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When Yan Mu cleaned up the guest room and went downstairs, Lu Chengyu was watching “Close to Science” on the television. The weird background music and the host’s mysterious way of explanation made it really a bit of a spooky show.

“Like this show?” Yan Mu rarely watched TV. For him, the decoration function of the TV at home was far greater than the practical function. Glancing at the TV screen, the show seemed to be saying that all kinds of weird figures can be seen on the walls of a certain house.

“I just think the director of this show is a talent.” Lu Chengyu cut the fruit into small pieces and put it on the coffee table on a fruit plate. After Yan Mu sat down, he moved the fruit plate in Yan Mu’s direction. “Every little thing can be edited by him, and he can be extremely savage when he reveals the truth.” While moving the fruits to Yan Mu, he clearly noticed that Yan Mu’s eyes fell on the back of his hand. Although it was not so obvious, but for Lu Chengyu, it was clear that the other party was secretly looking at him.

“In fact, this approach can make people more confident that there are not so many so-called supernatural events in the world,” Yan Mu with a toothpick to poke into an apple, ate a few mouthfuls with a straight face, “and the theme is very apt.”

“You make it sound like it makes sense.” Lu Chengyu smiled, leaning on the soft and comfortable sofa, the actual rebirth of his own was a supernatural event. Such a legendary experience, after speaking out, no one else would believe it, and would only advise him not to stop the medicine and would also blame his attending doctor for letting him out[1].

The two leaned on the sofa and watched TV for a while until the truth was revealed. It turned out that there was a hole in the wall of this house, and there was a hole in the nearby house, so a weird figure was formed.

Appearing to be shocked by the end of this wonderful work, Yan Mu said after a long silence: “It’s really not easy to make a TV show now.” Seeing Lu Chengyu who looked vigorous his peach blossom eyes stained with a smile, and he thought in a daze that these eyes were really incredible.

Lu Chengyu smiled and turned his head, and found Yan Mu staring at him, with a puzzled expression on his face: “Boss?”

Yan Mu slowly retracted his gaze and poked a piece of apple with a toothpick to Lu Chengyu: “It looks good.”

Yan Mu didn’t say whether the TV was good, or the person was good. Yan Mu didn’t say, and Lu Chengyu didn’t ask. Leaning on the sofa, he said, “Brother Mu, you live in such a big house, and it must usually too difficult to clean up.”

“There are workers to clean up on time every week. It’s not troublesome.” Yan Mu looked out the window, outside was the villa garden, but he was not interested in planting flowers and plants, so he let the decoration company turn it into a lawn. “I live alone, and the house is not easy to be messed up.”

Hearing this, Lu Chengyu remembered his own house, even though he used it every week. He also had a part-time worker but his house was still messed up, he coughed, “Haha, that’s right.” He glanced at the small garden outside with some envy, “But it’s nice to have your own garden outside. Wait until the film is fully funded. After sorting it out, I will also buy a house with a garden and maintain it. Even if I can’t live in it, I can enjoy it by putting it there.”

After saying this, Lu Chengyu instantly felt that he was embarrassed. Saying buying a house was like buying vegetables, this feeling really had a faint sense of boldness. He seemed to understand the cool mood of local tyrants when they keep saying “buy, buy, buy” when they faced various famous brands.

“Brother Mu, if I buy a villa from our own company, will there be an internal price?” After the trench, Lu Chengyu wisely pulled back his extravagant nerves. “I heard that our real estate company under Huading is developing a neighborhood nearby, if I buy a set, it will be cheaper for me.”

“If you like it, I will give you a set,” Yan Mu hooked up his mouth. “In the newly developed community, there is a set of my house, anyway, it’s useless for it to be empty.”

“Would you be so generous?” Lu Chengyu blinked, trying to keep himself from being dazzled by Yan Mu’s smile, and squinted, “Actually, I prefer the environment around this house.” He pointed to the top of his head, then pinched his ears and said, “You can’t give me this house too, right?”

“Well,” Yan Mu nodded, then frowned, “It’s just that the transfer procedures in this community are not easy to handle. The transferee must undergo strict verification, and it will take at least half a year to complete the formalities.”

Lu Chengyu looked at Yan Mu in silence for a few seconds, then looked away and sighed: “Boss, do you think I am someone who loves petty and cheap things?”

“I didn’t mean that.” Yan Mu’s expression changed slightly, and he explained, “I just thought you liked it, but it didn’t mean to look down on you. Otherwise, I will sell you the house at the internal price of the company.”

Lu Chengyu looked at Yan Mu’s explanation, chuckled, laughed for half a minute, and stretched out his hand. He patted his shoulder: “I’m kidding you; I know how you are, how can you believe it.” He stood up, looked at the wall clock on the wall, “It’s already ten o’clock, and I want to sleep. Where is the guest room?”

