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Liang Province was located in the southwest of China and bordered the neighboring countries. It had vast virgin forests, high mountains, deep valleys, and large vertical climate differences. Therefore, there was a saying that “the mountain is divided into four seasons and ten miles of different days”, and the daily temperature difference was very large. The crew of “Dead Land” settled down in Wenyu City, south of Liang Province, but just a few days after arriving, several people fell ill because they could not adapt to the climate in Liang Province.

On the contrary, Yu Siyang, who was most worried about catching the sickness from the crew, was still alive and kicking, wearing a suit of silicone and filming seriously.

Shi Zhen fell ill on the third day after coming to Liang Province. He sat on a small bench with a blank face and watched Yu Siyang filming while waiting for his scene. His agent asked him to wear more clothes for a while, and then fanned him again.

The deputy director Zhang Xi came over and asked, “Can Teacher Shi still hold on? It will be your scene later, can you work?”

Shi Zhen nodded, “No problem.”

“That’s fine, I’ll go with what the director said.” Zhang Xi finished speaking and walked away.

Shi Zhen took off the jacket wrapped around him by the agent, stood up, moved his hands and feet, and left the bench and walked indoors.

The scene being filmed was in the villa where Shao Qing, the boss of the drug cartel, lived and was also the headquarters of the drug cartel. This villa was called a villa but was in fact a manor.

In the setting of the script, this manor was located in the mountains. It occupied a vast area and was heavily guarded. There were cameras everywhere in the manor. Those who lived in the manor were Shao Qing’s henchmen, but all of these people’s actions were controlled by Shao Qing and were done under his watch.

Shao Qing was a person who was ruthless to himself and more so to others. He was suspicious. He didn’t trust anyone except himself. Wu Wenjing entered the group under the alias of Jin Gui, and helped Shao Qing block three bullets before he got his shaky trust.

And Qiu Shizhe, played by Shi Zhen, was also an undercover policeman. Unlike Wu Wenjing’s way of breaking into the drug cartel, he changed his method, which was-hehe, betrayal.

Shao Qing’s daughter, Shao Ling, was different from her father. Because she was spoiled while growing up, she was innocent and arrogant, but she loved Qiu Shizhe so much that she didn’t even need her life. She was her father’s pig teammate.

The manor used for shooting was borrowed by Bu Guanqing from a friend. As a local tyrant director, he was surrounded by local tyrant friends. Otherwise, where would he have gotten so much money to shoot a bunch of documentaries that only won awards but didn’t make any money. It was not just movies for him, but expression of his feelings.

At this moment, the sentimental director was watching Fat Yu Siyang’s every move from behind the monitor, with a satisfied expression.

In the next scene, Shao Ling brought her new boyfriend Qiu Shizhe back to show her dad. Everyone in the manor knew that Jin Gui liked Shao Ling and seeing that the young lady had brought back a little white face, they all stood by Jin Gui, while Wu Wenjing took advantage of Qiu Shizhe’s presence.

Shao Ling was played by Su Yewei, known as the “Old Age Girl”. Su Yewei had good looks and acting skills, but she was not popular, and few directors in the circle wanted to ask her to play the female lead in their movie. This was one of the top ten unsolved mysteries in the entertainment industry.

“Dead Land” was a male-centric drama. Except for the role of Shao Ling, there were almost no other female characters. It stood to reason that Shao Ling could be regarded as the heroine, but if you actually assess the time this role appeared in the movie, it was equivalent to sixth female lead in a normal movie.

To say this role was not important, she was very important, and directly promoted the plot and contradictions. But even so, with such a little role, she really couldn’t be called the female lead with any conscience.

In this regard, Su Yewei also felt very helpless.

Sixth female lead was sixth female lead, but asking her not to shoot Master Yan’s script, it was absolutely impossible.

The main camera of this scene followed Shi Zhen and Yu Siyang. Bu Guanqing used three cameras, two followed the two and the other followed their tracks.

After all the scenes were set up, Bu Guanqing and Yan Haiqing also talked to the actors about the play. After the actors stood in their respective positions, they were ready to start shooting.

In the lobby of the manor’s main building, Shao Qing was talking to a few henchmen, and the door was opened from the outside. Shao Ling probed in and said with a smile: “Dad, you really are at home.”

When Shao Qing saw his daughter, the slightly gloomy expression on his face changed and he suddenly became a kind father. He waved to her daughter and said, “Lingling is back, come in quickly.”

Shao Ling did not come in immediately but looked around inside the room. She glanced at the fat man Jin Gui, with obvious disgust in his eyes, and then said to her father: “Dad, I brought someone back today.”


Shao Qing had told his daughter that she could not bring strangers to the manor without authorization. He was unhappy, but that was his only daughter after all. He never wanted her daughter to be unhappy, so he secretly tolerated his unhappiness, but the slightest emotion was still leaked in his eyes, which was caught by the keen Wu Wenjing.

Shao Ling happily announced: “It’s my boyfriend.” As she said, she pulled in a person from behind the door.

The person he pulled in was tall and thin, wearing black printed shirt and black trousers, with all his hair combed back, and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his face. His skin was pale as paper and could be described as a little morbid.

“This is Qiu Shizhe, my boyfriend.” Shao Ling introduced the man to her father, and then introduced everyone in the room to Qiu Shizhe, but deliberately ignored Jin Gui.

The people sitting in the room were Shao Qing’s confidantes. Naturally, they all knew that Jin Gui liked their eldest lady. Of course, they also knew that she hated Jin Gui extremely. The reason was that she disliked Jin Gui being a fat man.

