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Sure enough, netizens made a moving picture of her weird twist and hideous expression in the skateboard competition just now. Jiang Zheng’s “Ugly Picture” instantly became a hot search. They had never seen any popular female star who could be so relaxed and fearless, especially a female devil like Jiang Zheng. The GIFs were widely forwarded, and all kinds of people who were rubbing her traffic, criticizing her, smartly taking advantage of the situation, or watching her joke had all popped up.

Han Yi thumped his chest and paused. He should have listened to Jiang Ran’s words and dragged Jiang Zheng home to rest.

Jiang Zheng was a little helpless, “This year’s netizens are too strict. I think it’s okay. It’s not ugly.”

Fortunately, her fans’ idol filter was unusually thick, and they could see the difference in this moving picture. They ran to the bottom of her Weibo and blew rainbow farts at her.

#Exquisite sister has become a ghost sister, inexplicably very cute.

#Nobody found that Zhengzheng’s waist strength is particularly good? The spring waist can be twisted so nicely.

#Those people are blind who are saying that my wife is ugly.

#Sister turned the tide and won the game, you keyboard warriors can only beep.

#uglynm. You give it a try!

#zhengzheng Who knows how much she paid behind our backs in order to give us the most perfect side? No one is perfect. She was scolded by you just because she ran a little harder. You really have no heart.

Not only fans spoke for her, but many passers-by also became fans because of Jiang Zheng’s down-to-earth performance and sincere professionalism. Jiang Zheng’s Weibo fans had increased a lot which could be seen with the naked eye.

The sunspots were not convinced and began to imitate Jiang Zheng’s ugly expressions and actions, trying to arouse the trend of ridicule on the whole network. As a result, their waists could not be bent at all… They were even more unconvinced and began to call more people to imitate. However, there were very few people who could really imitate Jiang Zheng’s spring waist.

Suddenly, this incident changed from mocking Jiang Zheng to something strange: I am proud, I am proud, and I am as refined as the big devil Jiang. I can play whatever I want, lower waist, side waist, jump and bend over, roll over and bend over, play while walking, play everywhere, play all the time… There were endless videos of the evolution of various spring waists, and this event finally became a national waist strength competition.

Later, it was said that many people forcibly imitated the lower waist, and the hospital’s orthopedic department accepted many patients during this period.

In other words, the big devil Jiang indirectly contributed revenue to the hospital…

Black fans: “???”

Jiang Zheng: “Oh.”

Han Yi: “Hahahahaha.” God damn it!

Although “Star Games” only had one day of competition, it had gained a lot of attention because of the rich and interesting competition content based on national culture and the sincere performance of the stars. In addition, the invited guests were highly topical, so the online audience exceeded 2 million at one point, and by the end of the show, the number of barrages exceeded 500,000. It also contributed a lot of interesting topics to the hot search list of the day.

After the game, the director invited the guests to have a meal to celebrate. Jiang Zheng would never participate in such occasions, so she politely declined. And Ji Muye wanted to catch a plane, so he really didn’t have time, thus he also asked the director for leave. When this matter spread to the ears of other guests, they naturally thought that there was a grudge between the two, and it was too embarrassing for them to meet.

Jiang Zheng walked towards the parking lot, with Han Yi following behind. Suddenly a person walked out from the side and stood in front of her.

The visitor was He Xiao. He first bowed ninety degrees, and then he was so nervous that he couldn’t open his mouth.

Jiang Zheng was a little stunned, but there was a soft light in her eyes, “What’s wrong?”

He Xiao blinked, who said that Teacher Jiang was the embodiment of terror and the endorsement of the devil? Her dazed expression was so cute, and there was still tenderness in her eyes.

“I’ve written a few demos, can you please give me some advice?” After he finished speaking uneasily, he instantly felt that he was too daring to send a song to Jiang Zheng.

The most widely circulated of Jiang Zheng’s horror stories was that there was a junior singer named Wu Xu who wrote a song and asked her to comment, but she only listened to the first ten seconds and smashed the player. The poor child Wu Xu was so angry that he became depressed and disappeared for many years. Now he should be cursing Jiang Zheng in a circle in a mental hospital.

Jiang Zheng snorted, “Where?”

He Xiao was so happy when he heard it, he quickly took out his mobile phone from his pocket: “Can you add my WeChat?”

Han Yi didn’t know whether to admire He Xiao’s recklessness, or his ignorance.

This guy should be the first person who dared to ask Jiang Zheng for her WeChat.

Jiang Zheng nodded, “Okay!” She lowered her head and took out her mobile phone, and found that though the screen was locked and the password had been forgotten, but fortunately there was a fingerprint.

He Xiao tremblingly added Jiang Zheng’s WeChat, and vowed to go to the temple tomorrow to burn incense, pray for Teacher Jiang, and wish her a long life and a hundred years of health.

When He Xiao left with his mouth closed, Han Yi couldn’t help but say, “How can you have time to give He Xiao advice?” People were greedy. Jiang Zheng had helped many people before, but there were too few people who really remembered her as good. Human nature was unpredictable, and people in the entertainment industry were even more unpredictable.

Jiang Zheng smiled bitterly, “I saw that there was no one on my WeChat, so I thought…”

Han Yi was really stunned. Jiang Zheng had been on the road all these years, as if she couldn’t wait to be divided into two halves[1]. She didn’t have any friends, only a strong woman mother and a big boss brother who were busier than her at home. As an agent, he always put Jiang Zheng’s work first and seldom cared about her inner world. And she was a person who adhered to the principle of being cautious in her words and deeds, so she never gossiped with people. Therefore, her WeChat was almost completely idle.

