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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

When Xue Chengxiu received Yu Siyang’s video call request, he was in the study looking through the details of several stores transferred to him by the assistant.

He asked his assistant to collect this information before Yu Siyang set off to film in Liang Province, but he never told him, intending to surprise him when his lover returned. In addition, Yu Siyang was carrying the endorsement of the Jade Hotel on his back, so there was no need to worry about this matter. He had to find the one that suited his heart the best.

Yu Siyang’s role was extremely hard this time. He was wearing dozens of kilograms of silicone material, so his movement was not very convenient, but there were still a lot of action scenes. The grappling and shooting he had trained before were all used, and he was very serious. He would never shirk his work, unless it was a particularly dangerous action that he couldn’t complete himself. If he could do it by themselves, he would never ask for a substitute. As soon as Xue Chengxiu turned on the video, he could see at a glance that his child had gotten thinner again.

“Why are you so thin? Do you still even have a hundred pounds?” Xue Chengxiu frowned, resisting the urge to bring his child back for education.

“Yes, there is,” Yu Siyang said with a smile on his face. “It’s the problem of light. I’ve not gotten thinner. I eat well here. There is a lot of game here. When I get home, I will cook it for you.”

Xue Chengxiu raised his brow to show his disbelief.

Yu Siyang shifted his eyes away and changed the subject: “Mr. Xue, I have good news. P&H is going to sign a contract with me again. This time it is not an endorsement in China, but a global endorsement.”

“Yes, our family’s Yangyang is now an international superstar.” Mr. Xue was very cooperative and changed the subject. As for the education… After his lover would return, he would prefer to practice education then.

“No, no, I still need to work hard, I will work hard to become an international superstar as soon as possible.” Yu Siyang blushed and poured himself a bowl of chicken soup.

How come his child was so sweet!

Xue Chengxiu wanted to take his lover out of the screen, hug him and do something that required harmony. “You have been filming this movie for almost three months. When will it be finished?”

“It’s still early, Director Bu is striving for perfection, and is not satisfied in one shot. He can polish only one scene in a day. Our progress is not even halfway through.” Yu Siyang’s shoulders collapsed, and he complained pitifully: “The silicone is so heavy to wear.”

“It should be!” Xue Chengxiu glared at the frenzied and cute person on the screen, “You had to take a fat character, now you are suffering.”

“Um…well…what’s that?, I miss you…” Yu Siyang changed the subject clumsily, his face a little hot.

In order to maintain his majesty of being the patriarch, Mr. Xue tried his best not to let the corners of his mouth rise, but his voice softened, and he whispered: “Well, I miss you too.” He smiled very softly.

The two people were separated by thousands of miles of mountains and rivers across the screen, but they were greasy and crooked when talking about love, and it was not until late at night that Yu Siyang was rushed to sleep by Xue Chengxiu.

After hanging up the video call, Xue Chengxiu rubbed his forehead and sighed. Bu Guanqing’s progress was too slow.

The shooting progress of “Dead Land” was indeed not fast. It had been more than three months since it started, and the latest news had not been released. Because there was a popular male god in the crew, the official attention was really not low. So, fans who watched under the Yu Siyang’s official blog every day urged them to ask why he did not post any new updates, and they couldn’t bear it either.

Since Yu Siyang entered the shooting group, he had not participated in other event announcements. Bu Guanqing did not like actors doing so. Luo Peng was also very considerate and did not increase his workload for receiving announcements, as he had to wear silicone every day. Pretending to be fat the whole day and then returning to the hotel after that, the only thing on his brain was love. Yu Siyang’s Weibo had not been updated for three months, there was no food, and no selfies.

Some netizens posted help posts on the Internet-“Fan’s idol is missing when filming, what should I do?”, this post had many replies. The building was getting higher and higher, and it was popular on the homepage of the 818 community. It was seen by some small marketing accounts and eighteenth line artists, and they used it with ulterior motives to bundle hype and create hot topics. There was actually an additional topic of #FilmingLegendofYuSiyang# on the list.

When Yu Siyang’s brokerage team saw it, they were shocked. Why didn’t they know that Yu Siyang had disappeared in an accident? Then when they saw the content, they felt annoyed and dumbfounded at the same time.

The foodies were also scared enough to find the official All-Star Entertainment to ask if something had really happened to Yu Siyang.

