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Listening to Huo Yunshen’s answer, Yan Qing felt as if she was stabbed with dense needles, and for a moment she thought that she seemed like a peerless scum girl, wherein she was busy running business outside every day, letting the newly married husband who had just gotten a commitment chase her ass, enjoy the warmth given by others, and still saying “I’m busy playing with others, don’t bother me all the time”.

It was hateful to think so.

But the problem was that she still couldn’t adjust to her new position, and the most intuitive emotion for Huo Yunshen she had was still avoidance.

Yan Qing exhaled sadly, and once again chose to escape his scorching gaze: “You…don’t take me so importantly. Like Yun Ling said, you are just using me as a soothing tool. I…I have to gather with others. It’s not good to be away from the team for too long.”

She pushed the door with her hand but shrank back a little from the cold metal handle.

Huo Yunshen came up behind her and brought out another pocket-sized thing from the pocket of his wide coat which was like a treasure chest and stuffed it into Yan Qing’s palm.

Yan Qing looked down.

It was warm, but the thing the size of a ginger slice turned out to be a cloud-shaped hand warmer.

The color was grey, and it was a small dark cloud with a red face painted on it.

Yan Qing put it down, still reluctant, his consideration made her feel even more guilty, and added something in stumbling concern: “Recently, the temperature has dropped, you must be careful not to catch a cold, I’m leaving!”

After finishing speaking, she quickly slipped away, fearing that Huo Yunshen would bring up something else that she couldn’t resist.

The cold wind was blowing outside, Yan Qing drew a steady stream of warmth from the little dark cloud and ran back to the gathering place full of energy. Ouyang was walking around looking for her on tiptoe. When she saw her coming, she felt relieved and asked her quietly. “Where have you been? You are acting mysterious, are you hiding a wild man?”

Yan Qing was speechless.

She silently corrected her in her brain, that it was really not a wild man, but instead was a legal relationship for which she had red proof.

Ouyang’s tone was unexpectedly serious: “You are beautiful, and you have just gotten popular. This circle is too messy and dangerous. Don’t let people deceive you.”

Then she analysed it carefully: “It’s not good to find somebody outside the circle, as most of them can’t stand the nature of our job. In the end, you may leave evidence which could lead to your private life exploding, then there will be endless troubles. You can’t find those who are not famous. They feel that women who have scandals are disgusting. It’s even worse to find too famous ones. They are generally ambitious and have hearts higher than the sky. They refuse to disclose the relationship in the public. They also have a bunch of girlfriends/boyfriends. It’s even more difficult to find those high-ranking capitalists. Nine out of ten are abnormal and looking for you just for fun.”

Yan Qing almost put up a thumbs up: “The analysis is too good, but if nine capitalists are abnormal, why is there one left?”

Ouyang covered her mouth and whispered: “The rest is for Mr. Huo. You see, the two families are close friends with each other, so you know each other’s roots and bottom line, and he is also young and handsome and has no scandals. You have to look for somebody like this to live up to your beauty.”

Yan Qing almost let out a cold breath, and whispered: “The truth is, looking for anyone of those you listed above is better than looking for Mr. Huo.”

Ouyang was shocked, with a look of hatred for iron not becoming steel. She originally had some expectations for the relationship between the two of them, but it was beaten back by her own words.

Yan Qing smiled, covered her eyes with her long eyelashes, and quietly grasped the small dark cloud in her hand.

Of course she knew how good Mr. Huo was to his woman.

Because of this, it was absolutely impossible for them to love each other, at least for her, when it comes to Huo Yunshen; than it will always be Yun Qing.

Little Curly came over from behind, and whispered: “Did you hear that there is no competition system today? The nine captains of Group A are required to pass the obstacles separately. They would be ranked according to the length of time it takes them, the first to cross the line can choose teammates first, and the last person would be very miserable as they would only get to choose what others don’t want.”

After being divided into nine teams, the next elimination round will be played in a team form. If the level of teammates is too poor, it would affect the stay of the whole team.

So, everyone needed to have enough strength and thus they wanted to compete for excellent players. If a strong team was collected, the chance of stably advancing into the top nine debut positions would be much greater.

