RNMG Ch. 2.2 (Vol. 2)

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“…are you happy?” The man’s voice on the other end of the phone paused.

Si Huang looked at Su Yueban and the other three, “Well, I heard something funny.”

“Tell me about it later.” The man then asked, “Where are you now?”

Si Huang understood immediately. “Are you coming to Jinghua? I’m on the direct road to Dormitory Building No. 3.”

“I’ll be right over.”

“I have my three roommates with me.”

“Well, wait.”

The phone hung up.

Su Yueban, who was next to him, immediately asked gossipingly: “Who is it? He came to Jinghua specifically to see you.”

Si Huang smiled enigmatically and uttered two words, “Gay friend.”

Su Yueban: “Tsk tsk.”

Yuan Liang: “Tsk, tsk.”

Zong Haohao: “…squeak?”

“Pfft!” Su Yueban put his arm around Zong Haohao’s shoulder again, looked at Si Huang and said, “Can’t a big star be gay? It’s An Yiyuan, right? Wow! That’s a big star too. If we can go together and have a meal, we’ll have something to show off from now on! On the first day of school, we’ll make the headlines on campus!”

Si Huang thought to himself: Is Qin Fan or An Yiyuan more influential?

A car had already appeared in his sight, driving this way, and Qin Fan’s face could be seen through the front window.

The car stopped next to the four of them, and Su Yueban and the three of them looked over. Su Yueban shouted directly: “He can drive in school, so he must not be a small character. Is he a teacher or a chartered academic?”

It turned out that he was very tall. As soon as the man opened the door and walked down, Su Yueban and the others were stunned. Zong Haohao even trembled.

Wasn’t this guy’s momentum too strong? Su Yueban spoke half-heartedly, bumped into Yuan Liang quietly, and asked silently with his eyes: Didn’t you take secret photos of Si Huang? Do you know who this handsome guy is?

Yuan Liang shook his head. With such a handsome face, it is absolutely impossible to forget it after seeing it. Huh? etc! This figure looked familiar!

“Hahahaha, hello, hello, you are what Si Huang calls his gay friend! We are his good roommates!” Su Yueban, who was already familiar with social cues, took the initiative to say hello.

“Gay friend?” As soon as the deep voice came out, the three of them thought of Alexander again. Qin Fan looked at Si Huang. Seeing the smile on the child’s face, he couldn’t think of teaching him a lesson.

“Hello, I’m his brother.” Qin Fan said to Su Yueban and the others, “Where are you going?”

Su Yueban: “Going to dinner to celebrate becoming roommates on the first day of school. Big brother, let’s go together! I’m treating!”

“I’ll invite you.” Qin Fan said, “I know a good restaurant.”

“Uh… well…” Su Yueban, who was usually very talkative, opened his mouth halfway, but didn’t know how to refute the polite words. His heart screamed again: This guy is definitely not an ordinary person! Whatever he says has an aura that makes people dare not oppose what he says!

“Get in the car.” Qin Fan said to Si Huang.

Si Huang opened the door of the front passenger seat, got in, and said to Su Yueban and the others, “Let’s go, he is familiar with this place.”

Su Yueban and the others followed and sat in the back seat.

As the car started to move, Su Yueban in the back seat couldn’t help but say, “The eldest brother is also from Jinghua?”

“Yes.” Qin Fan responded.

Su Yueban’s enthusiasm continued, “Are you working as a teacher in Jinghua now?”


“You just came here this year, right?” There was no reason why such a handsome teacher should not be famous.


Su Yueban smacked his lips and kept talking, “Oh, Jinghua is so lively this year. There is a college student like Si Huang here, and there is a teacher as handsome as you, big brother. How excited must be the seniors? By the way, Brother, you are a teacher, so you must know something from inside, right? I heard that the military training instructor for our new batch of students is from the Qin family. Have you seen him? Is he very fierce looking? I heard that he has a bad temper. Especially that one… if one doesn’t do a good job, he’ll get scolded by him, and he’ll even hit someone, it can be both light or serious!”

Si Huang: “…” Today she had seen what ‘fancy style’ of seeking death means.

Qin Fan: “What else have you heard?”

Su Yueban half thought he was interested, so he spoke more freely, “I also heard that he looks like a gorilla, and he hates handsome guys, especially those like Si Huang. If someone is so fair and clean, he will train to death if he encounters this. I just thought, will he not be deliberately targeted during military training.”

Qin Fan did not respond to his words.

Su Yueban lay on the back of the front seat, “Brother? Big brother?”

Qin Fan: “You can shut up.”

Su Yueban: “…” Mom, it’s so scary!

Although there was no change in his tone, Su Yueban felt a chill in his body and couldn’t hold back a word.

Yuan Liang patted his shoulder comfortingly, “Talk less.”

They arrived at the restaurant street in Jinghua without saying anything. The car stopped in front of a courtyard-style house. Qin Fan took them in together. He seemed familiar with the way and took them to a private room on the second floor.

Soon a fat middle-aged man in chef’s clothes walked in with a smile on his face, “It’s a rare occasion for Mr. Qin to come here. I’ll cook the meal myself. This meal is free!”

Qin Fan shook his head, “I invited my brother and his roommate, so you had to be called out.”

