TBVSR Ch. 11: Let’s Get Together

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Qiu Li went to the nearby clinic with Jiang Yu on his back in a posture that he was not familiar with.

Although she looked thin, she was not particularly light. Jiang Yu had practiced ballet for many years and had little fat, but she had large muscles and was very strong.

In the clinic, an elderly doctor examined Jiang Yu’s abdomen and said, “It’s fine, just take a little rest.”

At the same time, the old doctor glanced at Qiu Li, who was reading a book on the chair near the door, and condemned: “You look like a human being, what are you doing!”

Qiu Li didn’t lift his head when he heard his words, as if he was accustomed to such misunderstandings.

Seeing that the doctor had misunderstood, Jiang Yu quickly explained: “You misunderstood, it wasn’t him who hit me.”

“I don’t need you to explain, I have encountered many women who were domestically abused by men, and are embarrassed to go to the big hospital, so they all come to see me.”

When Jiang Yu heard this, she thought of her last life.

Whenever she was injured, she was too embarrassed to go to the hospital, afraid of meeting acquaintances and being exposed to the public.

Now that she thought about it, it was so stupid.

That bastard Huo Cheng, she must not let him be so comfortable, she must get back the hurt she suffered in the last life from him.

Qiu Li glanced at her and saw that her face did not look very good. He finally closed the book, walked to her side, and said indifferently, “Does it still hurt?”

“It’s much better.”

“That’s okay, I’m hungry, so I’ll go first.”

“Well, thank you for bringing me to the hospital.”

When the doctor heard this, he immediately became angry and accused: “Little girl, what kind of scumbag are you looking for? After hurting you like this, he has the guts to leave without saying a word!”

Jiang Yu explained again and again: “It’s really not him who hit me.”

“Don’t explain.” The doctor grabbed Qiu Li’s clothes and took him to Jiang Yu’s bedside: “Take care of your girlfriend, or I’ll call the police and get you arrested, believe it or not!”

Qiu Li pushed hard, and the old doctor staggered back two steps and almost fell to the ground.

He did not “respect the old and love the young”.

“Your boyfriend is really violent! Wait, I’ll call the police right away!” The old doctor turned to go out. Qiu Li was about to grab his shoulder and bring the old doctor back with all his strength, and slam him into the bedside.

At this moment, Jiang Yu suddenly grabbed his wrist.

In an instant, the delicate touch of the skin touching each other densely crawled into Qiu Li’s heart.

It made his heart tremble.

In the past, he had never felt this way before, even if he was in contact with people, his heart would not be so itchy.

In his numb world, he had gone very long, too long, without perceiving this truth.

He stopped almost instantly.

“Doctor, I’m really sorry, I… my friend has a bad temper, he didn’t mean it, I’m very sorry.”

Another patient came outside, the old doctor patted his clothes and gave Qiu Li a menacing look: “Such a good girlfriend, where can one find!!!”

Only Qiu Li and Jiang Yu were left in the ward, he sat beside the hospital bed and felt a little ridiculous: “I look like your boyfriend who abused you?”

Jiang Yu said embarrassingly: “Very similar.”

Qiu Li smiled coldly.

But even when he laughed, he was still full of anger, not to mention with those dark eyes, it made him look all the more intimidating.

The doctor lifted the curtain to look at them, and urged: “What are you doing, rub your girlfriend’s stomach for her! Don’t you see her face turning pale in pain?”

Qiu Li narrowed his eyes and his gaze landed on Jiang Yu’s abdomen. After a long time, he finally said, “Lie down.”

Jiang Yu said “oh” and lay down obediently.

Qiu Li put his palm on her stomach and pressed it hard.

She snorted and pushed his hand away: “It hurts to death!”

“It hurts to death, my ears are clear.”

Jiang Yu’s face was pale, and she said weakly, “Then you have to use less force.”

Qiu Li rolled his eyes, he finally reduced his strength, and gently rubbed her stomach in circles.

Through the thin shirt, Jiang Yu could feel the warmth of his palm.

She couldn’t help raising her eyes to look at him, his facial features were actually very gentle, but the pair of bottomless eyes swept away the tenderness between his brows, leaving only arrogance and coldness.

