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Fu Yuanzhou stood on the spot and did not take the handkerchief that Shen Xigou handed over.

His face was not very good-looking, and he was thinking that since Shen Xigou had really appeared again, he knew that he would not give up so easily.

The handkerchief was not accepted, which was not unexpected to Shen Xigou. He just smiled and took the handkerchief back, without having any intention of being angry.

He was the only one present who could laugh. The several students of No. 7 Middle School were startled, and their faces were even uglier than Fu Yuanzhou’s.

The black-green bruise on the boy’s wrist was shocking. They didn’t expect that this strange man who looked so gentle on the surface, could be so ruthless. This was a man who could not be crossed.

They were used to being domineering in school, but first their brother was beaten to the ground by an Omega, and then a stranger came to hurt him, making them lose face, they should have taught them a hard lesson, but now they did not even dare to move, not to mention the fact that Shen Xigou was very ruthless just now, such that just his gaze sweeping by them lightly made them scared from the bottom of their hearts.

Those blue eyes were cold, like the pupils of a snake, or a more terrifying hunter. When he looked at them, a cold feeling climbed up the soles of their feet, blocking all their voices in their throats.

They couldn’t afford to offend this man.

They instinctively felt the danger emanating from him.

Hearing the girl’s screams, several teachers who were maintaining order in the venue rushed over. After finding out the situation, they quickly took away the several students from No. 7 Middle School, and the girl also went with them to explain the situation in detail.

Fu Yuanzhou should have gone together with them, but the girl said that he was just acting bravely and had nothing to do with the matter.

When she spoke, her eyes were red, and when they saw such a beautiful and weak Omega looking like she was about to cry, the teachers softened their hearts, and they did not doubt her, not to mention that Fu Yuanzhou was wearing a restraining collar, that meant that he was also an Omega, so they instinctively leaned towards him, could he still bully these Alphas and Betas as an Omega?

Those several people from No. 7 Middle School couldn’t argue, and couldn’t fight with the teachers in public, so they all left the venue with their heads down, looking dejected.

Before leaving, they all glanced at Fu Yuanzhou. Fu Yuanzhou responded with a provocative smile, which made them angry enough, but when they saw Shen Xigou standing beside him smiling, they seemed to have been splashed with ice water in an instant. After sobering, they didn’t even dare to say a cruel word, and fled with their tails tucked between their legs.


Shen Xigou raised his mobile phone, and when they looked back, he took pictures of all their faces, and then edited them into a message and sent them out.

“Don’t let them show up again.”

After he sent the message, he deleted all the photos, and put away the phone calmly.

The girl said a few words to Fu Yuanzhou and followed the teachers away. Fu Yuanzhou also wanted to turn around and leave, but it was a little late. Shen Xigou had already greeted him: “Hello, Yuanzhou.”

“Thank you for just now.”

Fu Yuanzhou’s tone was a bit blunt, but he didn’t completely ignore Shen Xigou. He helped him just now, although he didn’t actually need it. What he was most afraid of was Shen Xigou, as long as he left and went far away, it would be the greatest help he could do for him.

“You’re welcome, as long as you’re not injured.” Shen Xigou said, “I came to visit at the invitation of Yu Fei, did he tell you about my coming?”

Fu Yuanzhou shook his head, he didn’t believe that Yu Fei had mentioned this matter, as he didn’t believe Shen Xigou’s words. Yu Fei had promised him that he would not interact with Shen Xigou anymore. He didn’t think that Yu Fei would take the initiative to call Shen Xigou to the sports meeting.

“I watched your game. You performed very well and won the first place in the preliminaries. Congratulations.”

Shen Xigou smiled and reached out to shake his hand. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t want to have any physical contact with him at all, so he didn’t reach out to shake his hand, and instead he just nodded perfunctorily.

This time Shen Xigou’s smile faded a little, he withdrew his hand and still asked very gently: “You don’t seem to like me very much, can you tell me why? What am I doing wrong?”

“We are very different from each other.” Fu Yuanzhou did not deny that he did not like Shen Xigou.

“Really?” Shen Xigou gave him a deep look, “Since when did you start to think so? Was it a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago?”

They met for the first time a year ago, and their friendship had been maintained since then. After a year, Fu Yuanzhou blocked Shen Xigou for no reason a month ago, and there was no more contact. A week ago, they met for the first time.

He asked so clearly because he was sure that Fu Yuanzhou was Seven. How could Fu Yuanzhou admit that, but when he was about to speak, he was suddenly called by his name, and the voice of the person who came was very recognizable.

“Are you alright?”

Yuan Ye had just finished participating in the event when he heard someone talk about Fu Yuanzhou, and he rushed over immediately. Holding Fu Yuanzhou’s shoulder, he looked at him up and down: “Where did they touch you?”

His eyes revealed a strong chill and hostility, as if he would take off all the arms of that group of people if he had lost even a strand of hair.

“What can they do to me?”

Fu Yuanzhou smiled and patted his shoulder, motioning him to relax, Yuan Ye tightened his hands on his shoulders, and wanted to hug him tightly for a while, but there was a large audience. Also, he didn’t know if it would make Fu Yuanzhou unhappy, so he gave up this move in the end.

Originally, Fu Yuanzhou’s complexion was very bad, but after Yuan Ye came, he was obviously happy, and this difference fell into Shen Xigou’s eyes, so he said meaningfully: “So you know each other?”

He had an impression of Yuan Ye. Last time he suspected encountering Fu Yuanzhou in the Japanese food store. He was about to chase him out but was stopped by someone. That person was Yuan Ye. If he thought it was a coincidence at that time, now he knew it was not.

“It’s you?”

Yuan Ye had eyes only for Fu Yuanzhou, but now he noticed that Shen Xigou was also there. Of course, he also remembered this person very clearly. He would never forget Fu Yuanzhou’s fear when he saw Shen Xigou.

His eyes were cold, and he said to Fu Yuanzhou, “You go back first, Da Yang is looking for you.”

In fact, the head teacher Da Yang was not looking for Fu Yuanzhou. He nodded quickly and said, “Then I’m leaving.”

He didn’t even look at Shen Xigou and walked away. Shen Xigou looked at his back without making a sound.

“You can also see that he hates you very much.”

“So, stay away from him, for his own good and for your own.”

Yuan Ye smiled and patted Shen Xigou’s shoulder, his attitude seemed to be friendly, but at the same time a sharp smell of mint burst out, with a strong warning intent, pointing directly at Shen Xigou, however he quickly retracted it before it could affect others.

Alphas could not bear being overwhelmed by such a fierce pheromone, for a long time, but Shen Xigou didn’t even react, and he did not release his pheromone to fight against him, instead he just glanced at Yuan Ye calmly.

“I wish you a good time.”

Yuan Ye waved to Shen Xigou with a half-smile, then left to go in the direction in which Fu Yuanzhou had gone.

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