The fat chef followed his gaze and saw Si Huang, “It turns out that Mr. Si is the younger brother recognized by Mr. Qin. No wonder he is so outstanding. My girl really likes him! Haha, since I am here to cook for Mr. Si and the others, I won’t treat it as a favor. From now on, when Mr. Si comes here to eat, say hello to me in advance, and you will definitely be the first to get the food!”

Si Huang smiled when he heard this, “Thank you very much, uncle.”

This “uncle” made the chef elated, but he waved his hands repeatedly, “Don’t call me that, I can’t afford it, Master Qin is still watching. My surname is Li, Young Master Si can just call me “Old Li” like Master Qin.”

Si Huang followed the good example.

When the chef left, a waiter came immediately to bring them tea and water.

Qin Fan took the bowls and chopsticks in front of Si Huang, helped her unpack them, soaked them in boiling water, and then put them back in front of her.

This set of actions looked so smooth and natural that Su Yueban was dumbfounded for a while: No matter how you look at it, this eldest brother doesn’t seem to be able to serve others, he should be only used to be served by others.

Si Huang was also a little surprised, and then accepted it calmly.

After Qin Fan unpacked his own bowls and chopsticks and washed them, he said to her: “Your grades are good.”

Si Huang: “Of course, I have been taking make-up lessons.”

Qin Fan raised the corner of his mouth, but his tone was stern, “Why didn’t you call me when you got to school?”

“You called me anyway.” Si Huang said comfortably.

Qin Fan pursed his lips again and stared at her with dark and terrifying eyes.

To Su Yueban and the others, it was terrifying. They felt that this guy’s eyes could scare people to death, as if he would tear them apart in the next moment.

Only Si Huang understood what his eyes meant. He glanced at him from the corner of his eyes, giving a silent warning: “Please be more restrained.”

The look in Qin Fan’s eyes changed, and his expression became even colder: If you want me to restrain myself, then restrain yourself!

Su Yueban was half-informed about their silent exchange, and even found it inexplicable that the two suddenly had a cold war. So, he tried hard to liven up the atmosphere, “Ah haha, what a coincidence. Brother, your surname is also Qin, the same surname as our new military training instructor! That’s right! I don’t know what your name is, brother?”

“Qin Fan.”

“Oh, brother Qin Fan…” Su Yueban said half-joyously, and the next second her expression became spartan, and she stood up suddenly, “…Qin Qin Qin Fan? Which Fan is it?”

“From the forest to the mortal world.”

Su Yueban struggled to save himself, “Ah haha, even the names are the same, what a coincidence! Brother Qin… ah no, Qin Master, how old are you this year?”

Qin Fan looked at him coldly, “27.”

Su Yueban’s legs softened and he fell to the ground.

Zong Haohao looked like he was not in the right state of mind.

Yuan Liang was stunned for a moment, then looked at Su Yueban sympathetically, and thought to himself: This year’s Death by Talking trophy should be given to him.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Si Huang stood up.

Qin Fan also stood up, “I’ll take you there.”

Si Huang glanced at him and didn’t refuse.

As soon as the two left, Su Yueban came to life, crying desperately: “I’m done! I’m done! I’m done! I’m done!”

Yuan Liang comforted him, “Don’t worry, you can still be saved.”

“How to save?” Su Yueban looked at him with half-tears in his eyes.

Yuan Liang touched his dog’s head, “Let’s see what Si Huang does.”

Su Yueban thought about it for two seconds, then said seriously, “I’ll go to your majesty’s room to sleep tonight.”

Yuan Liang slapped his dog head away.

Zong Haohao suddenly said: “There seems to be a bathroom in this private room.” He pointed to the right corner.

Su Yueban and Yuan Liang looked over and saw that it was indeed there.

Yuan Liang guessed, “It is probably that Si Huang deliberately lured Mr. Qin away to save Su Xiaopang from committing suicide.”

This time, Su Yueban did not care about his nickname, “Sure enough, in order to repay His Majesty, I will have go to bed with him tonight. Let’s go!”


Qin Fan led Si Huang as they walked down the aisle. Neither of them spoke. They walked in silence for more than ten seconds. When they turned a corner, Qin Fan suddenly turned around and grabbed her wrist, pulling her with irresistible force. When they arrived at an empty private room, he closed the door and locked it.

There was no one in this private room, and the curtains were drawn so that there was no light in the room.

Qin Fan turned around and stared at Si Huang closely. This time his eyes were even more unrestrained and could ignite the air in the darkness.

“Is this the bathroom?” Si Huang teased.

Qin Fan asked, “Do you really want to go to the bathroom?”

Si Huang’s eyes were sharp, and he raised his head and looked directly at him like a beast. The two of them looked at each other in silence, and neither of them backed down.

“What are you thinking about?” Si Huang narrowed his eyes.

Qin Fan: “I want to kiss you.”

Si Huang turned around and pulled a chair to sit on it. He raised his chin to him and said with a smile, “Okay.”

Qin Fan strode forward, like a wild beast let out of its cage. Then, a rough gasp came out of his throat, and her eyes were bottomless, as he lowered his head and pursed his lips.

At first, it was like chewing meat. Si Huang reminded, “Don’t bite, there will be marks… ugh!”

For a beast that had been hungry for a long time, it could never understood the meaning of gentleness. The tender meat was right in front of him, so bite it a few times first. He had been very restrained until now, and the next step was to eat, eat, eat, and eat meat with all my strength!

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