Jiang Yu didn’t know what he had experienced, but she could imagine that it must be something very bad that would turn people into demons.

Jiang Yu just silently hoped that she was still in time to save him.

Qiu Li saw that she had been staring at him, so his expression became a little unnatural, and he increased his strength again.

“Oops.” Jiang Yu was in pain and called out in dissatisfaction: “Take it easy!”

“Don’t stare at me.” Qiu Li put the schoolbag directly on her face.

Jiang Yu shook her head, threw the schoolbag down, and said, “You won’t lose a piece of meat if I look at it, are you still suffering?”

“I don’t like being seen.”

“But I like to see you.” Jiang Yu laughed: “You are so handsome, with a high IQ, you will definitely be a winner in life in the future.”

Qiu Li rubbed her abdomen expressionlessly, ignoring her words.

Jiang Yu continued to persevere: “But people are drifting in the rivers and lakes, and sometimes they will inevitably make mistakes. When you can’t control the impulse and make mistakes, think more about your future, and don’t do things that you regret because you can’t think about it for a while. Ouch…”

Before she had finished speaking, she felt that he had increased the strength in his hands again, as if he was taking revenge.

Qiu Li glanced at her coldly and said, “I have found that you really like to meddle in other people’s business.”

Jiang Yu pouted, thinking that if it wasn’t for the task of 300 million, she would be too lazy to pay attention to him!

“I love to listen.” She muttered dissatisfiedly: “You will know in the future.”

After coming out of the clinic, Jiang Yu no longer felt abdominal pain.

The few times Qiu Li rubbed her just now was really effective.

She was a little hungry, so she simply said to Qiu Li: “What do you want to eat, I’ll invite you if you agree.”


“What about hotpot?”

They came to a street stall selling steamed wontons. The hotpot costed three figures for a meal, and was still cheap, however they could eat this for only a dozen yuan.

She did not have a lot of money, and she had to save money for Esmera’s high tuition in the future.

Of course, if she could enter this art center, her ballet career would be completely opened up.

You know, the Esmera Art Center, was the place where the ballet queen Bu Tanyan was once trained. Even if it was just for her idol, she must be admitted!

Soon, two bowls of steaming wontons were served.

Qiu Li didn’t care about the heat, so he quickly ate one.

No taste.

He hurriedly ate the second one, and there was still no taste on the tip of his tongue.

The third, still bland…

The light in Qiu Li’s eyes also dimmed. Seeing that Jiang Yu was so anxious to eat, as if he had never eaten steamed wontons before, she hurriedly said, “No one is robbing you. You eat so fast, are you not afraid of burning your mouth?”

Even the last wonton was bland, his tongue was still unable to perceive any taste.

It was not a physical disease, just a mental disorder.

The stress and trauma of self-protection in childhood made him completely shut himself up, and he lost most of his perception of the world.

Loss of taste, joy and sadness, fear and sympathy… He was like a machine, living aimlessly in this world.

For a long time, Qiu Li looked for all kinds of feelings, through the pain of self-mutilation, or being beaten, eating a lot of spicy or sweet food, going on a roller coaster or even going to a haunted house… even…trying to commit suicide.

So, he tried to jump that night.

He thought that the road had come to an end, but he didn’t expect that the slap Jiang Yu gave him made him feel pain for the first time in his life, after more than ten years of unconsciousness.

Later, the Ferrero Rocher she gave him was so rich and sweet that his soul shuddered.

In any case, this girl could give him all the senses he needed, which was why Qiu Li tolerated her offense again and again.

However, the bowl of wonton she invited him to eat seemed to have no effect.

Where was the problem?

Qiu Li’s eyes fell on the bowl of wontons in Jiang Yu’s hand.

Seeing him staring straight at her bowl, Jiang Yu thought to herself that he had finished eating his own wonton, he shouldn’t be thinking about her bowl as well?

As for what, he was so hungry?

Sure enough, Qiu Li picked up the spoon, looked at the wonton in her bowl, and said, “Give me one.”

“I’ll order you another.”

“No, I want yours.”

Jiang Yu scooped up a wonton from her bowl, placed it in Qiu Li’s bowl, and muttered in a low voice, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Qiu Li took a bite, and suddenly the wonton tasted salty and meaty. The taste, as well as the spicy and scallion flavours in the seasoning, were instantly conveyed from his taste buds to the nerve endings.

