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Lin Xin stopped talking, and Shen Lou took off the cloth strips on his hands and treated his wounds again. Shen Shizi, who was often injured on the battlefield, was very good at setting bones and stopping bleeding. His movements were gentle and did not hurt him at all.

“This grave?” Shen Lou threw away the bloody sheepskin gloves, looked at the messy grave, and asked Lin Xin if he wanted to dig it again.

“Just leave it like this. If master comes to burn some paper money, he will see it,” Lin Xin lowered his eyes and looked at his newly bandaged hand, “My hand hurts and I can’t hold the reins.”

It was as if the quarrel just now did not exist. He just turned around and started acting coquettishly.

Shen Lou laughed and said, “Then let us ride a horse together.”

When they went back, the suspension bridge had been repaired. Wu Zhaoyang was a very smart man and did not ask any unnecessary questions. “Master Marquis, Prince, let’s continue on our way.”

Holding Lin Xin in his arms and taking him to ride on his horse, Shen Lou rode forward without changing his expression as if he didn’t see the surprised eyes of the soldiers.

“Aren’t you afraid that your father will know?” Lin Xin leaned in Shen Lou’s arms and played with the Yu Yuan sword.

“He’ll know sooner or later,” Shen Lou said nonchalantly, “I’ll persuade him to abdicate next year.”

“Huh?” Lin Xin looked at him and couldn’t help laughing, “Shen Qingque, a model son in the world, actually wants to seize the family property. Wow, what a strange news.”

If I don’t seize the family property, how can I help you rebel? Shen Lou thought. When he opened his mouth, he said something else, “We have to hurry up before Wen Shilan comes to the Central Plains.”

“Yes.” Lin Xin was stunned and almost forgot about the wolf-slaying general.

Wen Shilan, the wolf-slaying general of Beimo, was the number one master of the barbarians. When Lin Xin was eighteen years old, he came to the Central Plains and competed with the masters of the four domains one by one. Shen Qirui thus died unexpectedly, Lin Yedan was seriously injured and went into seclusion, and the Zhong family suffered heavy casualties. Wen Shilan was unstoppable all the way and was finally defeated by Zhu Yangai. That was also because Zhu Yangai was full of spiritual weapons and his fighting style was very shameless.

If Shen Lou wanted to save his father’s life, he must make him abdicate as soon as possible.

In the previous life, Xuan King Shen Qingque, was the first person in the world who could defeat Wen Shilan; but now Shen Lou, whose soul was damaged, could not.

Lin Xin frowned, wondering if his master had found any soul-replenishing materials.

“Don’t worry, it’s still early.” Shen Lou hugged his narrow waist tightly, flicked the reins, and accelerated towards Mogui Mountain.

On Mogui Mountain, Zhong Suifeng greeted them at the door with a sad face. He was stunned for a moment when he saw the two people riding a horse together.

“Marquis Lu happened to be in the Northern Territory. Hearing that the Crown Prince was coming, he stopped by the Western Territory to collect the tribute.” Wu Zhaoyang walked quickly to Zhong Suifeng and whispered, intending to remind him of Lin Xin’s identity to prevent him from making any mistake while talking.

After Lin Xin became the Marquis, he had not yet met the second master of the Zhong family.

“It turns out to be Marquis Lin,” Zhong Suifeng folded his hands in greeting, “Master Marquis has been running over all the way, come in and warm yourself up.” Although he said this, there was no smile on his face, and he looked too busy to be greeting the guests.

“Uncle Shi, do you have something to say?” Shen Lou asked him with a frown.

“Well, um,” Zhong Suifeng rubbed his hands and hesitated for a moment before chirping, “You have worked hard to come all this way and I should have given you a good rest. However, the situation in Dizhou is urgent and Zhong Lu has been besieged for a long time, I wonder if my nephew can order his troops and set off today as well?”

“That’s natural.” Shen Lou didn’t plan to stay in Mogui Mountain longer, but he was worried about Lin Xin and sent him here first.

