TCYEC Ch. 75.1

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The Xue family in the imperial capital, was now being driven to a dead end by several big families, and it was trying to counterattack fiercely, but there was a state of dying. The emperor was in the center of power. One of the family was involved, and more or less implicated. As the leader of this change, the Pei family was naturally unable to stay out of the matter, but because of this, they discovered some shortcomings in the family and took the opportunity to cut off a few malignant tumors.

Hengsheng was the secondary target of the Xue family’s counterattack. During this period, the stock price fluctuated like a roller coaster. Investors who were not strong enough to bear it would be scared by the coquettish K-line chart.

However, Chairman Xue, at the helm of Hengsheng, always looked like “you people really have never seen the world”. The major shareholders who came to find faults all went down, holding the quick-acting heart-saving pills in one hand and staring at them. With the stock price, the next wave of fault finding was brewing.

“Dad Xue, are you planning to watch your company go bankrupt like this? Don’t plan to do something?” Pei Ziteng was lying halfway on the sofa in the study, rubbing his bulging belly, worrying about his six pack abdominal muscles becoming one piece.

Originally, he planned to go to the company to talk to Xue Chengxiu about the current situation of the imperial capital Xue’s family. But when he met Zhang Zhenqi and his fiancée halfway through, he was agitated by Ge Rui’s words. When he thought of the grilled fish slices he had eaten at the club last time, Pei Ziteng was shamelessly greedy. So, he immediately formed a group with these two to go to Xue Chengxiu’s house to have a meal.

Before they came, they called Xue Chengxiu specially, but Mr. Xue was very busy, and the call was not received. Pei Ziteng and the three of them acted them as if they were invited and ran to Xue’s villa enthusiastically.

They had been playing with Xue Chengxiu since they were young. Aunt Wang had watched them grow up. She knew Pei Ziteng and Zhang Zhenqi very well. She smiled and greeted them to come in and sit down. It happened that Yu Siyang brought a friend home from the audition as well. With so many people, the house hadn’t been so lively for a long time, and Aunt Wang was very happy to take out the various snacks made by Xiaoyu to greet the guests.

He had eaten a lot of snacks in the afternoon, but he couldn’t resist the temptation to eat too much in the evening. Pei Ziteng and Zhang Zhenqi were half paralyzed on the sofa in the same posture, while Xue Chengxiu was still tall and straight, making tea slowly, and responded to Pei Ziteng’s words with a sneer.

What a joke, how could his company be bankrupt by Xue family’s innocent means.

“Qizi, let me tell you a joke,” Pei Ziteng thought of something, suddenly laughed, poked Zhang Zhenqi, gossiping, and said: “Dad Xue is now a representative figure of unscrupulous descendants, and now every family takes him as a negative teaching material.”

Zhang Zhenqi gave him a blank look, and said, “I don’t think this thing was funny.” He didn’t want to think about the reason for Chengxiu was to do this as a means of laughter!

“No, I didn’t laugh at that,” Pei Ziteng was staring at the two men with sharp eyes, waving his hands and quickly explained: “My dad, you know, talked to me and my brother and taught the soldiers under his hand the same as us. He beat me when I didn’t agree. I went back a few days ago. He actually greeted me softly, as if his person had changed, and it frightened me. Later, I asked my mother and she told me that he was afraid of forcing me. If I became too ruthless, I may follow in the footsteps of Chengxiu.”

Xue Chengxiu: “…”

Zhang Zhenqi: “…”

Pei Ziteng moved over, patted Xue Chengxiu on the shoulder, and said with great emotion: “Brother, thanks, I hadn’t listened that tone in my life. Dad talked to me so softly, the picture was so beautiful that I dared not even look at it.”

Zhang Zhenqi now understood why Uncle Pei beat Pei Ziteng from childhood to adulthood. If his future children were also so daring, he will also have to do so, not to mention directly using the belt.

“How is Xue Chengji now?” Xue Chengxiu took the brewed tea by himself, not interested in the jokes Pei Ziteng said at all.

Pei Ziteng held his teacup and said in a daunting manner: “What else is going to happen? Naturally, he had to accept the ‘hospitality’ in the detention center.”

Xue Chengxiu asked, “The old man didn’t think of a way to go in and see him?”