Ouyang put her arms around Yan Qing’s shoulders: “Choose me.”

Little Curly also raised her hands excitedly: “Choose me!” The little girls next to them also came over: “Yanyan choose me!”

The on-site supervisor whistled, then said with a fierce attitude. “Don’t make any noise! Go to the game field and get ready to shoot!”

When she arrived at the shooting area, Yan Qing was amazed. The obstacles she had to cross were much more complicated than she had imagined. In particular, there was a level in the middle, which was a huge rotating cylinder. It was spliced together. Although there were many handrails on each, it was not easy to climb over them smoothly as they were in constant rotation. Once someone fell, they would fall into the cold pond.

Soon the shooting lights came on, and the instructor and the guest judges entered. Yun Ling had put on makeup, which could be considered glamorous. She lightly glanced at Yan Qing in the front row, showing off her goddess image.

Just when one of the mentors was about to announce that the captains would start to compete, Yun Ling took a step forward in time, raised her hand with worry, and said softly, “Excuse me, can I insert in a sentence?” The camera pointed at her.

Yun Ling looked very worried: “Are the safety measures of these obstacles guaranteed? I know that the program team would have tested it, but I personally think that our mentor team should go through the process first to inspect, and then let the girls go up, do you think this is appropriate?” As soon as these words were spoken, they immediately won the favour of the players, and other instructors could not refuse.

After all, dangerous situations in variety games had indeed occurred before, and they did not want to lose money. This way, there would be definitely be more shots and a good impression.

The program group also nodded in agreement.

The instructor plus the guest judges, a total of three men and three women, had to go through the obstacles separately. The boys volunteered to go up first, and Yun Ling naturally retreated behind and watched indifferently.

When she was popular, she had come here to record a show where she had to cross obstacles. The equipment was built in the playground. It had not changed significantly from the previous year, but it must have aged a lot after the wind and sun.

So, she knew very well that the most convenient part of the cylinder was the cylindrical tube in the middle. There were many handrails on it, and if one of them could not be grasped securely or if she was too frightened, she would definitely fall into the water.

When the time came, their makeup would be ruined, people would be embarrassed, and they would have to start again, but according to the competition system, the timing would continue to run the same, so the people who fell would take the longest time, and they would definitely be the last one standing. Accepting a group of garbage players at the end of the crane will cause them to be dragged down and be eliminated early.

The three boys went through smoothly, and the remaining three girls, two of them were mentors, so they were more active and took the lead. The situation was the same as Yun Ling expected. She was the last one.

Before reaching the obstacle, Yun Ling deliberately pursed her mouth pitifully in front of the camera: “Actually, I have very poor physical strength, but for the girls, I still have to pass it.”

She cooperated with the personality she had created and was slower than others. When she reached the cylinder, she was even more so. She procrastinated carefully, measuring with her own body, and carefully touching the handrail.

As in the memory, one of them was faintly loose and had not been repaired. She had a small tool hidden in her sleeve. She seemed to rest there for a short time, but she was actually blocking what she was doing with her body as she loosened the screw until it would fall off easily. She then changed hands to catch something else, and passed through with a gentle expression.

She had observed that she and Yan Qing were exactly the same height, and their arm lengths were almost the same, which meant that the position she would reach with her hand must be the one that would be caught by Yan Qing subconsciously. The others were not the same as them, so, of course the handrails used would also be different.

The instructor team passed all levels, proved that the level was safe, and the team leader’s competition officially began.

Yun Ling won the right to assign order again. She first chose one person taller than her and one shorter than her respectively, and they were all safe. Then it was Yan Qing’s turn in the third place.

Yun Ling smiled: “I look forward to your performance.”

He Xingjian brought a hot drink again, his expression a bit complicated: “Waiting for you to come back to drink.”

Yan Qing felt vaguely uneasy, but after thinking about it, she didn’t notice any hidden dangers. She stepped up to the first obstacle and looked down. The first thing she saw was at the edge of the game area, where the silhouette of a staff member in uniform and mask was visible.

