RCFS Ch. 136: We are Family 1

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After filming the most difficult scene, the rest would be easy to deal with, and the studio had already started to become popular on the Internet.

Ye Yunxi was free and brought Wang Tingting and a few people over to learn the operation of the marketing team. After all, these people would not stay here forever. Ye Yunxi needed her own people to form a trustworthy team.

The topic of “Latent” ran on various pages within a few days, and even dominated the headlines for a day.

Of course, in addition to the marketing team’s hype, the money had also been paid. The 800,000 saved, plus the money in hand, was just enough to hype the movie until it was released.

The movie passed the review in the last half month of the summer vacation, got on the schedule, and they finally ushered in the movie release.

The day before the screening, Ye Junpo was still nervous at home. He circled the sofa in the living room around and around, watching him, even Steward Wen felt a little dizzy.

This was his first movie, will it be a hit? Will it hit the street?

What if no one came to see it?

Moreover, he didn’t invite any famous artists to bring the heat, and he was not a famous director, and the actors were all picked at random, and many of them were not from majors, so, it must be an upset, right?

The more Ye Junpo thought about it, the more cold sweat flowed from his head.

On the other hand, Ye Yunxi, after drinking the last sip of milk, made sure she was full of energy, and said, “It’s okay, Dad, don’t worry, there will definitely be a big fire.”

Human, material and financial resources were all invested, and she even sacrificed her appearance to be bitten by a wolf in one bite, if this was still not popular, she would definitely catch Di Junxie and bite back that bite!

Anyway, she couldn’t suffer, right?

Although his daughter comforted him so much, Ye Junpo was still worried, but afraid that Yunxi would worry about him, Ye Junpo could only go back to his room and continue to circle around the bed.

The phone rang at such an inopportune time, startling Ye Junpo, who was concentrating on sweating and spinning around in circles.


He didn’t even look at it, subconsciously connected.

“Brother, I heard that your movie will be released tomorrow. I have notified all the relatives in our Ye family, and they will all go to support you. Don’t worry, we will all book the show, and we will definitely not let you lose face!”

Ye Junlai said, it sounded like he was here to support Ye Junpo’s work, but no matter how his tone sounded, he was here to add insult to injury.

Wasn’t this a playful scene of cursing Ye Junpo that no one will watch his movie?

But Ye Junlai really didn’t think anyone would watch this movie.

The director and the actors were not famous, he heard that some people from the society were invited to film the film, huh, it really changed the problem, were such people the material for filming?

If this kind of movie could explode, it would be hell!

Because Ye Yunxi kicked him out of the Ye house in a disgraceful manner, Ye Junlai deliberately waited for the day before the screening to call his elder brother.

These words really had an effect. Ye Junpo’s mood was already unstable, but after hearing these words, the sweat on his head became even worse.

“I, I actually have no idea…”

“Hey, don’t worry, we are all brothers and we will definitely help you. Who told us that we are a family, no one will go to see it, so our family has to give it to you I have discussed with the third, fourth, and fifth brother, and they are all going!”

In fact, he dragged a few brothers to watch the fun, and booked the venue?

Haha, just kidding, they all only bought one ticket, not to support Ye Junpo, but to see how deserted the movie was!

It was estimated that there would be no one except for the people with surname Ye, who else will come to watch the movie?

Hey, I’m sure I can’t run like this!

As for this kind of movie, if anyone could watch it, he’ll be hell!

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