“How could it not be possible.” Pei Ziteng sneered. “Don’t worry, there was a jailer watching it, and even a fly can’t get in.”

Xue Chengxiu nodded slightly and said that he knew it.

“That’s it? Mr. Xue, your company is about to go bankrupt. Don’t do anything to make the Xue family stand up again?” Pei Ziteng felt that he was really worried like little boy, and he was very anxious here. Mr. Xue was still quite motionless, the emperor was really not in a hurry…Bah, baah, he was nothing like that.

“What’s the hurry, it’s not too late for a good show,” Xue Chengxiu chuckled lightly, “wait for the verdict of Yangyang’s second uncle and aunt, and then do it.”

He can still find opportunities to show affection!!! Pei Ziteng was shocked.

In this world, there was simply no way for single dogs to survive. He would not come to eat a meal for a long time. The three couples showed affection in front of his eyes. It was so spicy that his eyes hurt.

He used to think that being single was fine, but when his friends around him found their companions one by one, they always stuffed him with dog food. After eating tons of dog food, he suddenly felt that being alone was really pitiful.

“When will Xiaoyu’s Second Uncle’s sentence be pronounced?” Zhang Zhenqi asked.

“Next Monday.”

The three were talking, when the study door was knocked, and when Xue Chengxiu said “please come in”, the door was pushed open, Yu Siyang probed in, looked at Pei Ziteng and Zhang Zhenqi and said: “I have soaked some Jian Xiaoshi tea[1], do you want to drink a little?” He also glanced at the bulging stomachs of these two people.

Before he could finish his words, Ge Rui holding a cup of digestion tea, said “I’m going in”, walked into the study and handed the tea to Zhang Zhenqi.

Pei Ziteng watched Ge Rui come in, watched her give tea to Zhang Zhenqi, and watched her wait for Zhang Zhenqi to finish drinking and then take the cup back. He felt sad, and said pitifully, “Isn’t there mine?”

Ge Rui didn’t even look at him. And said directly: “If you want to drink, go down by yourself.”

Pei Ziteng turned his head to look at Yu Siyang, but when Ge Rui came in, Xue Chengxiu left the study and pulled Yu Siyang back to the living room.

The poor single dog could only aggrieve himself to pour tea for himself.

——It is really necessary to join the Association of Care for the Physical and Mental Health of Single Dogs

In the living room, Luo Peng and Zhan Heng played with Mu Mu, Nong Yuan and Lin Houzhong were talking, Wei Xiaofeng holding the remote control changed channels every ten seconds, Aunt Wang complained about the current TV dramas, Xue Chengxiu and Yu Siyang sat down on a two-seater sofa, whispering something.

Pei Ziteng poured himself a cup of digestive tea in the kitchen and leaned against the wall of the living room and exchanged glances with Zhang Zhenqi, who had just come out of the study.

Before they came to play, the huge villa was always deserted, even if there was a child in the house, it was not too lively. Now there was one more person, but the feeling was very different. The house was still the same, but it had a warm atmosphere. In the living room, there were chic decorations for parents and children, the drinking cups were couple cups, and the short table next to the sofa had a photo frame of three people, revealing the atmosphere of “this is a family of three” everywhere.

Mu Mu ran wildly in the living room laughing, avoiding Luo Peng’s big hand that was about to tickle him, threw himself between his father and brother, and hid himself, his round eyes blinked slyly and Luo Peng deliberately pretended to not see him—in fact, he didn’t dare to snatch someone from the boss—after turning and walking away, the little guy ran over and patted Luo Peng’s leg, and then laughed and ran wildly in the living room.

Pei Ziteng looked at Xue Chengxiu, who was more popular than before, and couldn’t help wondering, it turned out that taking a companion had such a magical effect, should he also consider finding a companion.

Wei Xiaofeng changed the TV program around, and found no good programs, so he gave the remote control to Aunt Wang, sat on the sofa next to Yu Siyang, and said: “I heard Luo Peng say, the cover editor of MODE embarrassed you.”

“No.” Yu Siyang shook his head. He had never seen the cover editor of MODE. He didn’t know him before. Why would the other embarrass him?!

Wei Xiaofeng frowned and looked up at Luo Peng who was acting like a horse for the child, “Luo Peng, how did you say Darcy was embarrassing Xiaoyu?”

