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[Private Chat]

[Yizhi Jingcai]: Are you there?

[Suzha Cang Qiong]: Yes.

In the game before, although Liu Jinjin was the one who guided the two to meet and become acquaintances, after the first time when she took the initiative, it was always the original owner who took the initiative to contact Liu Jinjin, and Liu Jinjin’s attitude continued becoming more and more indifferent and a little cold.

Speaking of it, this should be the first time in the past two months that Liu Jinjin took the initiative to contact him in the game, which was really ironic when you thought about it.

[Yizhi Jingcai]: Liushang, I just saw that you seem to have changed your name?

[Suzha Cang Qiong]: Now that you know I’ve changed my name, don’t call me Liushang, I’m not used to it.

When the original owner first started playing the game, his nickname was not [Yishui Liushang], but later, because he fell in love with Liu Jinjin, he changed his game nickname to a similar structure.

[Yizhi Jingcai]: But I’m used to calling you Liushang, this name sounds nice, so…why did you change your name suddenly?

Liu Jinjin’s tone couldn’t hide her coquettishness and grievances. She was obviously very dissatisfied with Su Yu’s unauthorized change of nickname, but Su Yu was no longer the original owner. Hearing this, instead of feeling distressed and remorseful, he felt very disgusted.

In order to achieve one’s own dirty goals, a person could even plot and hook up with their own half-brother, could this still be considered a human being?

[Suzha Cang Qiong]: If I want to change it, I can change it. It’s just a nickname. Is this a big deal?

[Yizhi Jingcai]: I…I just think it’s too sudden, after all, I haven’t heard you mention it before, and I also think your previous nickname is very nice, and…it’s very similar to mine.

As for the last sentence, Su Yu didn’t even believe that Liu Jinjin didn’t intend to seduce him.

[Suzha Cang Qiong]: Hehe.

[Yizhi Jingcai]: ???

[Yizhi Jingcai]: Are you in a bad mood today? How do your words seem a bit strange?

[Suzha Cang Qiong]: I’m really in a bad mood today, so I won’t talk anymore, goodbye.

After finishing speaking, Su Yu first backed up the private chat records of this game account with Liu Jinjin before, and then mercilessly deleted Liu Jinjin from his game friends list, and even blacklisted her.

If it wasn’t for worrying that Liu Jinjin would do something in advance in reality, Su Yu would really like to directly expose the other party’s vicious scheme and scold her by the way.

After doing this, Su Yu didn’t even think about the reaction of Liu Jinjin on the other side, he just asked the Ball to help him accurately locate his lover, and then headed straight to the east.

In the easternmost part of the East Fantasy Continent, there was a snow mountain that had been frozen for a long time. It was the only restricted area in the entire game. It was said that this was where the most powerful top boss of this game was hidden.

But in fact, no one had ever seen it.

It was not that no one was interested in this. In fact, after this rumor spread, countless players had formed a group to explore the secret, hoping to become the first lucky player to witness the top boss and overthrow him. However, no one has been able to make it into that snowy mountain, because they were all…frozen to death.

That’s right, they didn’t encounter monsters they couldn’t fight against, nor were they strangled by NPCs, they were frozen to death alive.

Su Yu walked a certain distance to the east, and after making sure that there were no other players nearby, he asked Ball to get out the giant mount brought from the previous world.

Soon, a green-eyed giant python several hundred meters long and more than ten meters thick appeared in midair, shaking its heavy tail in a daze.

Su Yu was very satisfied with his new mount in the game. He leaped onto the blanket of the giant python and pointed to the east in a rather high-spirited way: “Let’s go!”

Then one second passed, and two seconds passed …Ten seconds passed, and the giant python was still slowly shaking its tail indifferently.

“…” The expression on Su Yu’s face was almost indescribable, so he could only turn his head and call Ball, who was admiring his masterpiece, over, “Why doesn’t it move?”

Ball replied, “That’s right. Yes, although this giant python already has a body in the game world, it has not yet been input with thought data, so it is now a dead snake, and it can’t even move at the most basic level.”

Su Yu withdrew his hand and coughed dryly, then he said: “Now input the thinking data into it.”

“Then, do you have any requirements for this giant python, Master Host?” Ball was also very excited, after all, these data were copied and shaped by it.

Su Yu thought for a while and said while counting on his fingers: “Absolute obedience, absolute wisdom, absolute speed, absolute insight, absolute attack and defense capabilities.”

Then Ball opened it and transmitted a series of thought data into the giant python’s brain, “It’s finished! By the way, do you want to give it a name, Master Host?”

Su Yu paused and spit out two words: “Hei Jiao[1].”

The body of this giant python was covered with smooth and pitch-black scales, only the pair of huge fleshy wings were white.

As soon as Su Yu uttered these two words, Hei Jiao made a sound similar to a beast’s neighing, but it sounded a little soothing. It had obviously accepted the new name.