“I’ll take you up.” Yan Mu saw that Lu Chengyu was not angry, he sighed in relief, took him upstairs, pushed the room door open, which was next to the master bedroom, turned on the light in the room, the room had been cleaned up. It was neat and tidy, and the entire bedding was warm orange. The quilt was fluffy and soft, and it looked extra warm, which could make people feel that it must be very comfortable to lie on.

“There is a bathroom in the room. You should rest early. I won’t disturb you.” Yan Mu exited the door, looking at Lu Chengyu inside the room, and couldn’t help but say, “I didn’t mean anything else just now.”

“I know.” Lu Chengyu leaned against the door frame with a smile and looked at the tall man in front of him. He said softly, “I’m not angry. Also, I actually like to pick cheap ones, but I know what to take and what not to take, good night.”

“Good night.” Yan Mu stepped back, watching the door closed, touching the right shoulder that Lu Chengyu had just touched downstairs, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth, and turned back to his room.

After closing the door, Lu Chengyu looked at the room carefully. The furnishings in the room were very attentive, not like a guest room, but specially equipped for the members of the family. There was also a multifunctional charger on the bedside, which was obviously because Yan Mu considered the possibility of him charging his mobile phone when it was out of power.

On the bed was a set of bathrobes, a change of coat, and even a pair of clean underwear/pants. Sitting on the soft bed, he remembered Yan Mu’s attitude to him these days. Even if Lu Chengyu thought he was not a passionate person, he felt that Yan Mu’s attitude towards him was not like brothers, but like…

Taking the bathrobe and clean underwear, he walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Lu Chengyu took off his clothes. He looked at the mirror gradually through the mist and his figure became blurred, and then he gave a soft smile.

Warm water flowed all over the body along the tips of his hair, and he suddenly remembered the people and things he had encountered in his previous life, men and women, separated and combined, there was happiness and pain. But even if he was entangled, it would be considered vigorous anyway, but unfortunately, he didn’t meet a person who was right for his heart, and he was a bachelor to death. Thinking about it, there was really such a touch of sadness.

After taking shower, he wiped the water droplets on his body and wiped off the mist on the mirror. Although his skin in the mirror was white, but it was not like a weak white chicken, he had a lot of muscles, otherwise what would he use to beat people.

He took the bathrobe and put it on, wiped his hair and walked out of the bathroom. He heard a knock on the door outside. Lu Chengyu opened the door and saw Yan Mu standing at the door with a glass of milk in his hand.

Yan Mu glanced over the tips of Lu Chengyu’s hair dripping with water, and then his eyes landed on Lu Chengyu’s beautiful collarbone and Adam’s apple. After a slight shock, he quickly looked away and said: “Drinking a glass of milk at night improves the quality of sleep.

” Thank you,” Lu Chengyu took the milk, smiled and took a step back, “Come in and sit?”

The bathrobe with the waistband not tight enough showed his slender and powerful legs, and Yan Mu could even see the faintly exposed thigh roots under Lu Chengyu’s bathrobe. At the base of his thigh, he shook his head: “No, go to bed earlier.”

“Okay, good night.” Lu Chengyu smiled and waited for Yan Mu to walk away before closing the door, drinking a mouthful of fragrant milk, Lu Chengyu revealed a faint expression and a smile.

Early the next morning, Lu Chengyu went to the company with Yan Mu. He wore the jacket that Yan Mu had prepared for him, but the unexpected fit seemed to be tailor-made for him.

Probably because the two people got along too naturally after the online rumors came out, and how they used to be and how they are now. No one in the company took those online remarks to heart. Therefore, even if they saw Lu Chengyu coming to work in the boss’s car, no one would think in that direction.

Think about it too. Although some people on the Internet like to brainstorm some two-dimensional characters, most people didn’t take it seriously, let alone make random guesses about people in their lives. After all, in reality, the same-sex repulsion is still the mainstream.

When Lu Chengyu went to the secretarial department to get the information, Cao Jingshen complained to him: “Well, I’m worrying about you and am at a loss. As a result, you and the boss are doing well, making me like a second person.”

“Brother Cao, you are a good person, a good guy.” Lu Chengyu chuckled at Cao Jingshen, “I know you are worried about me, and I remember your kindness.”

“Take your good guy card and get out.” Cao Jingshen pushed his glasses and threw a thick pile of documents in his hands. “The boss has to go out today. You have to deal with these things yourself.”

“So much.” Lu Chengyu finished speaking. He looked up to see Cao Jingshen’s annoyed face, and said with a hurried smile, “I’ll take care of it right away. Brother Cao, I’m going back to the office, call me if you have something me.”

“Go away,” Cao Jingshen stopped looking at him, lowered his head in the office and began to write swiftly.

Lu Chengyu rolled away neatly, and returned to the office to open these documents, and they turned out to be the investigation documents of some general managers and senior executives of various branches. These were not the information on the company’s face, but Cao Jingshen’s own summary and processing. Cao Jingshen shared this information with him, because he really regarded him as his own.

“Knife mouth tofu heart[2],” Lu Chengyu muttered and began to look carefully.        

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[1] Think that he was mad.

[2] Bitter mouth but a soft heart.

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