GLR Ch. 35.1

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Su Yemu was brought in by the president under everyone’s jealous and hateful eyes, and was about to leave after filling in the information and going through the formalities.

The president suddenly patted Su Yemu on the shoulder: “Yemu! Have a good exam tomorrow, and we’ll have dinner together in the afternoon.”

Su Yemu didn’t understand, but still complied.

“Let’s go, let’s go to my house.” Chen Lao smiled, and led Su Yemu out under everyone’s jealous eyes.

Before coming here, he had agreed with Mr. Chen to live in his house, so Su Yemu did not act hypocritical.

Fifteen minutes later, Su Yemu came to Mr. Chen’s house and saw the table full of ingredients, Su Yemu instantly understood.

“Mr. Chen, it’s time for dinner too, let me cook!”

For dinner, Su Yemu cooked chestnut chicken[1] and steamed fish[2]. Su Yemu only ate a little, and Mr. Chen ate most of it.

After eating, Mr. Chen said that he had to go out for something. Su Yemu was a little hungry so he told him to walk slowly, and went outside to digest.


Not far from the door, an explosion sounded suddenly. Su Yemu looked back and was stunned. Old Chen’s house was bombed. In the distance, five huge black armours rushed towards them, and behind them, three iron-grey military armours followed. The two sides were fighting, and the guns in their hands were firing wildly, and the shells continued to explode. The north was shaken, thunderous bombardment resounded through the sky, the blue flames reflected the red dusk, and in an instant, blood flowed into rivers. The panicked people ran, howling and screaming intertwined, the flames spread, even Sky City was no exception, burning like a huge fireball, as if it would fall at any time.

“Put down your weapon, surrender immediately, and hand over the Qilin pendant.”

“Don’t be obsessed with fighting. A1 and A2 continue to create chaos. After A3, A4 and I disarm and evacuate lightly, we will leave to the north.”

A cold mechanical sound came from the armour. Armours suddenly changed their weapon to an ion cannon, the most powerful land weapon.

The commander in the armour opened his eyes wide in panic: “Hurry up, retreat quickly! Hurry up…”

But it was too late.


In the light, the three armours instantly turned into wreckage and exploded.

The screams continued, and Su Yemu was pushed by the crowd to escape, almost falling to the ground several times. No, the enemy threw the strafing to create chaos, and the sound of shells continued. If he ran like this, he would be blasted to ashes at any time.

Su Yemu’s face turned pale from running, and at a corner, he quickly dodged into the edge of a collapsed house, grabbed a brick on the ground, and stood panting against the wall.

His mind turned quickly, yes, he should run to the east, over there was the imperial palace, and the Royal Academy was also there, but, which direction was the east?

“Terminal, please search for the route to the palace immediately.”

“Civil signals are temporarily controlled, and orders cannot be executed.”

Su Yemu: “!”

He really wanted to be rough, what’s going on?

He had no choice but to run out of there first.

The sirens kept blaring, which made people panic. Su Yemu ran through the bombed alleys one after another with a brick in his hand, but found that he couldn’t get out anyway. The armour was too destructive, and the area was almost bombed through, and was about to collapse.


There was a cold gun placed on his temple. Su Yemu, who lived in a comfortable country since he was a child, was pointed at by a gun for the first time, and it was before he could react at all. As for his mood: the first reaction was that is that a gun, the second reaction was fear.

“I’m just passing by.” Su Yemu’s hands trembled slightly, but he kept comforting himself: He is also a man who has been on the battlefield. Although he was on the stage, there was nothing to be afraid of…

The cold gun touched Su Yemu’s chin, and he shot upwards. Looking up, when he saw Su Yemu’s face, the pupils of the man wearing glasses shrank slightly, and his face still showed no emotion.

“Kill him.”

A man came out from the dark, Su Yemu couldn’t see his face, but hearing his voice was annoying, and what he said was even more annoying.