While they were talking, there was a commotion outside. Zhong Suifeng walked out quickly and saw eight Jinwu guards escorting the two brothers of the Zhong family with their swords.

“Zhong Youyu, Zhong Wumo!” Zhong Suifeng was pleasantly surprised.

“We have been ordered by the emperor to send the crown prince and the second son back to Mogui Mountain. The Holy Father has spoken out that the war in the Western Regions is tense, so everything should be kept simple, and the official crowning ceremony will be held after the New Year.” The commander of the Jinwu Guards took care of business and handed over the decree to Zhing Suifeng. Then after receiving a small bag of Luli, he jumped on the flying sword and turned away without stopping for a moment.

At the beginning of the Luli Order, Emperor Yuan Shuo originally already intended to release the Zhong brothers back, but when the Di people happened to cause trouble, he took the opportunity to send them back so that Zhong Youyu could succeed to the throne later in the year.

“Uncle! We are back, we don’t have to leave anymore!” Zhong Youyu jumped in front of Zhong Suifeng, excited. He had been trapped in the capital for many years, until he was almost sick.

“Uncle.” Zhong Wumo walked over and called him flatly, then stopped talking.

Zhong Suifeng breathed a sigh of relief and said, “It’s good to come back. It’s good to come back.” Over the years, he had tried various methods, including picking up their characters in advance, handing over memorandums during holidays, and bribing the civil servants to help him speak. But Emperor Yuan Shuo would not let them go even though he had exhausted all his resources.

Shen Lou and Lin Xin came out and looked at each other, “Since you two are back, come with me to quell the chaos.”

Logically speaking, since the Zhong brothers were back, Shen Lou didn’t need to take action anymore. However, neither of them had ever led troops, so they couldn’t count on them for a while.

After getting a general understanding of the situation in Dizhou, Shen Lou went to the Western Region Camp to take inventory and prepare his equipment, and his expression was a little bad. Unexpectedly, the Western Region had weakened to this point. The elite soldiers and generals that used to be there when Zhong Changye was still around, were now gone. What had Zhong Suifeng been doing these years?

“Most of those immortals and soldiers do not have fiefdoms. They will follow whoever gives them Luli and gold.” Wu Zhaoyang smiled bitterly while holding the name book. “After the imperial court issued the Gilded Rule, it became even harder to control.”

The Gilded Rule was promulgated a few years ago that stipulated that non-subordinate immortals could freely change their household registration. Immortal soldiers were relatively precious. They had spiritual veins and average qualifications. They could not become masters, but they could still use weapons with Luli.

If the Western Region could not support them, they would go elsewhere. Most of them went to the Central Plains. After all, they had the opportunity to become marquises and prime ministers with the emperor. As a result, the imperial court needed more and more Luli, and the Western Region became increasingly weak.

After barely scraping together two thousand available soldiers, plus the three thousand elite soldiers brought from the Northern Territory, Shen Lou jumped on his horse, leaving Zishu to take care of Lin Xin, and took Zhong Wumo to Dizhou to quell the chaos.

Zhong Youyu stayed in Mogui Mountain, arranging food and drinks and entertaining the Marquis of Lu along the way.

“There’s no hurry about the Luli inspection. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, why don’t we have a drink?” Lin Xin looked at the white tiger hair on Zhong Youyu’s collar and smiled like a brother.

“Okay.” When it came to drinking, Zhong Youyu became interested and took Lin Xin to Nuange for a drink.

Zhong Suifeng told the prince to entertain Lin Xin well, while he went to deal with chores and disappeared in a moment.

The wine in the Western Region was not as strong as the wine in the Northern Region, but it was much stronger than the wine in the capital. Zhong Youyu drank a few glasses of wine happily before appeasing his craving. “I’m not a drinker at all. It was all led to bad by Shen Da.”

“He has a name now, and his name is Qingque.”

Lin Xin held a glass in his hand. He didn’t drink wine. He watched Zhong Youyu drink cup after cup with cold eyes.

