RNMG Ch. 4.1 (Vol. 2)

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It was better to see someone yourself than to believe in rumors.

When a person’s fame spread all over the country, countless people would wonder if this person was really like the rumors said.

Especially young people, they were still at Jinghua University, the number one university in country Z. Those who could go to Jinghua University were all the elites of country Z. Needless to say, they were arrogant and preferred to compare themselves with their peers.

Now Si Huang could be said to be the object of most focus from all the young people of this generation.

Everyone was looking forward to it. As the person walked along, more and more students saw her appearance clearly amid the high and low exclamations.

Finally, she walked onto the podium and was seen by every student in the audience. Si Huang stood upright under the spotlight with a smile on her face.

It suddenly became quiet down below.

When the person in the rumor appeared in front of you and fit the rumor extremely well, it would leave a deep impression on people and make it easier to convince everyone.

“Dear leaders, teachers, and dear classmates, hello everyone…” The first sentence was the most ordinary opening statement, but the person on the stage had outstanding temperament, charming appearance, and gorgeous voice that easily captured everyone’s mind and eyes. “I am the freshman Si Huang, and I am honored to speak here on behalf of all the freshmen.”

The students in the assembly hall were all very considerate, and no one was yawning, sleeping or doing anything else.

Si Huang’s speech also started slowly. She didn’t bring a speech script, and the order of her words was also very casual. Occasionally she would laugh or make a serious expression before speaking, which made people feel that she was completely improvising and speaking casually. This kind of speech attracted this group of new and old students even more, and the humorous words also caused them to laugh in agreement.

This situation was noticed by the school leaders, professors and others present, who looked at Si Huang with even more love and appreciation. Peng Guoming, a professor from the Department of Finance, nodded secretly: He was indeed a young and accomplished genius. Whether he made a draft in advance or performed this speech on the spot, he performed very well. This kid had strong influence and leadership skills, which were essential talents for a business leader.

He secretly planned in his heart that he must win over this child to become a direct student!

“This kid is really smart.” A sexy woman’s voice whispered.

Peng Guoqiang turned around cautiously.

Sitting in the second seat to his right, Feng Manzhu, a gold medal teacher in the performance department, said softly with a smile: “His job is to be an artist. It’s just right for him to join the performance department. If I have any work or other things in the future, I will have more opportunity to make good arrangements for him than other departments.”

Peng Guoming said to himself, “This is a way to steal people!”

“He’s just an artist for fun, and his focus is still on his career. How can being an artist be better than being your own boss.” He didn’t even look at Feng Manzhu, as if he was talking to himself.

It was just that the volume of this ‘talking to himself’ was just right enough for Feng Manzhu to hear, which attracted her attention.

“Professor Peng, I don’t understand.” Feng Manzhu seemed not to have understood what Peng Guoming was targeting and explained to him seriously, “Si Huang obviously has a heart that loves performing. For a talented young man, the choice is never whether it is suitable or not, but whether he likes it or not, and whether he is interested.” Her eyes clearly flashed with amusement.

Peng Guoming still had a serious face, “Si Huang is more interested in business. Being an artist is just an early investment for his company. When the company becomes stable, he will spend more time on it.”

Feng Manzhu sighed, “Professor Peng is still too old after all and doesn’t understand the minds of young people.”

Peng Guoming’s expression remained unchanged, “Xiao Feng is just too young to see some things clearly.”

There was a fire between the two.

Such that the person sitting between the two of them had no choice but to smooth things over, “You all should stop saying a few words, listen attentively to Si Huang’s speech, and be a good role model for the students.”

Peng Guoming and Feng Manzhu stopped fighting and looked at each other, then the two looked away together and their gaze fell on Si Huang.

At this time, Si Huang’s speech had almost come to an end. She was speaking softly in a strangely reminiscent tone: “Going to college has always been something I have longed for. I look forward to every day I will spend in Beijing, what I will learn, see and hear. They will all be indispensable beautiful memories in my life.”