The man holding the gun, the gun/muzzle came to the back of Su Yemu’s cheek along Su Yemu’s cheek: “Turn around, go forward, don’t turn back, or I will kill you.”

Su Yemu turned around slowly, moving very quickly, for fear of offending them.

“Are you crazy to let him go?”

The annoying voice sounded again, Su Yemu was secretly annoyed, and decided to remember this voice for the rest of his life.

“I have my own measure.”

“Something will happen, you’re crazy…”

There were constant quarrels behind, Su Yemu slowly walked a certain distance, saw a street, immediately turned a corner, and ran into it.

After running hard, he finally found another corner of the ruins. Su Yemu felt safe and bent over to pant.

“Yo, look what I found? A pure Oriental?”

Three men suddenly appeared in front of him. The man in the middle was tall and thin. His iron-grey hair made him look a bit evil, and he looked at Su Yemu with an inexplicable taste.

Su Yemu tightened his hands behind his back, and looked at him vigilantly, wondering what was going on with this man, everyone was running for their lives, but he was fine, leisurely as if he was shopping.

“Don’t be afraid, my name is Zeus, let’s make friends.”

The man walked up to Su Yemu, and comparatively, Su Yemu only reached his chest.

He bent down, approached Su Yemu, and smiled in a friendly manner; Su Yemu sneered in his heart, the name sounded fake, Zeus? I am also the Jade Emperor!

“The situation is very chaotic now, shall we escape together?” The man raised his eyebrows and smiled coquettishly.


Su Yemu smiled brightly, and the hand behind his back came out with lightning speed, hitting the man’s forehead with a brick, and then he kicked the man out with his foot, and the brick in his hand went to the man’s back. After throwing it over, he turned around, and ran.

Running hard, Su Yemu ran forward at an unprecedented speed: Don’t think he couldn’t recognize the voice, this man was the man who bombarded the three armours just now.

Don’t ask him why he can recognize his voice from the mech, Su Yemu himself didn’t know.

The man stood up straight after a while, wiped the blood from his forehead, gritted his teeth and said, “Run as fast as you can, do you think you can escape.”

“Lieutenant Colonel, let’s leave first! The Qilin pendant is more important.” A3 did not agree with the decision of the boss, the Qilin pendant was obtained with great difficulty by sacrificing countless people, and they could not chase an oriental man at the risk of being taken away just because of the superior’s preference.

“Know what? You idiots, bring the Qilin Pendant and wait for me at the appointed place.”

“Lieutenant Colonel?”

“The Qilin Pendant is just a legend, and this person may not be certain.”

Su Yemu’s heart after running so fast was almost ready to jump out, especially when he heard footsteps behind him not long after, the mental pressure was even greater.

It was very dark, and Su Yemu ran into a collapsed courtyard indiscriminately, and was about to close the door, but was kicked away from the outside. Su Yemu fell out with the door panel, and hit the ground hard, his internal organs aching.

“Flee, do you think you can run away? Little thing, did you think I can’t catch you?”

The man rushed over, bent down to grab Su Yemu, but in the darkness, a handful of sand suddenly hit his eyes…



While he was covering his eyes, Su Yemu kicked him hard again, and the impact made him sit on the ground.

Su Yemu quickly ran to the collapsed part of the yard, climbed up with bare hands, and pressed his hands into the rough synthetic material, scraping bloodstains one after another.

After finally climbing up, he looked down and saw that it was three meters high. Whose yard wall was built so high?

“It would be nice to have a mecha, but without a mecha, 033 would be fine!” Su Yemu muttered to himself.


The man stood below, squinting his eyes, twitching the corners of his mouth from time to time, showing that there was still a lot of sand in his eyes.

“Just jump!”

When he was learning Peking Opera when he was young, he didn’t jump from a height three stories high, but he indeed did somersaults, so he still knew how to jump down with strength to prevent himself from being injured.

Taking a deep breath, Su Yemu’s eyes widened, trying to see the darkness below, as he jumped straight down.

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