Several people headed by second-in-command Lao Guang looked at Jin Gui at the same time. Seeing their reaction like this, Shao Ling was extremely displeased and snorted coldly: “Uncle Guang, do you not even want to say hello to my boyfriend?”

Lao Guang and the others went to see Shao Qing again, wanting to know what the boss’s attitude was towards the young lady’s boyfriend who suddenly appeared, but unfortunately the boss didn’t show any joy or anger on his face, and they hesitated a bit.

To be honest, they were actually more optimistic about Jin Gui.

Although A Gui was fat, he was steadfast and had saved the boss’s life many times. With her status, the eldest lady was destined to not be able to make boyfriends casually. At first glance, they seemed to be a match made in heaven, the eldest lady’s habit of judging people by appearance was not good, and it had to be changed.

Seeing everyone ignore her boyfriend, Shao Ling said angrily to her father: “Dad, what are you doing.”

Lao Guang laughed and said, “Miss, stop joking, look at how sad A Gui is. “

Wu Wenjing: “…”

In order to match Lao Guang’s words, Wu Wenjing had to lower his head and pretend to be very low. In fact, he didn’t like Shao Ling at all, leaving aside the identities of both parties, even if they were ordinary people, Shao Ling’s arrogant character was not attractive to him, but he didn’t know who started the rumor first, that he liked the Missy.

In order to enter the inner circle smoothly, Wu Wenjing thought: I will bear it.

“Uncle Guang.” Shao Ling glared at Lao Guang fiercely.

Wu Wenjing lowered his head down, actually concealing his surprise.

Qiu Shizhe was his classmate at the police academy, and the two used to occupy the upper and lower bunks in the same dorm, and they had a very good relationship. Afterwards, he erased his identity files as an undercover agent shortly after graduation, and never met Qiu Shizhe again.

Why did Qiu Shizhe come in undercover?

Or was he purely Shao Ling’s boyfriend and didn’t know Shao Ling’s identity?

Wu Wenjing thought of the look in Shao Qing’s eyes just now; and felt that he couldn’t wait to die. No matter what the situation, at least Qiu Shizhe must be busy today to pass this test.

Thinking like this, he got up from the sofa, walked to Qiu Shizhe, stretched out his right hand, with a bitter taste in his silly smile, and said, “Hello, my name is Jin Gui, and you can call me A Gui.” Then he gave a look to Shao Ling, “Miss is very good, I hope you will cherish her.”

Qiu Shizhe held Wu Wenjing’s hand, took the opportunity to scratch his palm with his fingers, and said with a clean gesture: “Lingling is very good,  naturally I know, I don’t need advice from other unrelated people.”

Wu Wenjing was scratched on his palm, so his fat face twitched unconsciously, especially wanting to give Qiu Shizhe a punch-in such a dangerous place, can you not be scornful?!

The unnatural expression on his fat face, in the eyes of Lao Guang and others, was showing that he was bullied by a little white face who didn’t know where he was hitting, but because of being in front of his beloved, he could only bear it.

A Gui was their brother who had gone through life and death with them. This little white face was an outsider who was asking for a beating. Their brother was bullied by a little white face, and it was unbearable.

“You brat, you’re here to show off in front of Lao Tzu.” One of the comrades, Falcon kicked a round stool down and was about to hit Qiu Shizhe as he got up; but was blocked by Wu Wenjing’s fat body.

Shao Ling got angry, and screamed: “Falcon, what are you doing, what are you doing, who are you to act like this in front of me! Dad, look at them…”

After getting incensed by the chaos, Shao Qing groaned impatiently, “Shut up, you all.” The crowd suddenly became as if they were frozen, and then slowly separated and sat down on the sofa.

“The visitor is a guest. How do you masters entertain the guests?” Shao Qing swept a look towards Qiu Shizhe sharply. “It’s almost noon, Lingling, I’ll invite your… Mr. Qiu, to go out for a meal together.”

“I know that Dad treats me best.” Shao Ling said happily.

Shao Qing was noncommittal. Seeing Jin Gui’s low appearance, as he leaned back, his chubby body almost shrunk into a ball, and suddenly said, “A Gui, you come to drive.”

Wu Wenjing looked at Qiu Shizhe without a trace and was silent. Shao Qing nodded, went out to prepare the car, and vividly performed the act of a frustrated person who was disappointed in love.

Shao Ling was upset again, “Dad, why did you let that fat man drive…”

She was stared at coldly by Shao Qing before she finished her words. She didn’t dare to say anything further, holding Qiu Shizhe’s arm, feeling gloomy and sulking.

Qiu Shizhe pleased Shao Ling with a smile, but Shao Qing waited coldly, then he suddenly turned into a flower of kaoling[1], seeing that, Lao Guang and others wanted to beat him again.

“Okay, one more time.” Bu Guanqing shouted from behind the monitor.

The actors looked at each other helplessly. After working with Bu Guangqing for so many days, they found that he particularly liked to take more than one shots; and the filming had to be repeated if it was not good, and the filming task had been invisibly aggravated in this way. The actors didn’t complain, but the production crew felt it was a bit too much.

——Don’t keep the old one. Can you speed up the progress? Every additional day will burn money!

The director said: Film is an art. How can art be so tacky as to talk about money, it was about feelings.

The mood of the production crew at the moment was really bad, as among so many famous directors, Master Yan chose a director who was full of emotions. The bosses invested in this movie to make money, not for feelings!

But the local tyrant himself had also invested money in this film. As one of the boss’s fathers, the producer had no choice but to supervise the art team to fix the makeup photos.

The producer thought: I feel tired when I stand with such a director, and I feel that I will never love again.

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[1] Unapproachable beauty.

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