Without his father’s blessing, Prince Zhong’s life in Beijing must have been difficult. But no matter how difficult it was, it couldn’t compare to the hardship he endured in the hands of the Zhao family. There was nothing to sympathize with, it was just retribution.

“Really?” Zhong Youyu drank too hard and got a little drunk. He hesitated for a moment before reacting, “Qingque, um, I remember my father said when I was a kid that Uncle Shen had thought of this name early. I don’t know, did my father prepare a name for me? Now this name is still given by my uncle.”

“Your father…” Lin Xin drank all the wine in the wine cup.

“By the way, do you still remember that when you were a child, you followed Shen Lou into the back garden and fell into the stone mourning hall.” Zhong Youyu joked, thinking about how Lin Xin, who was only a small group at that time, had now become the ferocious Marquis Lu which was really unbelievable.

“I remember,” Lin Xin raised his hand to pour himself a drink and asked casually, “When your father was alive, did he ever mention my father, Lin Zhenghan?”

“Yes!” Zhong Youyu said. He remembered every sentence his father said very clearly, “My father said that your father is a capable man, on par with him, but unfortunately he went astray and decided to marry a mortal woman. He also warned me not to marry a mortal woman. Otherwise, he would kick me out of the house.”

Zhong Youyu imitated Zhong Changye’s tone of voice so perfectly that he even brought out his expression at the time.

A capable person… was on par with him…

Lin Xin looked a little weird. Zhong Changye actually commented on Lin Zhenghan like this?

At night in Mogui Mountain, the candlelight was extinguished and it was pitch black. Lin Xin was lying on the bed, not sleepy at all. He couldn’t sleep without Shen Lou by his side. He took out the Xinghu stone deer and looked at it. The more he looked at it, the more he liked it. He couldn’t help but roll around on the bed with the deer in his arms.

“Bang da!” There was a slight sound on the roof. Lin Xin put away his silly smile and sat up instantly. Listening carefully, there was another soft sound, like someone stepping on the roof.

Putting on a suit of black clothes and taking out a sword, he silently jumped onto the roof. Through the moonlight, he saw a figure moving quickly not far away.

Pointing his toes lightly, he followed the person, not too far nor too near. The shadow rose and fell quickly between the roof ridges, and ran straight to the back mountain, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

There was a creaking sound from the wall. Lin Xin ducked into the shadows and suddenly felt spiritual energy flowing nearby.

Lin Xin instantly snuck behind the man, drew out his scimitar and put it accurately around the man’s neck.

“Don’t do it, it’s me!” Zhong Youyu raised his sword to block the scimitar that was about to cut his throat and whispered.

“Your Majesty, what are you doing on the roof of your house and why are you up at midnight?” Lin Xin asked in a conspiratorial manner without letting go of the knife.

“Shh-” Zhong Youyu made a silent gesture, signalling Lin Xin to keep quiet.

Several people in white clothes walked out of the stone room deep in the deserted garden, pushing several wooden wheeled carts and quietly walked towards the back door. The car was covered with black cloth. He didn’t know what was packed in it, but it was clearly heavy as the wooden wheels creaked under the weight.

“That stone room was the place where my father’s body was hidden. The figures of these people are very unfamiliar, and I don’t recognize them.” Zhong Youyu didn’t allow Lin Xin to speak, but he kept chattering.

Lin Xin removed Mojian, and the other party immediately shut his mouth.

Seemingly hearing something, one of them turned his head and looked straight at where Lin Xin was hiding. The moonlight passed through the shadows of the clouds, revealing a cold light, which shone on the face of the man in white, reflecting a pair of blue eyes like a prairie wolf.


Barbarians had appeared on Mogui Mountain!

Zhong Youyu couldn’t help it anymore and was about to jump down, but Lin Xin tightly covered his mouth and didn’t let him move.

Lin Xin tightened his grip on Yanggu’s sword hilt and straightened his back. He recognized that person, Wolf-slaying general of the Northern Desert, one of the top three masters in the world – Wen Shilan.

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