RCFS Ch. 120: Face Slap + Dog Abuse 1

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The auction was still going on, and Jiang Rou was directly bankrupted by Ye Yunxi. After all, she was still a student and had limited cash in her hand, so she didn’t dare to follow Ye Yunxi’s bid again.

But her gaze was enough to stab Ye Yunxi to death hundreds of times.

Of course, Ye Yunxi was painless.

Anyway, the fool who spent 3.5 million to buy a used car was not her!

Ye Yunxi didn’t open her eyes until the office building was put up for auction.

The office building near the sea was still on the top floor, with convenient transportation and good scenery. It was just right for her Dad to use.

Besides, even a family couldn’t live on state relief alone. All the families in the Sword of Empire did business, and strong people and money were essential things for every family.

But obviously, this office building had also attracted a lot of people’s attention, it had such a large area, so the market value would not be low.

Sure enough, the host said: “The top floor of the office building in the Linhai business circle is 800 square meters and fully furnished. The market price is 12 million, and the starting price is 2 million!”

The starting price was only 2 million!

Ye Yunxi hooked the corners of his mouth, it was simply too cheap!

“2.3 million!”

“2.6 million!”

“3 million!”

“3.1 million!”

It seems that everyone seemed to be going after this commercial area. After all, this building was an investment that could increase in value, and it was also a commercial office building near the sea!

Ye Yunxi followed and raised the placard: “4 million!”

Everyone glanced back, Di Junxie was still standing still, and then everyone began to increase the price.

But before she could speak, Xie Lian’er had already raised a sign: “Five million!”

“5.1 million!”

“5.2 million!”

The rest of the people raised their placards, Ye Yunxi glanced over there, Xie Lian’er didn’t look at her, but the anger surging in her eyes made Ye Yunxi subconsciously hook the corner of her mouth.

Four million was her limit, but she would not stop.

“Six million!”

Ye Yunxi calmly followed.

“Seven million!”

Xie Lian’er continued.

“Eight million!”

Ye Yunxi’s smile grew brighter.

“Nine million!”

At this moment, everyone could feel the trick.

Jiang Rou just got down, and another Xie Lian’er came, all of them heading towards Emperor Young Master’s fiancée.

Today’s auction was not in vain, even if you can’t buy good things, it was not bad to be able to watch a big show for free!

People watched with satisfaction as the two women pinched each other.

But compared to other people’s gossip, the host was more than happy to see this situation!

Just because of this, the 2.88 million car had soared to 3.5 million!

Now this commercial building was worth 12 million, if it continued to soar, couldn’t it be raised to 20 million?

Then his bonus would be absolutely high!

The host looked at Ye Yunxi with excitement and anticipation and waited for her to continue bidding. Unfortunately, before the little woman opened her mouth, Young Master Di took the sign and held it up, this was the first time after he came in that he made an offer to people other than Ye Yunxi. The first sentence he said was: “9.1 million.”

The voice was obviously not high, but no one said anything, even Xie Lian’er bit her lip at this moment, looking at the emperor in disbelief.

Who was the biggest family here?

Who was the largest family in Yan country?

If you scramble for auction items with the first family of the empire, even if you go bankrupt, you will not be able to grab them!

In this case, only a fool would go to raise the price in front of the emperor!

In case he got annoyed, you wouldn’t even be able to eat and walk around!

It was better to take a step back!

The group of old fritters made up their minds not to increase the price, and Xie Lian’er could only bite her lip and look aggrieved.


Why did the Emperor actually raise the placard in person!

If it weren’t for the Emperor, she would definitely fight this vixen to the end!!!

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