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After a short rest, Jiang Zheng moved to the competition site of skateboard racing.

Sure enough, she was a woman with her own BGM. She changed into a bright green sports suit and wore a necklace with a faint silver light around her neck. She looked straight ahead with cold eyes, and looked so beautiful and agile… Everyone in the audience couldn’t help but sigh. Looking at it, there was a sluggishness on their faces, and everything around her seemed to be in slow motion, moving slowly with Jiang Zheng’s various movements.

Suddenly Jiang Zheng stumbled, the breath condensed by her just collapsed instantly, and everyone was completely stunned…

Han Yi quickly stepped forward to support her, gritted his teeth with his back to the camera, and said, “Walk carefully, dear!”

Jiang Zheng couldn’t help sticking out her tongue, while she said in an aggrieved manner: “You asked me to stare straight ahead, and not laugh or bow my head.”

Han Yi: “…”

#Hahahaha my mother what did I see?

#Demon King: wanted to perform on the spot and fell flat?

#Screenshots Screenshots!

#The good expression management master, why doesn’t it work suddenly?

#The director is finished, the big devil Jiang would blame him for not repairing the road.

However, these jokes were quickly covered up by messages from Jiang Zheng’s decent fans.

#Ah ah ah my sister Zheng was so cute when she stuck out her tongue just now.

#Screenshots Screenshots! So cute!

#Her small eyes look so aggrieved! Sure enough, the goddess still has to participate in variety shows to display different faces.

The singles competition had been played before, and now there was a two-person mixed competition. There were 6 male and female artists, divided into six groups, each occupying a track.

Everyone came forward to draw lots. Everyone wanted to be with Jiang Zheng but was also afraid of being together with her. In a group, there would be scenes and topics, but they were afraid that if there was any problem in the process, they would be chased and scolded by her fans.

Jiang Zheng had already quickly remembered the names of these people off the field. She got the number 1 from the box and strode towards the first track.

She was in the same group as a young boy named He Xiao, who was four years younger than her. He was a member of the IKEEN idol group, and his handsome appearance had captured the love of a large number of young female fans.

He Xiao bowed respectfully to Jiang Zheng. Looking at the harmless little brother, Jiang Zheng felt much more relaxed.

The two negotiated, Jiang Zheng stood first, as the vanguard, controlling the pace and direction, while He Xiao stood at the back and coordinated the speed.

Skateboard racing, a Zhuang sport, had a history of four or five hundred years. It was first used to exercise the ability of soldiers to cooperate, and now it had become an important competitive event among the people. The two people needed to work together and become one person in order to skate faster.

As soon as Jiang Zheng stepped on the skate, the familiar feeling came again.

He Xiao stepped on it, blushing as he put his hand on Jiang Zheng’s slender waist.

Seeing this scene, Ji Muye turned to ask Jing Meini, “Why didn’t you arrange this competition for me? It’s… quite interesting.”

Jing Meini couldn’t help laughing, “You didn’t win.”

Ji Muye snorted.

The referee called everyone to take their place, fired a shot and the race began!

The live audience and netizens cheered for the star athletes together.

Jiang Zheng’s group took the lead, the two of them lifted their feet forward, and their movements were neat and uniform, as if they were doing the movements of one person, as they rushed towards the finish line.

A group next to them fell into a ball as soon as they started and had to put on their skates again to continue running.

#Hahahaha This is the first time I have seen such a strong desire to win on Sister Zheng’s face.

#Wrestling just now was too embarrassing, Jiang Zheng is going to make a comeback.

#My family Zhengzheng never fights or robs, what kind of shitty program makes my family Zhengzheng like this?

On the 200-meter runway, Jiang Zheng’s group quickly rushed to the corner. At this juncture, Jiang Zheng heard He Xiao’s sigh, and the movements that were originally coordinated as one person deviated. Their movements got twisted and they were pulled hard, then she saw that the two of them were about to fall…

Han Yi instantly covered his mouth, my mother, please don’t fall, otherwise this GIF will accompany you for the rest of your life together with the wrestling GIF just now, and the sunspots will do everything possible to use this GIF in every occasion. As a party, Jiang Zheng could only smile on the surface while mmping in her heart.

Just when the barrage was flying #Oh no, help me#, they saw Jiang Zheng twisting her body in a way that was difficult for ordinary people to do, and the moment when her left hand touched the ground, she immediately bounced like a spring, just as she was about to fall down. This put them back on track. Immediately, she shouted “left and right” and continued to rush forward… but why was her expression so “sinister”? The ends of her flying hair blinded her face, her brows were furrowed into a grand canyon, her eyes were trembling, and everyone could see her strong determination to win…

Everyone: “!!!”

#Ahahahaha finally took a screenshot! You also have today, big devil Jiang! With mushy hair, upturned nostrils, and that weird twist, my god, the uptakers in the ghost and animal area of station B, hurry up, the best material is here!

#I’m a little confused, what’s wrong with you my sister Zheng?

#I have been fanning Zhengzheng for five years, I never knew that my Zhengzheng could be…so durable! When she is stubborn, she looks like me participating in the sports meeting!

#My goddess how has she such a cute desire to win!

#jiangzheng is finally going to lose? What a human comedy.

Han Yi clutched his chest: Did the setting start to collapse so soon? I really want to live another five hundred years!

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