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Siyu had never expected Fifth Master Lu to say anything good. His compliment just now was an exception, which had frightened Siyu. Now that he was starting to provoke her, Siyu thought that this was normal.

“I’m a newcomer, I can’t be too demanding…” Siyu was afraid of affecting other people, her voice was extremely low, and almost only a soft voice remained, and for the convenience of speaking, she turned her body slightly towards the direction of Fifth Master Lu. In order to hear what she was saying, Fifth Master Lu lowered his head, his lips seemed to almost touch her hair.

However, Fifth Master Lu didn’t do that. He stared at the screen with an indifferent expression on his face, and said, “I’m not talking about you.”

Siyu was inexplicably: “Who is it that you’re talking about?” The film continued unhindered. As the plot progressed, the feelings of the emperor towards Yun He slowly increased, from admiration to respect. However, even though Yun He was imprisoned in the dark, her arrogance was not broken. Even though the new emperor brought rare toys from all over the world to her, she did not waver. The two of them stayed together, always talking about national affairs affairs, and in the end the new emperor couldn’t bear it.

The pain he could not bear to inflict on her made him almost out of control, and his attitude towards Yun He became more and more ambiguous. Fifth Master Lu looked at the scene where the new emperor appeared in the film with a high frequency and looked at the Yun He’s sleeping face, and added in a cold voice: “Ji Lin is getting worse”.

Siyu’s gaze turned back to the screen, she looked left and right, she felt that Ji Lin performed better than herself. After all, he had made his debut for many years, and his experience was quite sufficient: “What’s worse, I think it’s good.”

Fifth Master Lu turned the beads, perhaps because it was not so good. The speed of turning was very fast. Out of thin air, he felt a sense of irritability: “You have too many opponents. You should delete it.”

Siyu: “…” She didn’t dare to compliment the big guy’s appreciation level. Director Liang was known for his sophisticated style. This time the film was edited by him personally. There was no way to nitpick even a single shot. She didn’t know from which angle Fifth Master Lu viewed the film. She came to the conclusion that in his opinion, all of her rival dramas with Ji Lin should be deleted.

However, it was not worth it to argue with Fifth Master Lu. Siyu knew this well, so she wisely swallowed her words back.

At this time, Han Tiantian habitually handed popcorn to Siyu’s side, but no one reached out for it. So she moved her gaze away from the screen and looked at Siyu. She found that Siyu seemed to have an extra person next to her. Although she couldn’t see his face clearly, he should be a man from the body.

“Hey, didn’t brother Ji go to Liang Dao’s side, is he back again?” Han Tiantian preconceived that this person should be Ji Lin, without thinking about it, and asked in passing.

The cold sweat on Siyu’s forehead came down. She only now remembered that this was a special fan screening being held by the crew. There was a fixed number of people, not to mention the people in the actor seats. Everyone knew well. People could see at a glance, and they won’t miss such a thing, let alone a man with a strong aura and an unforgettable look like Fifth Master Lu!

Siyu didn’t investigate how he got in. Anyway, he was the real powerhouse of the Lu family. He just needed to say a sentence to go wherever he wanted. The question was if the fans found out that there were more people… and she was sitting next to Fifth Master Lu, her throat started to itch again, and she wanted to vomit blood.

Siyu had a headache, she whispered to Han Tiantian, then pulled Fifth Master Lu up, and hurriedly slipped out of the small door on the side of the theatre like a thief. Strangely, Fifth Master Lu did not ask any questions, he let Siyu pull himself away, and even held Siyu’s small hand as she pulled him alonh.

It was just that Siyu had been too distracted to see if the people around her noticed them, so she didn’t notice others at all. When she reacted, her original posture of holding Fifth Master Lu had long changed to interlocking fingers.

Xu Qingwan was sitting next to the side door. The director faintly rejected her. She was still a little arrogant and didn’t want to put down her face, but Han Tiantian and Siyu had already torn their faces, so she went around. No one wanted to welcome her, Xu Qingwan had to sit in this corner alone, suffocated, but then she saw Siyu leading a person away.

That man…seemed a bit familiar from his back? Who could that be? And he seemed to be very close to Siyu, was it a lover? Xu Qingwan thought maliciously, this Zhou Siyu was really not easy. Ji Lin was confused by her appearance. Xu Qingwan remembered that in her previous life, Zhou Siyu hooked a lot of men with her good looks, so she climbed so fast. Now this man, won’t he also be her gold master?

If one could take intimate photos of two people… Zhou Siyu’s good reputation on the Internet now would collapse. Fans were all stupid people who changed with the wind. With the photos, let’s see how she would pretend to be pure!

With an ulterior gloomy psychology, Xu Qingwan was excited when she saw that no one was paying attention to her, and quietly followed Siyu and walked out from the side door.

Xu Qingwan followed carefully so Siyu didn’t notice. She rushed to the women’s bathroom and vomited blood before washing her face. Then she walked out, leaning against the wall and weakly asking Fifth Master Lu: ” Fifth Master Lu, why are you here? “

Fifth Master Lu slowly took out a small porcelain bottle, ignoring Siyu’s objection, pinched her chin and forced her to take the medicine, then looked down and said, “Why, I can’t come?”

