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Yun Ling thought that no normal woman could stand the word “substitute”, and it would definitely stimulate Yan Qing and force her to show a reaction related to Yun Qing.

Unexpectedly, she so thoroughly replied.

Yun Qing used to be very soft-tempered, no matter how she forced her to speak like this.

She was unfamiliar and calm, was it possible that she had amnesia? But even if it was amnesia, it was possible that she just didn’t remember anything, but it couldn’t change her original character.

If she was pretending, then it was even more unnecessary.

Unless she was really another person.

Yun Ling stared at the similar outline, but whose facial features and charm were far better than her own face. She recalled the unwillingness she felt when she had to shrink in Yun Qing’s shadow for many years. She wanted to draw her closer to see if it was made like this on purpose.

Yan Qing has a sharp eye and quickly pulled out her hidden mobile phone and pointed it at Yun Ling: “If you touch me, don’t blame me for shooting it.”

She usually didn’t like to be aggressive, but Yun Ling’s attitude was really too bad, she probably used to curse Yun Qing behind the scenes.

To vent her anger for the goddess, Yan Qing wanted to make her a little angrier: “If I shoot the video, you think whether I will put it on the Internet saying that the celebrity guest is good at bullying the newcomer, or just show it to Mr. Huo. Although I am a substitute, you should also know how much he cares about me.”

There was a little pride in her tone, and she didn’t really feel that there was anything wrong to say about this matter.

Yun Ling changed her face reflexively, but when she thought about turning back, she felt indignant. She was still struggling when her assistant’s voice, who was anxious to find her came from afar: “Sister Lingling, are you here? The program supervisor is urging for you to check the process.”

Yun Ling didn’t want to be discovered, so she hurriedly changed into the image of the goddess she had been operating as, and answered as usual.

She turned her head to stare at Yan Qing, gritted her teeth and said lowly: “What are you so proud of, a fake is always fake, he is using you as a tool of comfort, you really think he values you?”

Huo Yunshen was so cold-hearted, a lunatic, except for Yun Qing, he had no feeling for anyone at all, and she might make him unhappy one day.

She was just a fake, and she really felt like she had a backing.

It was enough that she had been suppressed by Yun Qing herself, but she couldn’t stand a fake jumping out of nowhere to ride on her head.

At least in this program, she was a guest, equivalent to the special mentor of this issue, and Yan Qing was just a little player who had not yet become a celebrity.

She didn’t mind teaching Yan Qing a lesson. If she wanted to spend her time in the entertainment industry, she must first learn to be a person keeping her tail tucked in.

Yun Ling armed with a hat and mask, walked away violently. Before leaving, she glanced at Yan Qing coldly. Yan Qing ignored her, and when she disappeared, she breathed a sigh of relief and pursed her lips a little aggrievedly.

Inexplicably, she was pulled over to make trouble… They were both surnamed Yun, how could the gap be so big?

Yan Qing looked at the time. It was almost time to go back and gather. She lowered her head and planned to return the same way. As soon as she walked to the side of the small passage leading to the outside, her shoulders suddenly tightened, and a wide warm hand embraced her.

She was unprepared and almost screamed in shock, when the man’s body temperature enveloped her.

Yan Qing stretched out her hand against his chest, and took a closer look at the black tuxedo suit…

She breathed slightly and raised her head.

And saw the familiar pale thin lips and a Ujin mask covering half of his face.

Only then did Yan Qing remember the original purpose of her running out, and it really wasn’t an illusion. The staff member who she glimpsed was really Huo Yunshen… “Mr. Huo, why are you— “

Without giving her a chance to question, Huo Yunshen’s voice came out, low and suppressed, with a rare smile: “My wife, you know how much I–care about you.”

Yan Qing’s ears blushed.

He heard it all! Also, imitated her tone and repeated it again!

The weather was very cold, and Yan Qing’s cheeks had turned white from the cold before. When he teased her like this, blood flowed into her cheeks indicating her humiliation.

Huo Yunshen took advantage of her failure to react and took her to a ticket hut not far away. Because the program group had reserved the entire amusement park, these huts were all empty. Further, except for a small window to the outside, the box was completely enclosed.

He closed the door and picked up a propaganda board to block the window, leaving only a gap big enough to allow some light to shine in.

In the small and private space, it was inevitable for two adults to feel crowded. Coupled with the dim light, the cold air added a warm ambiguity to their interaction.

Yan Qing’s throat moved, she was too close to him, and there was an indescribable numbness spreading on her skin. She squeezed towards the door uncomfortably, reluctant to stand too close to him.

Huo Yunshen took off his suit jacket and put it on her: “Don’t move.”

Yan Qing calmly emphasized: “Mr. Huo, I’m in a hurry!”

“Are you in a hurry to catch a cold?” Huo Yunshen asked back, helping her sit down at the conductor’s seat. He reached out to pull the zipper of her player suit.

Yan Qing hurriedly stretched out her hands to protect her suit: “What are you doing! You want to cross the line again!”

Huo Yunshen glanced at her and found a few warm stickers from the inner pocket of his suit, then he said quietly with his dark eyes focused on her: “If you won’t let me take it off, then take it off by yourself and paste these.”

Yan Qing was surprised, blushing a little at her head full of yellow waste[1].