She was startled and her throat became uncomfortable.

Why hadn’t he left… The dignified Huo family’s person in charge couldn’t show his face, so he stood in the cold wind, just staring at her silently.

Yan Qing didn’t dare to look more, she converged her mind and started to pass through the course. The road ahead went smoothly. The camera followed her closely, clearly recording her face stroked by the sun, her white and transparent skin, her nose which was slightly sweaty, her eyelashes that resembled the small wings of a baby bird, her long pony tail flying up, and her exposed neck which was slender and snowy.

She tried her best to rush forward and reached the steps of the cylinder, intending to pass in a rush, but when she grabbed the third handrail, she immediately realized that something was wrong.

The screw seemed to just hang on it, and completely fell off under the action of external force.

Yan Qing was caught off guard and exclaimed. She slid down from the cylinder and hung in the air. Her other hand was severely pulled in pain, but it did not loosen. However, the small dark cloud in her pocket slid straight out.

Even she herself couldn’t understand her inexplicable concern for that hand warmer.

She instinctively grabbed it, just when the cylinder rolled to an angle that she couldn’t bear, she missed the opportunity to climb up, and could no longer support it with one hand, and her whole person dropped from the equipment.

It was only a few seconds before Yan Qing closed her eyes as she fell into the water, when she heard a huge splash, and it seemed that someone had jumped in earlier than her.

Was it the rescue team of the show crew…

Yan Qing had no time to think, waiting to meet the bitterly cold water, but what really hit her was a hot body that was dripping with water.

She opened her eyes in shock and saw only a rough mask that every staff member would wear.

The eyes behind the mask were pitch black and gloomy with no bottom.

Yan Qing grabbed his arm in disbelief. Most of his body was in the pool. His uniform was soaked cold and heavy. Several people in the same dress came to help one after another. He didn’t say a word, and his silence was frightening. In the crowd, Yan Qing was sent to the shore.

Only her feet and calves were soaked in water, and over the rest was only a thin layer of wetness, which had come from him.

When Yan Qing returned to the land, the mentor team and the contestants all ran over to her. Seeing her situation, she was swept away by the crowd. She couldn’t help but turn her head to look at the drenched tall man, her eyes getting hot involuntarily.

The next second, he nodded at her.

Yan Qing understood what he meant almost instantly: “Don’t worry, I won’t make you upset, I won’t stop the show.”

Her voice was hoarse, she wanted to say that he should call someone to take a look over him. In this situation, she was afraid that Mr. Huo’s identity would be exposed on the spot, so she comforted himself thinking there would be people around him, and someone would take care of him…

He Xingjian asked: “Yan Qing, can you continue? According to the regulations, the timer cannot be restarted.”

Yan Qing raised her eyes, and the color of the water flashed: “The upper arm is broken!”

He Xingjian sighed helplessly, his voice lowered: “The equipment has been checked, the mentor team has tried it, and the first two players have gone through smoothly, even if it is really broken, it is also recommended that you accept the bad luck, otherwise, when it is broadcast, someone will definitely target you. In serious cases, they may say that it was done deliberately. If you continue to do this now, there will be praise instead. It will be for your own good.”

Yan Qing bit her lip, her chest rose and fell violently.

Yun Ling saw that her makeup was not damaged at all, and her eyes were stained with a beautiful blush from the shock. Her beauty was shocking. Several male instructors were looking at her covertly. She was not angry and smiled and understandingly said: “After all, she is in the S position. You shouldn’t be able to accept falling in the last place, right?” These words were all dark thorns, and Yan Qing suddenly looked at her and realized the culprit.

She clenched her hands, straightened her back, and bit out two words: “Let’s continue!”

Yan Qing stepped on the water-stained shoes and squeezed back to the obstacle course entrance. She looked everywhere along the way, but did not find Huo Yunshen. She prayed silently in her heart, hoping that Mr. Huo would have changed his clothes and worn something warm.

She raced against the clock, rushing through the barrier all the way, using 120,000 degree of caution when crossing the column, avoiding the broken one, and quickly passed.