Everyone found that when she said this, the bright light in her eyes was more sincere than her other words and penetrated people’s hearts, making people know that her words were spoken from the heart.

Just why was he so eager to go to college? Wasn’t going to college difficult? Many people didn’t understand Si Huang’s experience, but that didn’t stop them from being infected by her solemn and joyful mood. Freshmen had more expectations and respect when entering college, a new school, with new alumni, and a new starting point. Old students had also corrected their attitudes towards campus life and their views on new students.

“Thank you leaders, teachers, and students for listening.”

The final conclusion.

Si Huang bent down and bowed to everyone.

“Bah bang bang.” It started with applause from the teachers’ bench in Jinghua.

Immediately afterwards, the applause from the students below also burst out, getting louder and more enthusiastic, almost lifting the roof of the assembly hall. It could be seen that the enthusiasm of the students was overwhelming.

They stood up one after another, no one said a word, but their applause proved everything.

Facing such a heated scene, Si Huang didn’t have any stage fright. He straightened his back and calmly accepted everyone’s enthusiastic recognition, even showing a dazzling smile.

This smile was fixed as a photo and was later posted on the campus forum of Jinghua University. It was placed on the top of the list, and its popularity index had never decreased.


One day after the freshmen meeting, Si Huang was ranked number one on the most popular list on the Jinghua University campus forum. The second number on the list was Qin Fan, the freshmen military training instructor, the most mysterious military master in the capital.

Since the two were in the popular No. 1 and No. 2 positions and were about to come into contact, forums quickly started talking about the situation the two would face.

Boiled Fish: “This batch of freshmen happened to be assigned to train under Mr. Qin. I don’t know if it’s good luck or not, but I always feel that His Majesty has a worrying future! [Bad]”

Huawu Yaya: “The behavior is the same as His Majesty’s. As a new student in the batch, I promise to protect His Majesty. Anyone who wants to bully Your Majesty would have to step over my body first!”

The third master of the Li family said: “Haha, Mr. Qin can’t stand a pretty boy like Si Huang who has no muscles at all. It’s a joke.”

Angel Anne: “Wow! The third master seems to know the inside story, please let me know in private chat! [Cute] [Cute]”

At this time, in dormitory No. 301, all the residents were sitting in the living room, and each person had a computer, each doing his own thing.

“Quack, quack! Stupid humans, you don’t understand the world of great gods!” Su Yueban suddenly let out a weird laugh.

Zong Haohao on the right shook his hand, and the subtitle ‘game over’ appeared on the fruit cutting interface on his tablet. He turned to look at Su Yueban gloomily, with that face that would make anyone panic.

Su Yueban didn’t feel conscious yet, but he noticed that the two people’s attention was attracted by him, and immediately started talking, “Have you read the comments on the campus forum? Regarding Si Huang and Master Qin, they actually thought that Master Qin will embarrass Si Huang, it really made me laugh to death! I can’t wait to start military training right away to see their expressions at that time. It will be fun!”

Yuan Liang reminded him in good faith, “You were also one of them in the beginning.”

Su Yueban said half-cheekily: “Oh, is that true? Why didn’t I know.”

“Where is Si Huang?” Zong Haohao suddenly asked.

When Su Yueban heard this, he also showed a puzzled expression, not knowing where he had gone.

Yuan Liang continued to lower his head and tap on his notebook, “I saw him being called away by Teacher Feng Manzhu.”

“What!? Feng Manzhu! The gold medal teacher of the Beijing Performance Department, who ranked first in the school’s beauty list as soon as she entered the school a few years ago. Look, she is the most beautiful woman. Even if she is 27 years old now, she is still the goddess in the eyes of the bunch of hungry wolves in Jinghua University! Her style is much more interesting than the little girls who just entered school! Tsk, Si Huang is so lucky!” Su Yueban screamed.

Yuan Liang glanced at him speechlessly and was too lazy to pay attention to him anymore.

Su Yueban, who was disliked by others, still entertained himself, fantasizing about Si Huang and Feng Manzhu’s romantic relationship.

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