GLR Ch. 34.2

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In the 21st century, the contest between savoury[1] and sweet tofu pudding[2] had been going on for a long time, and no one could convince anyone. In Su Yemu’s view, it was just that everyone was fighting for fun, and by the way, maintain the relationship between the north and the south.

North and South, there must be something to talk about, right? Just as northerners buy eggs by the dozen and southerners buy eggs one by one.

Tofu God, Tofu Bobo, Bobo eats tofu, eats Bobo tofu, it’s delicious, I like both sweet and savory.

I prefer sweet, smooth and tender, no need to chew, it melts in the mouth.

I prefer the savory one, the minced meat has a strong aroma, the peanuts are crispy and the tofu pieces are eaten together, it is absolutely delicious, and the sweet one ranks second.

Who said that? It is obviously sweet which is delicious, and savory is second.


Su Yemu: “?”

There was a sudden quarrel in the live broadcast room, divided into savory and sweet factions, both labelling the other as a cult, Su Yemu: “I’ll make a bitter one later, how about it? Or sour?”

Everyone in the live broadcast room: “!”

Pfft, haha, Bobo has a black belly.

It’s worthy of Bobo, if you don’t make a move, it’s all right, once you make a move, it’s amazing.

Ah…,ah…,ah…, I love this kind of Bobo, evil man, please accept me!

Excuse me, son, is there a marriage [wink]. PS: I’m a new learner. I’ve been studying history and Chinese recently. Haha, I finally found this molesting sentence.

As soon as the little girl turns eighteen, it’s time to get married, is Bobo married? PS: I am determined to molested Bobo for 800 years without wavering.

The dispute between savory and sweet was suppressed, but the live broadcast room turned to molesting Su Yemu, and it was a joy to play.

Su Yemu could only use a lottery to suppress this “bad atmosphere”. Except for what they were going to eat at the farm and kept as gifts, Su Yemu used all the rest for the lottery. A total of more than 90 copies were drawn, and the tofu puddings were randomly given away, they could be either savory or sweet.

“I’m going to Neptune to take the chef certification test at noon today. If it goes well, I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon. Then I’ll see you tomorrow.” There was a fixed time for the chef certification test, and this time it would be half a month later if you don’t take the test this time.

Reluctant to miss the broadcast.

If you encounter problems when going to Neptune, you can contact me. The terminal number has been privately sent to Bobo. I wish Bobo successfully wins the fifth-level chef certificate.

I’m also in Neptune, I want to pick up Bobo.

“We will meet soon, what day is today?”

Everyone: The eighth day.

Su Yemu smiled at the terminal: “That’s the end of today’s live broadcast, see you tomorrow.”

Everyone: Bobo is really a sinful man.

Su Yemu: Changed the lines?

After Su Yemu went to the live broadcast, he was about to go to Neptune. Xiaonan wanted to follow, Erha wanted to follow, and even No. 033 No. 2 jumped around.

Su Yemu was helpless. He was going out alone as an adult, so there was nothing to be afraid of: “I can go alone. Xiaonan is about to start school and has to review her homework. You three will start business in a few days. Hurry up and practice.”

So everyone was shocked.

Xiaonan took Su Yemu’s arm: “Brother, you have to be careful, if there is anything wrong, run immediately.”

Erha nodded: “Yes, if there is anything wrong, master you can go to the Royal Academy, which is my territory, as long as you tell them the name of Chef king in the universe, everyone will know you.”

“Mr. Chen will come to pick me up at that time, don’t worry, I’m leaving.”

Su Yemu drove them back, he was sitting for the first time in a spaceship. A little curious, according to the information he found, the current speed of the spacecraft was calculated in seconds, and he didn’t know what it would be like.

Su Yemu found his seat and put on his seat belt. But after a while, the voice reminded him to leave. Su Yemu hadn’t reacted yet. When he looked out, he could only see a vast expanse of whiteness. Then, he entered a brand new world.

The light brown boundless place was pitch black, and within reach, there were lots of silver light shining. The sky full of stars seemed to envelop people in it. There were planets large and small in the deep and vast universe, forming a unique trajectory. Very beautiful, when the spaceship passed by, its path seemed to be palpable.

This was a mysterious world, a place that human beings could not reach in the 21st century, and in this interstellar era, human beings could even shuttle in the universe.

It was the first time that Su Yemu realized clearly that he had left his earth and entered this strange interstellar era.