She was heavily depressed as she ran.

Obviously, the equipment was broken, and she was clearly the victim. Just because “why is it not broken when others run, only when you ran it was broken”, she had to bear this curse as she had chosen to become an artist living in front of the camera without the pain of a normal person. Yes, anyone who was not tenacious and unyielding would be beaten into the ranks of hypocrisy and crowned with a scheming title.

Yan Qing knew that her time was far longer than that of others, so she insisted on finishing all the runs.

The other six captains were tall and short, and none of them were too close to her. They all completed one after the other. The rankings were announced on the spot. Yan Qing was at the end and had lost the right to choose her teammates.

The girls who had been clamouring for Yan Qing to choose them were embarrassed and stopped speaking.

The team leader in the first place picked Ouyang, Ouyang was an excellent dancer, so she was of course a popular player.

Yan Qing bent her eyes at her and applauded with everyone.

Ouyang didn’t move, and turned to face the mentor team: “I want to apply to let the selected players have the initiative. I will voluntarily run the obstacles. If the time can be shorter than the leader of the first place, please let me choose the team!” The mentor was surprised, and the program group also urgently started discussions, accepting this proposal that could increase the show’s highlights, and the atmosphere on the scene was also enthusiastically pushed up.

Ouyang was tall and well-built, passing through the obstacles in minutes, she ran panting all the way to Yan Qing, and held her shoulders proudly: “I choose Yanyan to be my captain.”

She started the precedent, and players gradually followed suit, but most of them were still unwilling to work hard and accepted the choice.

Then Little Curly ran up to the obstacle, too tired to split the fork and returned to Yan Qing: “I…I also choose Yanyan!”

Apart from them, no one was willing to spend physical effort to choose Yan Qing, and there was even a small voice calling them: “Two licking dogs.”

Not long after the team was divided, Yan Qing’s other teammates were those that were pitiful and whom nobody wanted, this caused the strength of the entire group to be completely polarized.

He Xingjian announced: “According to today’s program flow, some mainstream media will come over next, just take some location news pictures, you don’t need to be nervous.” After he said this, a buzzing noise suddenly came out of the huge venue.

Everyone looked up and found that it was a huge LED screen on the side, which had been playing sponsor advertisements before, but now it was replaced with other videos.

It could be seen that the picture was aerial photography, the scene was familiar, it was the group game that had just finished, but it was not the player being shown, but the guest judge.

The camera advanced, and the person entering the obstacle course was Yun Ling.

Yun Ling had a horrible premonition, and her scalp tingled.

When she entered the cylindrical stage, the screen was enlarged infinitely. From the other side of the camera, which carefully captured her action of using her body to block the camera lens of the program group, she could be seen pulling out a small tool from her sleeve and turning the screw with an innocent expression. Everything had been recorded and could be seen.

The audience had gone silent.

The sound of shooting came one after another from the back, and the coming media swept the shots of the big screen.

Yun Ling stiffened, squeezing out a breath in her throat, and hissed: “No…yes… it’s a misunderstanding!”

But the video didn’t stop there. The slow clip of when Yan Qing fell was continued, and showed that as she caught the handrail to pass, the screw came out immediately, which caused her to slip off.

Immediately after that, the personal information of each person that ran the obstacle course before her was listed on the screen, and the height was specially marked. Only Yun Ling and Yan Qing had exactly the same height, and the others were obviously different.

At the end, there was a striking sentence, “No matter who you are, you can’t hurt any of our girls”. The inscription was the program group of Chengfeng video “The Pinnacle Girl”.

Yan Qing stayed where she was, with a loud noise in her head, staring at the screen without blinking, her eyes gradually staining red.

What program group…The program group would not do such a bloody thing!

It was Huo Yunshen who arranged for her aerial photography in advance.

He didn’t leave at all, and had only disappeared during this period of time, so that the truth could be made public when the media arrived!

Just like he had fulfilled his promise to get rid of the ambiguity, get rid of the troubles that were unfavourable to her, he had taken steps to completely remove the injustice suffered by her on the spot.

Yan Qing pinched the palm of her hand with her nails, not letting her expression run out of control.