When everything was ready, Su Yu raised his hand again and pointed to the east: “Let’s go!”

Hei Jiao roared again, his thick body was not clumsy at all, and he rushed out like a sharp sword, so sitting on the back of Hei Jiao, apart from feeling very fast, Su Yu didn’t feel any bumps or discomfort, but was very happy.

Under the snow mountain in the forbidden area, there was a beautiful town covered by ice and snow called Ice Snow Town. There were almost no players here, only some NPCs in the town guarded here.

Because of the speed of Hei Jiao, Su Yu arrived in this small town in less than ten minutes.

“How is it written in the strategy?” Su Yu asked Ball as he walked on the street covered with thick snow.

Ball said truthfully: “First go to the tavern in the town to find the NPC Jack and complete the small task he assigned. He will let you go to the dance troupe in the town to find NPC Nana. After learning the dance task assigned by her, go to the town…”

Because there were too many steps, Su Yu interrupted Ball’s words, and asked straightforwardly: “Where is the place where I finally got the item [Heart-warming Love], and which NPC do I need to find for that?”

Hearing this question, Ball paused, then he honestly replied: “It’s an NPC named Xiao Ming. He is a little boy who looks like he’s five or six years old. He has an ancestral necklace on his hand, which is a [warmth] that can resist the cold on the snow mountain known as [Heart-warming Love].”

“Then go there directly.” Su Yu made the final decision.

Ten minutes later, under the guidance of the Ball’s superb navigation, Su Yu finally found the little boy hiding in an alley in a secluded corner of the town.

This little boy was a mobile NPC. His location was constantly changing, and he could also sense the presence of players. Once he detected that there were players nearby, he would deliberately avoid the players. This time, if there was no cheating, with the artifact Ball leading the way, Su Yu estimated that it would be impossible to find him.

After blocking the little boy, Su Yu smiled at him very directly: “Little friend, can you give me the necklace around your neck?”

Hearing these words, the boy shook his head firmly: “No! You are a bad person, I can’t give it to you!”

Su Yu frowned but smiled more gently at the corner of his mouth: “I’m really not a bad person, but if you don’t give the necklace to me, I will spread you into a cake and eat you bite by bite.”

Xiao Ming was so frightened that his whole body trembled, his big eyes filled with tears at a speed visible to the naked eye, and he was about to cry. There was no need to mention how pitiful he looked: “No…don’t…”

“You don’t like eating cakes, so don’t want me to make you into a cake. What do you think about me making you into ice cream and eating it slowly?” Su Yu continued to smile gently, and said in a soft tone, “It just so happens that the temperature is very suitable, as long as you are buried in the snow, you can quickly become ice cream, what flavor of ice cream do you want yourself to be? Mango? Strawberry? Or chocolate?” Before he finished speaking, he heard Xiao Ming cry out, not to mention how pitiful he looked, but Su Yu didn’t have a word of comfort, he just stared at Xiao Ming with a smile.

Ball’s heart softened when he heard it from the side, and he quickly turned his face away, unable to bear to see the horrific scene of the cute Xiao Ming being tortured by his own host.

Xiao Ming cried for a long time before he finally stopped. Who knew that just as he stopped, Su Yu started to scare him again and made him cry again. After repeating this three times, Xiao Ming finally couldn’t take it anymore and cried himself to death. He took off the necklace around his neck and handed it to Su Yu.

Su Yu took the prop and looked at it, then gently reached out and rubbed Xiao Ming’s head, which frightened him into crying even more.

After getting the props, Su Yu began to head towards the snow mountain non-stop. With [Heart-warming Love], Su Yu would not be frozen to death by the cold wind on the snow mountain like other players but was still affected by the wind and snow. It didn’t feel too good, but thinking that he would see his lover soon, this small pain was nothing.

The wind and snow going up the mountain was too strong. Su Yu basically walked three steps and took one step back. The speed was thus dragged very slowly. Looking up, the top of this snow mountain could not be seen at all. When would he be able to climb to the top?

Su Yu sighed, just about to summon Hei Jiao, but when he saw it…sleep! Go! up!

Su Yu hesitated for a moment before realizing that Hei Jiao was a snake after all, and it was normal for it to hibernate on such a cold day.

“Can you remove its ability to hibernate?” Su Yu asked Ball while continuing to climb the mountain.

Ball nodded, but did not wait for Su Yu to be happy, and said: “But you must wait for Hei Jiao to wake up before you can modify its attributes.”

Su Yu was discouraged, so now he still had to work hard to climb up, but this was quite good, as the saying goes, good things take time, after all, he was going to meet his lover now, so it was okay to go through more hardships.

Su Yu, who was struggling to climb the snow mountain, didn’t know that Liu Jinjin was trying to complain to a great god at this time.

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[1] Black flood dragon… Flood dragons are supposed to look very similar to pythons.

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