And all this made him more determined to send Xiaonan to Neptune to study.

Fifteen minutes later, Su Yemu stepped off the spaceship. Mr. Chen and two other people were waiting for him. After the introductions, Su Yemu got on the hover car and entered the imperial capital. The world in front of him once again opened his eyes. The aircraft flying in the sky, the flying mechas, and the sky city floating in mid-air looked very modern and technological.

“Xiao Ye, let’s take a break first, and play for two days after you finish the exam.” Old Chen planned to take Su Yemu home, and then, hehe…

“No, everyone is waiting for me to go back.” Thinking of Xiaonan’s warning, she had told him that if he couldn’t come back tomorrow, she would go to Neptune to find him.

Su Yemu did not agree. This was not going out for a walk, but going to another planet, just like letting a twelve-year-old girl go abroad alone in the 21st century.

“Go back after the exam tomorrow?” Old Chen’s heart ached, he still wanted to eat Su Yemu’s food for two days!

“Yeah, I’m sorry to trouble you, Mr. Chen.” Su Yemu handed the food box in his hand to Mr. Chen, “This is the Okara cake, soy milk and tofu brain, a gift I just made today.”

“Oh, what an embarrassment.” Mr. Chen responded with his mouth, but quickly extended his hand and hugged the food.

The other two looked at each other and bowed their heads, silently contemptuous.

After a few minutes, when they arrived at the Chefs Association, Mr. Chen took Su Yemu off the flying car. There were already several people waiting at the door. The one standing in the middle was an old man who was older than Mr. Chen.

“President, why are you here?” Old Chen exclaimed.

“Can’t I come?” The president glared at Mr. Chen: “Su Yemu, right! Come on, that’s good.”

“Hello.” Su Yemu smiled, trying to understand what was going on, but still didn’t understand, he was just getting a chef certificate.

“Certification, right?” The president waved to Su Yemu, turned around and said to the person next to him, “Bring the information to fill in for Su Yemu.”

Su Yemu quickly refused: “You are too polite, I will fill it out by myself. That’s fine.”

Seeing Su Yemu’s embarrassment, the president rubbed his nose: “That’s fine.”

There were several vice presidents standing behind the president. Capet was younger and couldn’t hide his face. When he heard Su Yemu’s name, his face turned cold. The president unexpectedly came to the association today and ran outside to wait for someone. He thought he was waiting for some important person, but he didn’t expect it to be this person named Su Yemu.

The commotion here was too big, and it had already attracted the attention of other candidates who came to sign up. Everyone whispered in private, guessing at Su Yemu’s identity.

“Is it His Royal Highness? I heard that His Royal Highness likes cooking.”

“Impossible! Your Royal Highness is of European descent, how could it be possible to give birth to pure oriental blood.”

“Those of oriental blood, those who pretend to be of pure oriental blood are liars, they have undergone plastic surgery.”

“Who is that who alarmed the president and several vice presidents?”

“Is it some noble young master?”

The president was not just the president, he was not an ordinary person, he was one of the members of the imperial cabinet, and being the president of the association was only his part-time job.

“Your Excellency, he has appeared.”

A respectful mechanical voice suddenly appeared from the air; He Yunting smiled and stood up.

“Who showed up?” General Heka, who was reporting to the marshal, looked confused, looked at General Alan, and was also puzzled when he saw him, and then asked, “Marshal, who is here?”

“Small temper.”

He Yunting put on white gloves, put on his military cap, and put a short-gun on his waist: “This is the end of today’s meeting, and we will continue tomorrow.”

“No, Marshal, who is short-tempered?” General Heka scratched his heart, the Marshal was too abnormal, it was so weird, he had never seen him smile like this before.

“If you don’t have a memory, just stare at the stars and steal. Recently, the Ares star bandit group has shown signs of moving to the Tiannv system, pay attention to the situation.” Leaping over the Tiannv system, you will enter the Sea Galaxy system, which was menacing.

After He Yunting finished speaking, he stepped out.

General Heka was anxious: “Marshal, you have to tell me where you are going?”

“Arrest someone.”

After saying these two words, He Yunting left.

Seeing that General Alan was so calm, General Heka couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you not in a hurry? The marshal is too abnormal. Also, is that small temper human?”

“What did the marshal say before?”

General Alan stood up, stunning General Heka.

“That’s right, is the little temper not just his little love!”

No, it’s someone who can travel through the seven-dimensional space!

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