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After finishing her training, Jiang Yu went to the bathroom to take a hot shower, blew dry her hair, and walked out refreshed.

Huo Cheng was sitting in the lounge, waiting for her with a cold face.

Jiang Yu ignored him, mixed in with the girls rushing out, and walked out of the training class.

Seeing that she was really ignoring him, Huo Cheng could only catch up and grab Jiang Yu’s wrist by the stairs: “Stop!”

Jiang Yu broke away from him, took two steps back, and said, “Finding me, is there something important you need from me?”

“Need from you?” Huo Cheng repeated her words incredulously: “Are you out of your mind, you are actually talking to me like this.”

“Otherwise, do you want me to kiss and coax you like a baby.” There was a mocking sneer at the corner of Jiang Yu’s mouth: “What a man.”


Huo Cheng was so angry that he was going crazy. He had never seen Jiang Yu, who was always docile, speak to him in such a tone. He couldn’t accept this kind of offense at all: “What do you mean!”

“What I mean is very clear.” Jiang Yu tightened the shoulder straps of her backpack and said, “Huo Cheng, let’s break up.”

Huo Cheng couldn’t believe his ears: “You are asking me to break up…”

He deliberately emphasized the words “you are asking”, as if Jiang Yu taking the initiative to break up, was a matter of great shame for him.

The girls who were watching the liveliness around them, felt a little weird when they heard Jiang Yu taking the initiative to break up.

She must know that a boyfriend with Huo Cheng’s stature was hard to find. There were several girls in the entire Beicheng who wanted to be with him.

Jiang Yu could be with him only because she looked somewhat similar to Tao Anxin, after picking up such a big bargain, she still wanted to break up?

Was she out of her mind?

Jiang Yu was too lazy to talk nonsense with Huo Cheng, and just wanted to get rid of this bad relationship as soon as possible.

No matter how much aura of a male god Huo Cheng had in the eyes of others, in her eyes, he was just a stinky domestic abuser with a twisted mind.

She further agitated: “Huo Cheng, if I propose to break up, you won’t stalk me, right?”

She added the word “stalk” deliberately.

Huo Cheng was furious: “Who do you think you are! How could I treat you…”

“It’s easy to deal with then.” Jiang Yu said with a relaxed smile: “If that’s the case, don’t appear in front of me in the future, I won’t come to you again.”

After speaking, Jiang Yu turned around and wanted to leave.

Huo Cheng was so angry that his expression was distorted, he took her hand and shouted: “Without me, you are nothing!”

“Let go!”

“Without me, you will have to drop out of school next semester! What kind of private school would you still go to? What kind of dancing is there!”

“I will earn the tuition myself, so you don’t need to bother.”

“How will you earn?”

Huo Cheng lost his mind and could no longer hide the potential violent tendencies in his heart, so he raised his hand to punch her.

Jiang Yu had expected this for a long time, and could have avoided it, but she did not dodge, and was punched by him.

There was a throbbing pain in her abdomen.

The girls around took a breath.

Originally, they were still sneering at Jiang Yu, but now they saw that Huo Cheng actually started to attack her, and how ruthless the attack was, the aura of the male god in their hearts disappeared in an instant.

“My God!”

“He actually hit her!”

“It’s terrible, my mother!”

“Don’t this kind of boyfriend break up and stay for the New Year!”

Jiang Yu gasped in pain, and instinctively bowed, however, the corners of her mouth twitched and she inadvertently smiled.

That’s right, she just wanted to anger Huo Cheng and let him expose his ugly side in front of others.

Huo Cheng in the previous life was so bright outside, whether on TV or in the public media, he always looked like a modest gentleman; however, at home, he was a demon prone to domestic violence.

When he was young, Huo Cheng was not as good at pretending as he was when he was an adult. So, as long as she provoked him a little, he showed his true face of ferocity.

Come on, let everyone appreciate the incompetent and furious appearance of a domestic abuser.

“Enough venting?” Jiang Yu looked at him with a smile, and said weakly, “I’m going back.”

“You stop, I didn’t allow you to leave!”

Jiang Yu had achieved her goal and ignored him.

Huo Cheng felt the strange gazes of the people around him, once his original anger had cooled down. Looking at the weak back of the little girl, he felt a wave of regret and loss in his heart.

He cursed secretly, then glanced at her reluctantly, and left angrily.

It was getting late, and the crowd gradually dispersed.

Jiang Yu turned around and saw that Huo Cheng had already left, so she slowed down.

She had just been punched by him, and her stomach was very uncomfortable, so she simply sat down by the steps of the art center.

At this moment, she saw a boy in a black sweater under the steps, squatting on the stone platform of the flowerbed, with a devilish smile on the corner of his mouth, as if admiring her embarrassment.

“Sister, your stomach hurts?”

Jiang Yu rolled her eyes, not wanting to talk to him.

Seeing that Jiang Yu suffered a loss, Qiu Li was in a good mood. He jumped off the flower bed, climbed up the stairs in two or three steps, and sat beside her: “Are you here to get help?”

“No, I was beaten by my boyfriend.” Jiang Yu calmly said: “For you.”

“Fuck it.”

She smiled lightly, her mouth slightly pale: “Your swearing sounds are nice.”


Qiu Li felt that the girl might be sick.

Jiang Yu sat on the edge of the stairs, bowing, clutching her stomach and biting her lower lip with her teeth, obviously feeling a little uncomfortable.

Qiu Li lowered his head and untied the laces of his sneakers, then re-tied them, seemingly too lazy to speak.

Jiang Yu looked at his rough sneakers and said weakly, “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“I didn’t want to come.” Qiu Li lowered his head and played with his shoelaces expressionlessly: “I don’t have money for dinner, and you just happened to invite me.”

The corners of Jiang Yu’s pale mouth turned up in a wry smile: “Your sister has an upset stomach and can’t go to dinner with you. Go eat it yourself.”

After speaking, she took out a fifty-yuan note from her bag and handed it to him.

Qiu Li shrugged, not being polite to her, took the money, got up and left.

After two steps, he looked back at her.

The little girl had a delicate figure, wrapped in a loose sweater, as she was curled up on the cold stairs.

Qiu Li was not completely indifferent when he heard that she had been beaten up just now.

It’s just that he hadn’t fully adapted to the feeling of heartache…

There was some kind of strong drive in him that was forcing him to get close to her, protect her, even if it hurt him, he won’t let it be be anyone else’s turn.

But on the other hand, Qiu Li strongly resisted this feeling.

Just like in the past, he had become accustomed to no pain and no feeling. This kind of sympathy, he had long since lost it somewhere.

This girl had something to do with him.

Qiu Li was too lazy to think about it, so he quickened his pace and left.

Jiang Yu sat alone by the stairs for a while, then she breathed a sigh of relief, but when she was about to get up and leave, she saw the young man with a sullen face striding back.


He didn’t say a word, just picked her up, and carried her directly on his back.

Jiang Yu landed firmly on his back.

His back was extra wide and firm, and even through the thin fabric, she could feel the toughness of his muscles and the temperature of his skin.

“Qiu Li.”

“Shut up.”

“That…” The young man’s voice was a little cold: “If you talk nonsense again, I won’t care about you.”

Jiang Yu licked her lower lip, and said, “Have you never carried a girl behind your back? “

Qiu Li took care of her.

“The correct posture for carrying a girl is not like this.” Jiang Yu said with difficulty: “Please hold me from below, thank you.”


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