Not far away, in a car. Ji Muye quietly watched the scene in front of him.

Jing Meini frowned, saying that Jiang Zheng never dealt with people in the circle after work. She didn’t take the initiative to make friends, and naturally no one dared to take the initiative to ask for her phone number and WeChat. She broke the rules she herself set, could it be… She couldn’t help gossip: “So Jiang Zheng likes little milk dogs.”

Ji Muye glanced at her, “You are very sick and need brain supplements.”

Jing Meini shrugged. She really wanted to ask Ji Muye when he was going to stop spying on Jiang Zheng here, but the atmosphere in the car was a little weird, and she didn’t dare to ask.

Although Ji Muye blamed Jing Meini for being whimsical, he couldn’t help thinking along the lines of her thoughts: No wonder Jiang Zheng disliked him for being old before!!

With this in mind, he withdrew his gaze, returned to his indifferent appearance, and instructed the driver to take a detour and leave the parking lot.

As soon as Jiang Zheng got into the car, she heard the sound of wheels rapidly crushing the ground not far away, and then two cars appeared in front of her at the same time, blocking her way.

Seeing the license plate numbers of the two cars, Han Yi immediately held his forehead.

Jiang Ran and Chen Jinjiao got out of the car at the same time, one was as cold as a mountain, the other was as cold as ice, the mother and son looked at each other and immediately turned their faces to look at Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng hurried down and said with a look of surprise: “Why are you all here?”

The polar iceberg face suddenly melting, Jiang Ran smiled and said, “Brother came to pick you up from work.”

Another voice at the same time: “Mom will take you home!”

Han Yi: “…” Tsk tsk, a thousand-year wonder.

Jiang Zheng snorted.

Chen Jinjiao rolled her eyes at her son, “Your house is unoccupied all the year round, it’s like a haunted house, and Zhengzheng can’t get used to it!”

Jiang Ran responded with a backhand, “You don’t seem to come home often. If she stays with me, at least I can promise to go home to eat with her every night. Can you promise?”

Chen Jinjiao was choked by her son, so she sneered, “Zhengzheng grew up eating her aunt’s meal, you are going to give her some takeaway?”

After her aunt Chen Meiting got divorced, she came to her sister Chen Jinjiao’s house to take care of the Jiang brother and sister who had lost their father since childhood. Jiang Zheng’s relationship with her aunt could be said to be better than with her mother.

Seeing that the mother and son were arguing, Jiang Zheng hurriedly stepped forward and held both of them in her arms, giggling, “I want to eat my aunt’s meal, but I also want to see my mother and brother every day.” She said at the end, her little eyes were pitiful and helpless, and she looked a little wronged.

Chen Jinjiao felt a sudden pain in her heart, she really took care of Jiang Zheng too little.

Jiang Ran pursed his lips, although his sister said soft and waxy words to him after losing his memory, she also made his heart feel sour, astringent and happy.

In the end, Jiang Zheng suggested that she should go home with her brother to live. It was rare for her to have two weeks of rest, and the family of three should get together and have fun for a few days.

Chen Jinjiao, her Jiao was not a soft Jiao, but a proud Jiao[2]. She glanced at her son, “I’m afraid your brother won’t let go of his great achievements.”

Jiang Ran smiled, “I’m sorry, I took a leave of absence. I don’t have to go to the company for two weeks.”

Chen Jinjiao pursed her lips, “It seems that us mother and son are of the same mind, and I have also asked for leave.”

Han Yi followed them to eat.

When the few people got home, as soon as their aunt Chen Meiting saw Jiang Zheng, she hugged her and cried, saying that she was obviously ill, but she was forced to participate in the show by the hateful capitalists. She was flying on a swing and stepping on bamboo pole on TV again, which was really pitiful.

Jiang Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Auntie, I am the evil capitalist myself.” She opened her own studio, became her own boss, so she had to take the blame for herself.

Chen Meiting was stunned for a moment while wiping away her tears, and suddenly cried louder, “If you are short of money, Auntie has it here and I will give it to you.”

She thought that Jiang Zheng lost money in opening the studio, so she had to go to work while sick.

Jiang Zheng quickly shook her head and denied that she was short of money.

Chen Meiting choked up and started to stare at Han Yi.

Han Yi was so choked by these two resentful eyes that he almost knelt down and shouted injustice. Is he taking the blame for Ji Muye?!

Fortunately, the pot was dripping, and Chen Meiting quickly wiped away her tears and lifted the lid of the pot, so Han Yi escaped temporarily.

Sitting tremblingly at the table, he found a table full of dishes. For five people, there were ten dishes and two soups.

Chen Jinjiao and Jiang Ran scrambled to serve Jiang Zheng with vegetables, and soon the small bowl in front of her was completely full.

Chen Meiting wanted to add vegetables but was a step too late, so she quickly filled a bowl of chicken soup and put it in front of Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng happily ate four or five mouthfuls, but Han Yi didn’t say a word.

She took nine or ten mouthfuls, and Han Yi still pursed his lips and endured it.

When Jiang Zheng was about to throw off her arms and start eating, Han Yi finally couldn’t help but say, “Well, Zhengzheng, why don’t you eat less?”

Just as he finished speaking, her aunt Chen Meiting knocked on Han Yi’s forehead with a burst of chestnuts and shouted, “Oh. I guessed it was you this week!”

Before Han Yi could pour out his grievance, Jiang Ran said coldly, “My sister is the best looking even if she is fat.”

Chen Jinjiao slowly put down her chopsticks, “Zhengzheng get out of the ring!”

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[1] Divide herself into two halves so she could work even more.

[2] Basically saying that she was prouder and could not put her pride down.

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