She wanted to see him… He was wet and she wondered if he had changed his clothes.

The scene was chaotic, Yan Qing was held by various hands, the voices of the media seemed not far apart, and Yun Ling’s clarification and change of tone felt unreal, but then a substantive gaze that was deep, fell on her.

Yan Qing looked over sensitively, and in the shadow of the far corner, stood the man in plain overalls.

She couldn’t wait any longer to find the chief director and emphasized that she was definitely not suitable for appearing in front of the media now. It was easy to say something wrong. The director was in a state of exhaustion, but at this moment, she understood Yan Qing’s condition perfectly, and she took time out of her busy schedule to let her leave ahead of time and said, “Go to rest and see if you are seriously hurt.”

Yan Qing walked around to the rest area away from the media, changed her clothes with a trembling hand, then armed with a hat and mask, worn so that nobody could recognize her, she ran the long way dryly, approaching Huo Yunshen’s position.

In order to avoid people, she avoided the sneak shots, stepped on shoes that were not too dry and walked a long way, but on the edge of the empty playground yard, she ran into Huo Yunshen, who was also rushing to find her.

Occasionally there was the sound of some noisy voices; and there were firecrackers burst by businesses outside.

Yan Qing resisted her emotions and raised her eyes to look at him: “Did you change your coat, have you changed the clothes inside? It’s too cold, and it’s easy to get sick while being wet.”

Huo Yunshen looked at her deeply and rubbed her face with his fingers, “It’s not too late, I was in a bit of a hurry.” Everything could be left to others, but if it was about Qingqing, he always had to look at it with his own eyes, besides… he didn’t bring clothes to change, and due to traffic jams on the road, no one had been able to arrive to deliver clothes to him yet.

He whispered: “I found someone to bring it, can you accompany me to the car to change it.”

Yan Qing’s nose became even sourer.

Huo Yunshen whispered: “I’ll make arrangements here, you accompany me, can you?”

Yan Qing couldn’t describe the soreness, and said incoherently: ” Yes …Yes, why not?”

Huo Yunshen had gone white. The corners of his lips finally curled up and he walked to her and squatted down: “Come up, I will carry you.”

“…I can walk.”

“Your shoes are wet, be obedient,” he stubbornly held her legs, “Let me carry you once.” The wind was very cold, blowing over his bent body.

Yan Qing refused to say anything, and slowly sucked it up, wrapped her arms around his neck, and leaned on his back.

Through the jacket, she could also feel the wetness of his clothes.

There was no amusement equipment, no human voices, only a path with long grass.

With a big hat, Yan Qing put her face on his shoulders, and said in a dull voice, “Mr. Huo, you have prepared too much.”

He still said the previous sentence: “What you need, I will prepare.”

She followed him step by step and bumped forward. She wanted to fall apart. Finally, somehow, she thought of her beloved hand warmer and said aggrievedly: “My dark cloud is lost.”

Huo Yunshen stopped abruptly, his whole body trembling slightly.

Yan Qing was puzzled, and was just about to ask him, when he slowly started to move forward.

She couldn’t see him, only heard a tight voice: “You didn’t lose it, you won’t lose it for a lifetime, your dark cloud will always be there.”

“I still want that hand warmer…”

Huo Yunshen swallowed deep in his throat. There was both sweetness and bitterness in his black eyes and he said with a hoarse smile: “I will buy it for you, as much as you want.”

Yan Qing wanted to ask something, but she happened to see the shadow of the car close at hand; they had arrived.

Min Jing got out of the driver’s seat and opened the rear door.

Yan Qing was a little embarrassed since someone else was there. She planned to speak and let Huo Yunshen let her down. Suddenly she heard him say, “Don’t be afraid, I’m okay.”

Before she could understand, Huo Yunshen had calmly let her land. She was sent into the car, and he glanced at her with a pale face, his eyes drooping weakly, and the whole person fell forward and fell heavily on the side of the car.

It was like a blast in Yan Qing’s mind as she reflexively rushed to hug him, and blurted out in horror: “Yunshen!”

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