MGSGW Ch. 224

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The old Boss Fang didn’t believe it at all, and looked up and down the Buddha plate Fang Tianyong handed over, feeling unreal.

“What are you looking at? I bought your item for 18 yuan yesterday, and now I’ll give it back to you. If you return the money to me, we’ll settle. You won’t encounter such a good thing in the future.” Fang Tianyong was impatient.

Although the old Boss Fang was suspicious, he thought was Fang Tianyong stupid, that he turned around and returned it to him when he could get more than a hundred thousand yuan for it?

It was really a pie in the sky, no matter if it was true or not, he could still afford more than ten yuan, so he quickly gave the money to Fang Tianyong, lest he regret it, and promised: “Xiao Fang, your master is really a good master.”

Zhou Qiang was looking at the Buddha plate, and he asked straightforwardly: “Brother, why does this Buddha plate look different from the one you gave to the master yesterday.”

“Senior brother! You don’t understand antiques!”

“I don’t know anything about antiques, but those of us who practice Buddhism can sense Buddhist mediums.”

Zhou Qiang seemed to be a different person at this time, pointing to the Buddha plate that had passed from Fang Tianyong to the old boss Fang and said: “Yesterday’s Buddha plate had a strong breath, which is helpful for our practice, but today’s one is not good at all. Brother, since the master has spoken, you should return the right article to him.”

Fang Tianyong’s courageous face turned green, but he was still holding on, and looked at Lao Fang’s boss with a smile: “Old Fang, tell yourself, did I buy this from you yesterday?”

Unexpectedly, after Lao Fang’s inspection for a long time, the thief kept nodding: “It’s this one, that’s right, it’s this one. Don’t even try to take it back.”

He didn’t forget to teach Zhou Qiang a lesson: “Boy, if you don’t understand, don’t speak indiscriminately.”

“Lin Mumu, what do you think?” Zhou Qiang became anxious, and looked at Lin Mumu.

Lin Mumu shook her head, but did not answer Zhou Qiang’s question directly: “Don’t you know Buddhism talks about karma and fate? They are the experts on antiques, so I’ll just come over and have a look to gain some insight.”

Fang Tianyong gave Lin Mumu a grateful look, Lin Mumu must have seen through this matter, but she didn’t say it was broken.

When entering Panqiao, the Buddhist plate was in the hands of Fang Tianyong’s friend. Lin Mumu had already seen that it was a fake, but felt that there was no need to expose Fang Tianyong.

Because according to the rules here at Panqiao, Fang Tianyong did nothing wrong. Fang Tianyong enthusiastically said that he would invite them to dinner later, which was considered a gesture of goodwill.

This kind of matter was a private matter between Fang Tianyong and Master Jueming.

To put it bluntly, there was nothing wrong with Fang Tianyong making a fool of himself. Perhaps the only thing he was sorry for was his master’s order.

Although Zhou Qiang wanted to control Fang Tianyong, it was a pity that he was alone.

Lin Mumu just said to Fang Tianyong: “Your master wants to save you, but you don’t cherish it.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s not interesting. Don’t send me roses in the future. It’s too troublesome to take out the trash.” Lin Mumu said.

After finishing, she didn’t want to stay any longer, so she took Chen Fangya and others out for a stroll.

After they walked around, Chen Fangya’s newly bought mobile phone rang, and it was Zhou Qiang calling, and Chen Fangya answered the phone quickly: “Zhou Qiang, are you alright? We’re starving to death, where are we going to eat?”

“What? A thief broke into Fang Tianyong’s house? Why don’t you call the police and find Lin Mumu?”

Even though Chen Fangya said so, she still handed the phone to Lin Mumu and asked her to answer the call.

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