is wrong, bad review.]

The dough had already raised. Su Yemu dissolved the noodles into lye with water, dipped his hands in the lye and kneaded the noodles into long strips, stretched each side of the noodles with both hands, lifted them off the chopping board, shook them up and down, and stretched them together to form twists. He repeated the action until the noodles became elastic, and then the noodles really started to be pulled.

[Great, it didn’t stop.]

[Erha worship, master, I am Erha, I am Erha…]

[Raise your hand, I know why the anchor is so powerful, because the anchor’s mental strength is SSS level, just like Marshal He.]

[Ahh…, Marshal He is the most handsome!]

Since the royal family announced the news of Marshal He’s return to the court, the people of the empire had been in a state of excitement. So someone mentioned Marshal He. Not surprisingly, everyone started to mention Marshal He; Su Yemu pulled his face and listened with gusto.

After the noodles were pulled, Su Yemu was not in a hurry to cook the noodles but took out the beef brisket. The rich aroma came out, and everyone couldn’t wait to start: the beef brisket was tender and delicious, the white radish was delicious, and the taste was soft and smooth. The unique taste overflowed in the mouth, which was addictive.

[I’m addicted to this and can’t climb out again. The advanced nutrient solution in my mouth was directly stepped on the ground, what do I need you for?]

[Wipe the drool. How come the more I eat, the hungrier I get, the salivary glands are out of control and keep flowing out.]

[Tell you a ghost story, you can’t swallow it, hahaha…]

[The devil, the previous one is the devil. Isn’t that ‘Captain’?]

System: ‘Bai Yitu’ voted for three ‘Captains’, everyone, come to [Food Live Broadcast Room] to pick up fighters!

The gifts exploded, and they were continuously announced on the live broadcast platform. Wave after wave of people poured in, and the number of people in the live broadcast room soared, making people dumbfounded.

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