MGSGW Ch. 225

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Zhou Qiang’s voice was urgent, and he briefly explained the situation.

To put it bluntly, Fang Tianyong was very popular, relying on his rough eyesight, he suddenly became rich in Panqiao, and even bought a small two-story old house nearby to store his antiques.

Fang Tianyong originally wanted to show off to Zhou Qiang, so he took Zhou Qiang to look at his antiques, opened the yard door and saw that all the valuable treasures he had collected were gone.

Fang Tianyong fainted on the spot, and then unfortunately the hollowed-out roof collapsed and he was injured.

Zhou Qiang’s first reaction was to call Lin Mumu, and ask, “Is this the karma you mentioned? Did you expect it?”

“I’m not an eminent monk.”

Lin Mumu’s voice was a little helpless: “I only know that if my master asks me to do something, I will definitely do it, because my master will not harm me. Even if he harms me, I will admit it. I don’t think Abbot Jueming is inflexible to his hobbies, but he asked Fang Tianyong to do it, maybe there was a Zen reason, or maybe he just wanted to do it, I can’t say for sure, and I can’t say more, this was Fang Tianyong’s own choice.”

To put it bluntly, he deserved it!

“Can you help him? My junior brother is also quite pitiful.” Zhou Qiang said hesitantly.

Lin Mumu knew what Zhou Qiang was referring to, but she still shouted: “How can I help? He lost something, of course he should call the police, and we can at most accompany him as a witness. No, I don’t know what he lost. I can’t give false testimony.”

“I’m afraid the police can’t handle this matter, Lin Mumu, can you ask Major General Yun to help my junior brother.”

Before Lin Mumu could answer, Chen Fangya had already snatched back the phone, and fired angrily: “Zhou Qiang, your brain was kicked by a donkey? It’s not like you don’t know that Fang Tianyong has been ignoring Lin Mumu, so why let Lin Mumu help him? It’s not like you don’t know what he did today. You think he is an orphan, so you pity him and treat him like a brother, what about him? Where did he show you any face today? To put it bluntly, isn’t he just to blame? He was greedy for small profits and lost a lot of money. Is it our fault? Stop calling us! Besides Zhou Qiang, let’s break up our relationship!”

After Chen Fangya blew up, she hung up the phone with a snap. Zhou Qiang had no room for retaliation. Zhou Qiang was usually calm and talkative, but when he met Chen Fangya his nemesis, he lost all his skills.

“Lin Mumu, don’t be confused, Fang Tianyong is not a good person at all, not worth helping.”

After Chen Fangya taught Zhou Qiang a lesson, she still reminded Lin Mumu: “If you want to help him, I’ll tell Young Master Yun about him sending you roses.”

Speaking of this, Young Master Yun would definitely not help Fang Tianyong, and would even step on him by the way.

Lin Mumu gave Chen Fangya a funny look: “I know, you are the biggest in our dormitory, and everyone listens to you. I wasn’t going to help him either.”

“That’s right, I’m the oldest, let’s go by age. Yuanyuan is the second sister, An Xiaoqin the third sister, and Lin Mumu is the youngest.”

Really don’t want to watch the fun? An Xiaoqin picked her beautiful fox eyes.

“Of course.” Lin Mumu replied in one go: “As classmates, although we can’t help, we should go and have a look anyway, otherwise it doesn’t make sense.”

“But I have hung up the phone. How to find Fang Tianyong’s residence?”

“This is simple, just follow the gossip.” Lin Mumu blinked.

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