RCFS Ch. 119

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Wasn’t this the little lover of the emperor, had she never seen the world, she didn’t even check how much this car was worth, how dare she directly go to 3 million?


Although it was imported, the high-end car did not cost 3 million, and when someone drove a second-hand car, it’s value dropped at least 200,000 a year, how could she directly jump to 3 million!

Crazy, really crazy!

Looking at Di Junxie’s expression again, he didn’t even frown, his handsome face maintained a well-bred smile, and he looked like, “My dear, you just do what you want.”

Compared to the shock of others, Jiang Rou was directly stunned!

She had no money?

Her brain was flooded!

Relying on her family status, she came to participate in the auction with integrity, and she didn’t know where the poor ghost came from. She was able to come in under the name of the emperor, and she actually said that she had no money?

If she didn’t show this bitch some color, she wouldn’t even remember what her surname was!

Okay, I’ll play a big game for you right now, I’ll scare you to death!

Jiang Rou was so angry that she didn’t even want to raise her placard: “3.5 million!”

There were breathless sighs all over the place.

3.5 million?

Was everyone going crazy today?

A used car’s cost soared to 3.5 million, higher than the original price!

Hehe, the auction house’s owner was estimated to wake up laughing even in his dreams tonight!

The host was also excited and looked at Ye Yunxi subconsciously: “3.5 million going once!”

“3.5 million going twice!”

Beauty, beauty, why don’t you increase the price?

The host was very curious, and Jiang Rou was also very anxious, she frequently looked at Ye Yunxi.

Why didn’t this bastard increase the price?

3.5 million was not a small amount. No matter how rich her family was, she couldn’t directly pay so much in one go. By the way, what was she filming?

As she was patronizing the vixen in her heart, she didn’t listen to what the host said at all.

Waiting for her to focus on the stage, the host had made a final decision: “Congratulations to this lady, she took the imported Maybach s680 at the price of 3.5 million, congratulations!”


The people around couldn’t help but laugh.

Buying a 3.5 million car which had already depreciated, it was not worth 2.88 million even, congratulations indeed!

“Whose daughter is this, so talented?”

“It’s a lot of money to steal a man!”

The joke made Jiang Rou’s face red, and she suddenly realized that she seemed to have been fooled!

3.5 million to shoot such a thing, wasn’t that what a fool would do!

She looked at Ye Yunxi viciously: “Did you do it on purpose?”

Ye Yunxi turned back and gave her a blank eye: “You can’t blame someone for being stupid.”


The system was immersed in the Awesomeness XP. It couldn’t extricate itself, his host was so cool!

But Jiang Rou was so angry that she fell into this slut’s trap!

Damn, damn thing!

Jiang Rou gritted her teeth and swore that she would never settle with Ye Yunxi!

However, on the other side, Meng Siye looked thoughtfully at the girl next to Di Junxie.

She was quite shrewd, and she knew how to trick people, but it was really rare that there was a woman around Di Junxie.

“Who is that?”

He asked Xie Lian’er in a low voice.

Xie Lian’er rolled her eyes and snorted, “The one whose good at seducing men!”

Ming Siye understood, at the Mopan Mountain, he thought that Young Master Di liked men, but unexpectedly, a woman was brought over to the auction, and she was allowed to do anything.

Was it really just a casual lover?

Meng Siye looked over again, but met Di Junxie’s gloomy and indifferent gaze.

His own things being coveted by others made Di Junxie very unhappy.

Meng Siye quickly looked away.

Brother had explained that he should try not to have a head-on conflict with the Di family, he must first accumulate power and strengthen himself.

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