“No,” Luo Peng said while running with Xue Yunmu on his shoulders: “I mean, that perverted sissy came to shoot Xiaoyu on the cover, I went to inquire. For this Christmas special, the perverted sissy set Shi Zhen to shoot the cover, but the owner of P&H is rich, and used the money to smash Shi Zhen to the inside page. The yin and yang are weird, Shi Zhen’s endorsement was robbed by Xiaoyu, and now the cover has been robbed, and it is estimated that he is vomiting blood with anger.”

“Don’t give people a nickname casually.” Wei Xiaofeng was dissatisfied.

“Hey, I think this nickname is appropriate.” Zhan Heng said with a grin. He used to shoot the cover of “MODE Impression” before and was tossed by this hermaphrodite cover editor. Now he was beaten to death. And no one agreed to shoot the cover of “MODE Impression”.

“Brother Zhan, you are really my confidant.” Luo Peng said that he could briefly abandon his black fan status and introduce Zhan Heng as a confidant.

Wei Xiaofeng slashed over with an eye knife, Zhan Heng’s triumphant expression stiffened, and said, “Cough cough, don’t give people a nickname, so as not to teach children bad things.”

Luo Peng: “…” Sure enough, he still couldn’t turn white.

“The head of the group was going to shoot the cover?” Ge Rui joined the topic strongly, and went online in a second, “When will the publication be published? I must buy it. Hey, head of the group, those sets you wore in the commercial I bought all the clothes.”

Luo Peng held Xue Yunmu high and asked with a wretched smile: “Did you buy the underwear?”

“Of course.” Ge Rui nodded wildly.

“What underwear?” Xue Chengxiu and Zhang Zhenqi asked at the same time.

Yu Siyang realized what was going on with the “underwear” they were talking about, his face flushed suddenly, and he looked at Ge Rui dumbfounded, his mouth opened and closed, unable to speak.

Wei Xiaofeng held his forehead, and suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

Pei Ziteng was also very interested to join in the fun and asked: “Brother Xiaoyu, why are you so red?”

“Haha, no, nothing.” Yu Siyang wanted to recover his image now.

Today, the P&H advertisement was released. He had been preparing for the audition, and he was not in the mood to watch his first commercial until he was sure about the role of Xie Xuan.

While shooting, when the photographer asked him to take off his gown, he was actually very embarrassed, but he was endorsing the whole series of products. This “full series” naturally included the underwear series, and as a dedicated spokesperson, what was to be worn had to be worn.

But seeing that he wore only an underwear in the commercial, Yu Siyang felt that he couldn’t look directly at anybody. He was really ashamed. This feeling of shame arrived when he saw the comments made by fans on his Weibo.

“What’s the matter?” Xue Chengxiu asked Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang scratched his cheeks, and mumbled, “It’s the P&H commercial I went to shoot, I told you.”

“What does that have to do with underwear?” Xue Chengxiu asked.

“This, this…” Yu Siyang hesitated, always feeling that it would be miserable to tell Mr. Xue the truth. Look, he put on the face of such an authoritative parent again, and it was terrifying to see him be serious.

Xue Chengxiu stopped questioning his child, so he used his agent to perform the operation: “Luo Peng.”

“Here.” Luo Peng stood attentively, and under the threat of the boss’s eyes that “you will die if you didn’t say it,” he took out the phone tremblingly and opened the video player, clicked to play the full version of the ad video he downloaded in the afternoon.

A group of people-including Nong Yuan, Lin Houzhong and Aunt Wang were curiously gathered around to watch the commercial.


Yu Siyang’s masculine naked back was displayed in front of everyone… Aunt Wang said with great interest: “Unexpectedly, Xiao Yu is thin, but his butt is still quite fleshy.”

Ge Rui nodded wildly. She took Aunt Wang’s arm and said: “Isn’t that right? The figure of the head was still unexpected.”

Zhang Zhenqi’s face turned black immediately, and he glared at his fiancee.

——What does his fiancee mean by admiring the figure of other men so much? What she admires is still that kind of part, whether it’s tolerable or unbearable.

——Furthermore, how can a shrewd woman who is so appropriate on weekdays short-circuit her brain when she meets Yu Siyang, and she doesn’t observe the surrounding situation. Didn’t she see Xue Chengxiu’s face turn as black as the bottom of the pot?

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[1] It is good for digestion.

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