Although he was smiling, but Siyu felt a chill to the soles of her feet and shook her head quickly: “I didn’t mean that. If you would have told me in advance, I would have asked for an admission ticket for you. You suddenly show up, and the director is there. After all, so many people are here today…”

Siyu euphemistically hinted that this was not the right place for him to appear.

Fifth Master Lu interrupted her gently: “It’s not necessary.”

He had always been doing what he wanted. He originally planned to wait outside until the end, and then take Siyu away, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt that he shouldn’t give in to this little girl. He remembered that the little girl didn’t have a dress to wear, so he specially found someone to order one and sent it to her home. As a result, the little girl was ignorant, and even the thanks were conveyed to Lu Xingzhou, and she refused to come to him in person.

Was she afraid of him or didn’t want to see him?

Not sincere enough.

The more Siyu hid, the more Fifth Master Lu wanted to stand in front of the little girl, forcing her to look directly at him, and to say something to her face, to change all her bad habits from before.

“I’m just waiting for you in another place.” Fifth Master Lu squinted at Siyu. Under the light, her long skirt was shining with diamonds, and her waist was slender, which looked charming, but because the design incorporated a lot of Fifth Master Lu’s own preferences, so the cold aura of the dress was undoubtedly retained. He looked at Siyu as if this little girl was not wearing a dress but was wrapped in his aura. The clothes were stained with the breath that belonged to him alone.

Siyu was stared at by his concentrated gaze, and she couldn’t help but wince. However, there was a wall behind her, and she couldn’t retreat.

Fortunately, Fifth Master Lu was very reserved. He just stood there watching, and didn’t do anything to Siyu. Seeing her evasive movements, he suddenly laughed: “It’s been so long, but you still haven’t grown courageous, I won’t eat you.”

Siyu thought that there would be a fan questioning meeting when the movie was over, and she couldn’t delay too much time here, so she thought about coaxing the big guy away first: “Fifth Master Lu, no-no, Lu Yuanhe, you are here. It’s boring to wait. There is still a while before the end, I’ll talk to you later, how about it?”

She was still used to calling him Fifth Master Lu, but with the reminder of Fifth Master Lu’s gaze, she changed her address with difficulty.

“Not very good.” Fifth Master Lu calmed down.

At this time Xu Qingwan had followed surreptitiously, and she quietly glanced out from the corner, and she was immediately attracted by Fifth Master Lu.

Wasn’t this… the Lu family head?

Xu Qingwan widened her eyes in surprise. In fact, she had tried every means to find a way to contact Fifth Master Lu, but to no avail. Who would have expected that she would get to see him again, and that too because Fifth Master Lu was with that Zhou Siyu!

She just said why Zhou Siyu in this life suddenly became a hard bone to chew, she had the Lu family as her backing!

Xu Qingwan watched Fifth Master Lu intently as he raised his hand and stroked Siyu’s hair. Although his expression was cold, his aura was not as fierce as the last time she saw him. Instead, he was very peaceful, just with this point, any blind man could see that he treated Siyu unusually.

Xu Qingwan was still holding the phone tightly in her hand. She wanted to sneak a photo of the evidence of Siyu’s “tryst ” with someone, but when she discovered that the person was actually Fifth Master Lu, she didn’t dare to press the shutter.

The Lu family… not only could she not afford to offend them, but she had to hide away. If someone found her out, it would be a catastrophe. Xu Qingwan did not have the courage to go against the Lu family, but she was really unwilling!

So after hesitating for a few seconds, Xu Qingwan gritted her teeth, quickly adjusted her makeup, and stepped out from the corner with her head high and a smile: “Siyu, you haven’t come back for a long time. I thought you were ill again. Oh, this. It’s not—what are you doing, let me go!”

Xu Qingwan said. She had already drafted a way to act surprised, and she had just created a fake surprised expression on her face, but after only two steps, she was suddenly pressed hard from behind with a pair of hands. After holding down her shoulders, the person who appeared suddenly had no intention of pitying Xu Qingwan. He did not hesitate to press Xu Qingwan against the wall, and instantly held her arm behind her back, removing her ability to move.

The pain came over, Xu Qingwan called out all of a sudden, her tone utterly flustered.

Immediately afterwards, she heard the person holding her say respectfully behind her back: “Fifth Master Lu, this woman has always been following you and Miss Zhou.”

Xu Qingwan’s heart instantly set off a stormy sea. What, her every move was being stared at?!

Siyu was taken aback by the movement there. She fixed her eyes and said in amazement: “Xu Qingwan?” Fifth Master Lu was slowly combing her disobedient hair. Seeing Siyu’s attention distracted, he turned sideways. Looking at Xu Qingwan with curiosity, he suddenly felt a secret displeasure. He could not help but squeeze Siyu’s chin and turn her head back. Whether intentionally or unconsciously, his thumb happened to be pressed against Siyu’s soft lips. It was as hot as a fire.

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