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Su Yu slowly opened his eyes, blinked, then turned his eyes again, the soreness in his eyes gradually subsided.

Even if he had not obtained the memory of the original owner, he could clearly judge that this person should have cried a lot before and shed a lot of tears, otherwise his eyes would never be so dry and uncomfortable.

Su Yu looked at the layout of the room again and judged that this should be the reality in the mission world, not in the game.

Su Yu sat up from the bed, and called out in a low voice, “Ball.”

“Here!” Ball floated out immediately, and said with a positive attitude, “Master host, how are you feeling now? Is there any discomfort?”

“Fortunately, you can just give the memory of the original owner directly to me.” Su Yu rubbed between his brows and his voice was hoarse, which further proved his guess.

The ball immediately responded and slowly transferred the memory of the original owner. Su Yu also closed his eyes and began to absorb the memory.

The original owner’s name was Liu Feng, a 19-year-old high school boy who had no other hobbies except playing games.

Holographic games were very popular in this era. You could buy a good-quality holographic helmet for one or two thousand dollars, and you could also buy a holographic nutrition warehouse that could guarantee the nutrients needed by the user’s body for three days for tens of thousands of yuan.

Because the currency in the game and reality could be circulated stably, becoming a professional gamer had become a very popular profession among young people, and many people enjoyed it. After all, for them, they could play games and make money at the same time, however only a few lucky people were really able to earn money like this.

Liu Feng didn’t regard games as a tool to make money, he just liked playing games, others made money from games to reality, but he spent his money from reality into games.

This kind of situation was also normal in this era, and it was not surprising. Besides, with Liu Feng’s family background, this little money was nothing.

However, the problem lay in the fact that he encountered an evil fate that almost ruined his life in the game.

Such things like online dating had always existed, and it was the same in this era. If you just met someone you were interested in in a game, and the two interacted with each other on the premise of not violating morality and law, it was definitely not a bad relationship.

However, the love affair that Liu Feng thought was a good match was the other’s deliberate scheme from the very beginning, and this online love eventually led to Liu Feng’s ruin and him being brutally kicked out of the house by his father.

The root cause of all this was that the girl who was dating Liu Feng online was Liu Feng’s half-sister, an illegitimate daughter born to the person Liu Feng’s father cheated on his mother with.

That’s right, this was another bloody conspiracy scene of a wealthy family, and Liu Feng could be said to be the most innocent existence in this scene, but he had reaped the most tragic ending.

Having a knot in her heart, and in order to help her mother who had suffered and been wronged and also to “vent her anger”, while allowing herself to live under “Sunshine”[1], she deliberately seduced her half-brother in the game, and even set up a scheme to make the other party be charged with rape of his own sister and got him eventually kicked out.

What a big white lotus, so scheming, Su Yu almost laughed out of anger.

The most frightening thing was that when this incident broke out, everyone was blaming him desperately, and the original owner’s father even kicked him out of the house without giving the original owner a chance to explain.

In addition, Liu Feng’s half-sister, Liu Jinjin, also did a lot of disgusting things.

For example, while hanging on to the original owner, she asked him to buy equipment, clothes, and props for her. At the same time, she hooked up with another local tyrant in the game, and even asked the local tyrant to help her secretly teach the original owner a lesson.

Another example was that she knew that there was a girl in the game who had a crush on the original owner, so she deliberately found fault with the other party, and then turned black into white[2] in front of the original owner and asked the original owner to teach the other party a lesson.

Su Yu suddenly felt that in this mission world, the original owner should be the one who needed to be scattered IQ. How could a person be so stupid?

Su Yu raised his forehead and smiled lowly, startling the Ball: “Lord Host, are you okay?”

Su Yu stopped laughing after a few times, but there was still a playful arc on the corner of his mouth: “I’m fine, just I think the next period of time will be very interesting.”

It was indeed a very interesting thing to be able to slap the face and abuse scum again.

“Yeah.” Although he didn’t grasp the joke of his host, Ball echoed twice cooperatively.

“How is the male lead now?” Su Yu asked again.

When asked this question, the Ball rarely got stuck, because this task world was chosen completely according to the requirements of its own host, so there was actually no male protagonist.

But since his host asked this question, the Ball couldn’t answer like this, so he could only shake it and say, “It should be pretty good, that kind of existence which cannot be conquered by anyone.”

Su Yu smiled slightly. Nobody could conquer it, but he would have it in the future, because he had arrived.

Having obtained the memory of the original owner, and knowing what time he was at now, Su Yu quickly got up from the bed, went to wash up and have breakfast, then lay back directly on the bed and put on the holographic helmet.

It was dark at first, but in the next moment, Su Yu was in a very noisy street market. There were many people who had set up stalls, selling equipment, clothes, materials and props.

Su Yu was not in a hurry to do anything else, so he opened his own game data first.