It was cold today, everyone knew it, but for the sake of beauty and good photogenic effects, everyone was wearing basically a single-layer vest with a sweatshirt-thick layer jacket. Heating pads were good for heating at such time, but since they were living together, there was nowhere to go to purchase heating pads.

She was afraid of the cold, and wore a layer more than others, but she still had cold hands and feet.

Mr. Huo’s delivery was indeed timely.

She cleared her nose, her eyelashes trembled, and whispered: “…then turn around and don’t look.”

Huo Yunshen didn’t speak, turned his face sideways, listening to her as she removed her clothes and tore off the plastic wrap. Then she put it on her waist and abdomen, her hand still tapping it against the body so as to reinforce it, making a faint sound. Occasionally, when she used too much strength, she patted herself painfully, and then made a weak whimper.

His Adam’s apple slid, and in front of him was the appearance of the past Qingqing sticking to his arms, allowing him to help her change her clothes and wash her body.

Soft, lovely, and sweet.

All the good words were not enough to describe her.

Huo Yunshen closed his eyes deeply, suppressing the shock waves in his heart, and heard Yan Qing tentatively ask: “Mr. Huo, that Yun Ling…is Yun Qing’s family member?”

“No, Qingqing has no family members.”

He looked back at her: “Those who are counted as Qingqing’s family have passed away long ago, and those who are not counted have their own fate. As for her, she is just a product that is not even worthy of being ranked.”

Yan Qing immediately understood.

What Yun Ling said was probably true.

The Haicheng’s Yun Family, which was at its peak in the past, really fell into Huo Yunshen’s hands in the end. What he meant by saying this was obviously that Yun Qing’s life at Yun’s house was not easy. The family who really treated her as a relative were no longer there. The rest, those that were handled by him, were probably those who hurt Yun Qing.

This Yun Ling was mostly a small character. She didn’t know where the money she was spending came from, the master’s family members were all scattered, and it was her turn to make a mistake.

Yan Qing’s chest felt faintly stuffy, and she couldn’t tell why.

It seemed that President Huo was able to take revenge for Yun Qing after he became successful and powerful.

Even she as an outsider who didn’t understand the situation, felt particularly relieved.

Yan Qing asked: “You have seen my reaction towards Yun Ling, is there anything wrong with it?”

Huo Yunshen shook his head: “You can do whatever you want. The blame is on me for this. I didn’t clean her up earlier and let her have the opportunity to harass you. I will deal with it later.”

Yan Qing said hurriedly, “Don’t do anything, she seems to believe that I’m not Yun Qing, so she shouldn’t cause any trouble again, and she’s only here for one issue and to finish the section list. Don’t delay everyone’s progress.”

Huo Yunshen knew that the reason why Yun Ling believed this was because the old Qingqing would not have given her a response if she was in the previous situation.

There were changes in her personality.

In addition to the memory being tampered with, how much suffering would she have to go through that the softness and non-combativeness in her bones had changed, and she would have the edges and instincts to counterattack.

Huo Yunshen couldn’t ask, before the investigation result was clear, he didn’t even dare to think deeply.

As soon as the picture of Qingqing suffering appeared before his eyes, he became full of violence.

He lowered his body in front of her, bent his slender legs, touched one knee to the ground naturally, and took out a small flat box of hand cream from the other pocket of the suit, unscrewed the lid, and grabbed Yan Qing’s hand and smeared it over her hands seriously.

Yan Qing retracted nervously: “You, how come you have everything.”

“I have prepared everything you need.”

Yan Qing bit her lip, wondering how Huo Yunshen could be so virtuous!

Huo Yunshen held her down, his voice dull: “Here, this is anti-freeze cream.”

His tone was distinct, not pampering, but slightly rough with a feeling of sandpaper. He kneaded and massaged every inch of her hands.

Yan Qing felt sour and numb, and the slight irritation penetrated the skin and drilled into her bones, as if to wake up something.

She couldn’t help but fear this feeling.

Yan Qing withdrew her hand, gave him the suit jacket, was awkwardly about to go out, before bluntly reminding him as she stood at the door: “Huo Yunshen, this messy environment is not suitable for you, you should do something serious, don’t follow me in an old disguise and waste your time. When the week day comes, I will naturally go home.”

Huo Yunshen’s answer was very soft: “But I missed you.”

Yan Qing couldn’t bear the weight of this sentence for a while, and turned her head eagerly, trying to reason with him, but found that his face was very bad, and his lips were extremely pale. While his eye lashes were trying to hide the faint blue under his eyes.

She couldn’t bear it, and she was too embarrassed to express herself too softly, so she had to say with all her heart, “Then you try to do other things, go back to the company, rest at home, and watch a movie to relax. It’s better than now.”

“Huo Yunshen, in general I am very busy every day. I have to record shows, practice songs, and learn to dance. There is not enough time.”

“Although we got the certificate of marriage, but it still is just a small part of my daily life. I can’t always spend my energy to deal with you.”

She finished, her voice suffocating in the small room.

A ray of light that penetrated through the window shone on Huo Yunshen’s back, his expression could not be seen clearly, and he was as silent as a shadow of dust.

After a long time, he lowered his head and slightly smiled, and said in a dumb voice: “I am only a small part of you, but to me, you are everything.”

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[1] Basically for having a dirty mind.

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