It had been a long time since he felt the delicious taste of food!

Qiu Li finished the wonton very slowly, while cherishing it, raised his head again, and looked at Jiang Yu.

The little girl lowered her head and scooped the soup with a spoon, her cherry-like lips pursed lightly.

He swallowed his saliva, his Adam’s apple rolled along, and an itchy feeling came up from the bottom of his heart.

Jiang Yu felt Qiu Li’s fiery gaze, she raised her head, and the corners of her mouth twitched: “What are you doing!”

Qiu Li tapped the empty bowl with a spoon, and the corners of his mouth curled into a smile: “Brother still wants it.”

Jiang Yu felt a little weird. Didn’t this guy hated it the most when she called him his brother? For the sake of food, he didn’t want his dignity?

“Why are you always staring at other people’s bowls?” Jiang Yu said, “I’ll give you another one, I’ll treat you, I’ll take care of it.”

“No need.” As Qiu Li said, the spoon was already stretched out: ” I want to eat yours.”

Jiang Yu quickly took the bowl away: “I’m still hungry!”

“I want to eat yours.” Qiu Li looked at Jiang Yu, his burning peach eyes raised: “Sister.”

“… “

This “sister” sounded a bit like a wolf dog.

Jiang Yu looked at his dangerous and seductive eyes, and found it difficult to say the words to reject him, so she pushed the bowl over.

“Eat…eat, otherwise it will kill you!”

Qiu Li took her bowl and seriously ate the wontons.

Every bite was solemn and serious, it tasted like a bowl of wontons, and it tasted delicious.

“You haven’t eaten in a few days?” She asked curiously, “Do you want me to order you another bowl?”

She was giving him treat today, so she shouldn’t be stingy.

Qiu Li glanced at the menu on the table and said, “I want a shortbread.”


Jiang Yu asked the shop owner for a shortbread, and then watched Qiu Li put the soup in the bowl and drink it down.

Looking at him like this, he must have been hungry for at least three days.

“Don’t you have money to eat?”

Qiu Li thought for a while, and nodded his head still.

“No wonder.” Jiang Yu said sympathetically, “Next time you’re hungry, just come to me.”

Although she was also poor, she still had money to invite him to eat wontons.

She originally thought that Qiu Li would refuse coldly, but she didn’t expect him to smile easily, with a slightly picky tone, and say, “Okay, elder sister.”

Hearing his “sister” call, it had become smoother and smoother, Jiang Yu thought. On the one hand, it felt strange, but on the other hand, it was a little more reassuring.

As long as the relationship progressed, she didn’t have to worry about the system deducting her hard-earned money.

At this time, the shortbread with the fragrance of green onion was also served, and Qiu Li couldn’t wait to tear a small piece and put it in his mouth.

Seeing this, Jiang Yu hurriedly said, “It just came out of the oil pan, it’s hot!”

Qiu Li turned a deaf ear and carefully sensed the taste on the tip of his tongue.

However, to his disappointment, the shortbread he tasted had no taste.

What was the problem?

Qiu Li frowned and his face became ugly.

Seeing this, Jiang Yu asked, “Isn’t it delicious?”

Then, she tore up a piece of bread and threw it into her mouth to taste: “Isn’t it delicious.”

Qiu Li saw that she had eaten it, so he pondered for a moment, then he picked up the shortbread and tasted it.

This time, the fragrant and crispy taste of scallions converged on the tip of his tongue.

At this point, Qiu Li finally understood what was going on, he could only taste the food that Jiang Yu had touched.

Just like he didn’t feel the countless times of self-mutilation in the past, but when she hit him, he could feel the pain.

Although Qiu Li didn’t know why he only had feelings for her, this feeling was real…

Jiang Yu saw him put down the shortbread and said, “Are you full?”

Qiu Li raised his eyebrows and looked at her: “Why are you after me? I’m so good?”

Jiang Yu immediately brought out the previous rhetoric and said, “I’m interested in you.”

“It’s just right, I also have feelings for sister, so let’s be together.”

Jiang Yu: ?


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