Player ID: 666666 (This is the unique identification of the authenticated player and cannot be changed. This information is only visible to the player himself)

Player Nickname: Yishui Liushang

Player Occupation: Hunter

Player Level: Level 66

Player Marriage: None

Wealth Value: 6666666 gold coins

Su Yu rubbed his chin. The ID was good, the level was good, and the wealth value was also 666[3]. He was very satisfied, but there was still a name missing in the marriage column, and it needed to be filled in as soon as possible.

Su Yu glanced at the game information again and clicked on the option to modify the nickname without hesitation, changing [Yishui Liushang] to [Suzha Cang Qiong], and sent a few messages that became popular on the server.

[The player Yishui Liushang has been renamed Suzha Cang Qiong!!!]

[The player Yishui Liushang has been renamed Suzha Cang Qiong!!!]


The row of bold and red letters were embarrassing for Ball. Did his host really not feel ashamed of this nickname?

However, it was this kind of change that caused the World Channel to blow up directly.

I love local tyrants and local tyrants love me: Fuck! Surprised to find local tyrants swiping the screen, but why do I feel like something is not right?

Blowing and boasting: Something is really wrong! Isn’t this game strictly forbidden to have the word ** in the player’s nickname? Why would someone have ** in their nickname?!

Hehehehehehehe, I’ll show you: The upstairs person personally verified that not only the nickname, but also those two words can’t even be used when chatting.

Xiaojia Biyu: Sister Everyone’s Lady, do you think this is a bug? Can we report it?

Everyone’s lady: Sister Biyu, I think this should be regarded as a bug, let’s report it together.

A little goldfish: Don’t go! Let me go, I want to get rewards!

Because of the report, the World Channel wasquiet for a few seconds, and then it boiled again, and even more than before.

A little goldfish: Aigoo aigoo! It even said that it is not a bug, and that there is no problem with the game, why is it like this! *Why does God treat me like this?!

I am a bug: I have the same result, so amazing, ****, let me see if I can type this word now.

Why worry: the result is cruel, you are not a bug, besides, I tried to report it just now, the result is the same as yours, it is really a ghost.

Xiaojia Biyu: Sister Everyone’s Lady, do you think this is evidence that the GM is protecting players? Should we report it?

Everyone’s lady: Sister Biyu, I think it should be counted, let’s go together.

Yushu Linfeng: The two monsters upstairs shut up, you are so disgusting! But this behavior is really bad, why can someone use those two words as nicknames, but we can’t even use them when chatting?

Hahahaha I’ll show you: Maybe it’s really not a bug. After all, we have many people reporting it at once, so it’s impossible for them all to share the same GM, right? But our results are the same.

I have a little secret: wait… why am I suddenly reminded of that legend? Have you all heard it too? In the easternmost part of the Eastern Fantasy Continent, there is a snow mountain that has been frozen for a long time. No player has ever been there, but it is said that there lives the biggest boss in the game. His name is…**!

I don’t know what to call it: Poof! Looking at the front, it was quite emotional and imposing, but at the end, forgive me for laughing hahahahahaha!

I love local tyrants and local tyrants love me: Smile +1, We can’t pronounce the name of the boss, it’s just too funny hahahahahaha!

Xiaojia Biyu: **.

Xiaojia Biyu: Miss Everyone’s Lady, I can’t type these two words either, can you type them?

Everyone’s Lady: **.

Everyone’s lady: Sister Biyu, I can’t type those two words either.

Yushu Linfeng: Can the two ladyboys upstairs get lost! It’s annoying to see you! **.

Bragging and bragging: The stupid X upstairs didn’t explain, so back to the topic, has anyone contacted that great god now? Did anyone know him before? What is the situation?

I love local tyrants and local tyrants love me: I sent a private chat and friend request, but the master didn’t respond.

Hahahaha, I’ll show you: I sent a private chat and friend request, but the master didn’t respond.

I’m a bug: I sent a private chat and friend request, but the master didn’t respond.

Why worry: I sent a private chat and friend request, but the master didn’t respond.


Xiaojia Biyu: Sister Everyone’s Lady, I also chatted with the Great God in private, but the Great God didn’t reply to me.

Everyone’s lady: Sister Biyu, I am the same.

Yushu Linfeng: The two ladyboys upstairs really don’t stop, a good formation was destroyed by you like this, it’s really annoying! By the way, I also sent a private chat and friend request, but there was no response _(:з」∠)_

At this time, Su Yu did not see the chat on the World Channel, nor did he read the private messages sent to him by those people or their friend requests, because he received a private chat from Liu Jinjin at this time.

The author has something to say:

[Small Theater]

Su Yu: Honey, I’m here to attack you.

Xiao Gong: Who am I? Where am I? Can I sleep with you?

Ball: Hehehe, I can finally do missions with the host!

Black Ball: … the number is handed over.

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[1] Gain a rightful identity.

[2] Inverted facts.

[3] Very good in Chinese slang.

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