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On the afternoon of the following weekend, Jiang Yu practiced excerpts from “Swan Lake” in the dance classroom, and another voice message was sent from the [Knowing] app.

This news came from the future [Qiu Li].

Qiu Li: “How’s it going?”

His voice was much deeper from when he was a teenager.

Jiang Yu lifted her slender legs towards the wall, stretched them, and sent back a message: “I’m in the process of attacking, don’t worry.”

Qiu Li: “I can’t keep in touch with you, the phone can only be used for a fixed time, but I hope you take this matter to heart.”

Jiang Yu knew that Qiu Li was definitely still in prison at this time.

With a long life sentence, every day of his life must be a torment, so he must obviously be anxious.

Jiang Yu: “Since I agreed, I will try my best to help you.”

Qiu Li: “Talk to me about the situation.”

Jiang Yu: “I already know ‘you’, but ‘you’ are always fierce to me, and as I get closer to ‘you’, it’s like ‘you’ will eat me alive, and ‘you’ don’t want to be friends with me.”

Qiu Li: “You need to take the initiative, I won’t hurt you.”

Jiang Yu: “Are you sure?”

In response, Jiang Yu guessed that he had turned over his mobile phone again.

Be proactive… Really won’t I be beaten?

Thinking of the initiative that was rejected by him that night, Jiang Yu’s heart was beating like a drum in her chest.

This three hundred million commission was too difficult to get!

Jiang Yu sent a message to the [Knowing] service account: “If I suffer a personal injury during the task, is it considered a work injury, and will there be a chance to be reborn again?”

[Knowing] service account: “Everyone has only one chance, please cherish your life.”

Jiang Yu:  …

I’m impressed.

After thinking about it, she still sent a WeChat message to Qiu Li, “Are you free at night?”

After sending this message, Jiang Yu went to practice dancing, and came back after half an hour to see that she had received no response, and Qiu Li hadn’t gotten back to her.

She continued to send him a message: “Sister wants to invite you to dinner, do you want to see the light?”

Still no reply.

Without being bothered, Jiang Yu directly sent him her proposition: “I’ll give you two hours, come to me, if you don’t come, I will come directly to your house.”

After sending this text message, Jiang Yu continued to practice dancing.

Before long, there was a commotion in the corridor of the training class, and the girls in the classroom started whispering.

Jiang Yu tilted her head and saw a man standing in the corridor.

Huo Cheng.

At this time, Huo Cheng was only seventeen or eighteen years old. He was tall and straight, wearing a clean white shirt. At first glance, he was very handsome, and he could be seen at a glance in the crowd.

However, as long as Jiang Yu saw him, she thought of the scenes of domestic violence and being insulted after getting married, so she felt a chill like a conditioned reflex.

In the corridor, the girls’ eyes were all focused on Huo Cheng, and they discussed in a low voice: “It’s the prince of the Huo Group, Huo Cheng!”

“Who is he looking for?”

“Of course, it’s Jiang Yu, aren’t they boyfriend and girlfriend?” The girls looked at Jiang Yu with envy and jealousy in their eyes, and said sourly, “I really don’t know how Huo Cheng came to like her, they are too different.”

“Don’t you know, she’s just a stand-in for Tao Anxin, the school flower of Yuxi High School.”

“Who doesn’t know that at Yuxi High School, Huo Cheng pursued Tao Anxin, the school flower, but was repeatedly rejected. Jiang Yu and Tao Anxin look alike, so Huo Cheng chose the next best thing and decided to be with her.”

“So that’s how it is!”

“I heard that he didn’t chase her much, Huo Cheng just hooked his finger, and Jiang Yu jumped at the chance.”

“She usually pretends to be unstained from the mud, but she still covets Huo Cheng’s money while pretending to be high-minded.”

“Yes, Tao Anxin’s family background is also not good, but she was not tempted by Huo Cheng. It is indeed true that there is no harm without comparison. It’s clear at a glance who is really pure and who is fake.”

Jiang Yu didn’t care about the girls around her because they were telling the truth.

In her last life, she was indeed attracted to Huo Cheng’s wealthy family background and the lavish demeanour of the rich family raised in the rich soil.

She was too poor, but Huo Cheng could save her from dropping out of school and could let her continue to learn dance.

There was nothing more seductive than seeing a clear spring water for someone who was about to die of thirst in the desert.

In the last life, Jiang Yu probably really fell in love with Huo Cheng.

In the past, she always thought that Huo Cheng was sincere to her, and those rumours were all out of jealousy. It was not until after marriage that he revealed his true colours.

Because he couldn’t get his favourite Tao Anxin, when he looked at Jiang Yu again, he always felt disgusted.

When his fists started falling, Jiang Yu suddenly understood that the avatar was always the avatar, and mosquito blood could not be the white moonlight in her heart.

However, now Jiang Yu would not make the same mistake for the second time again.

She practiced the movements on her own, ignoring Huo Cheng, just as if he didn’t exist.

At first, Huo Cheng found it a little fresh.

In the past, when this little girl saw him, she flew to his side like a young bird thrown into the forest, trying her best to please him.

Huo Cheng thought that this was Jiang Yu’s intention to play hard to get in order to please him.

Just wait, no more than five minutes, she would definitely run over to please him.

However, time passed minute by minute. Jiang Yu seemed to completely ignore his existence as she kept on practising her movements over and over again.

Huo Cheng started to get impatient.

How could she keep him waiting here for so long!

Huo Cheng finally called out with a calm voice, filled with dissatisfaction: “Jiang Yu.”

Jiang Yu heard his voice and looked back at him lightly: “Is there something wrong?”

Couldn’t she see how long he’d been standing here!

Huo Cheng’s face suddenly became very ugly: “I’m waiting for you.”

After saying this, Huo Cheng waited for Jiang Yu to fly towards him, and he was even ready to ignore her for a while.

However, Jiang Yu just shrugged expressionlessly: “Oh, then you wait.”

Now, not only Huo Cheng, but also the girls around were surprised, as they looked at her.

Jiang Yu didn’t have such an attitude towards Huo Cheng before. If Huo Cheng said one, she wouldn’t say two, she was very obedient and docile, and her attitude was very humble.

Her behavior today was too unusual!

Huo Cheng watched the little girl spin and raise her beautiful neck in the dance studio, her collarbone was smooth and graceful, her body was well-proportioned, and her muscles were taut.

A burst of anger rushed to his heart, and the muscles on his face were shaking with anger, and there was an urge in him wanting to bully her severely.

However, in front of so many people, Huo Cheng couldn’t do anything out of the ordinary, so he could only walk away with anger.

Just wait, she would definitely come back crying and begging him.

In fact, Jiang Yu didn’t put Huo Cheng in her eyes at all, and continued to connect the difficult movements with her heart.

Now she just wanted to win the selection at the end of the year and enter the Esmera Art Center. How could she have the heart to look at Huo Cheng anymore?

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