All-Star officials had to make a statement to clarify that Yu Siyang was involved in a period of intensive filming, he was safe in the crew, and nothing had happened, and condemned certain marketing accounts for sensationalism and deliberately confusing the audience.

It’s fine if nothing had happened!

The foodies were relieved, and Yu Siyang suddenly posted a new update on Weibo, which had not been updated for more than three months.

It was a repost of the official microblog of “Dead Land”. The following nine words accompanied with pictures were neatly arranged on Yu Siyang’s post: “My new look, I hope everyone likes it.”

Jiang Wan was a veteran face-con. Face-cons never looked at their idol’s acting skills or singing skills. They only looked at their face value, and they needed to change their “husband” every few months.

In the past few months, she had become a fan of Yu Siyang because of “The Traitor”, and every day she called him her husband to the gods under his Weibo, and also printed Yu Siyang’s stills and makeup photos in “The Traitor” into a big poster. The poster was pasted in her bedroom, and she stared at it every day.

What made her regret was that her “husband” had a unique style, and did not have many endorsements, nor many announcements, and also did appear very much on variety shows. After joining the group and starting filming, there was no news, and from the days he used to appear on hot searches, everything was completely different.

But at this moment, it was hard to see Yu Siyang’s news, she! Was! rather! willing! he! Did not! send! Any!

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, why did Yu Siyang become a fat man, what did you experience to become so fat and why is the look so spicy?”

Jiang Wan was completely unable to control herself. She even wrote a few comments on Yu Siyang’s Weibo and was so excited that she didn’t even punctuate with punctuation marks.

Like her, there were thousands of face-con dogs who couldn’t control themselves. They were frightened out of control by Yu Siyang’s makeup photos. After conquering Yu Siyang’s Weibo, they quickly captured the official Weibo of “Dead Land”, hand in hand.

“The crew should come out!!! What is your conspiracy in ruining my Yangyang’s beauty in secret!!!”

“Hey, Xiaosheng can’t accept this Yu Fatyang, Xiaosheng has to go downstairs and run ten circles around the community for to calm down.”

“The hero of the movie is a fat man, and I refuse it in my heart.”

“Hehehe, I saw the middle-aged head of the group leader in advance, so cute.”

“My head is a fat man. It is also a cute fat man, his face is so round and cute, and it’s easy to pinch it.”

“I finally believe that every fat man is a potential stock, you guys talk, I will go to lose weight first [Comparison Chart.jpg ]”

Compared with face fans, the food fans’ acceptance of “Yu Fat Yang” was quite high, and they all said that the meat must be very good. Emoticons were posted everywhere, pushing down the out-of-control face-con dogs.   

Passers-by took a look at this emoticon…

Huh! Pretty cute! One after another, they had collected their own expression pack of luxurious feast and given a positive evaluation to Yu Siyang’s willingness to self-destruct his image by taking the role of a fat man.

As soon as the set makeup photos were released, the “Dead Land” crew focused on online public opinion. They were really worried that Yu Siyang’s fans would not be able to accept this look. In the entire crew, the most popular actor was him. If the look made his fans dissatisfied, it was likely to cause violent conflict.

Two years ago, a fresh meat actor wanted to change his image and he also took on an ugly role. As a result, his fans didn’t buy it. After tearing up the crew and the fresh meat actor, the movie’s box office was also not satisfactory. It was terrible, the management was dissatisfied, and the director was dissatisfied. The fresh meat actor hadn’t appeared again yet.

The popularity of that person at the time was not comparable to that of Yu Siyang now. The publicity and distribution department was extremely nervous. Yan Haiqing was the chief screenwriter of “Dead Land” and one of the producers. He originally valued this script very much, so on the day when the makeup photos were set to be released, he also followed the publicity and distribution department to stare, and the water army bought was always ready to change the rhythm of the online discussion.

Fortunately, the largest part of Yu Siyang’s fan base and the most combative fans i.e., the food fans were very cute, even if there were face fans or anti-fans at the beginning yelling “eyes must be blind, don’t watch “Dead Land”, etc., but the food fans quickly controlled and changed the rhythm to “The fat head is so cute, he feels so good, I really want to pinch his cheeks”.

The water army they had bought was looking at each other, blank-faced, the rhythm was already biased, did they have to brush up on the topic they originally prepared?

Yan Haiqing: “…”

These were some weird fans who didn’t follow their routines, making him nervous for several days in vain!

Now that the fans’ acceptance was quite high, Master Yan decided to give another potent medicine and let Yu Siyang send a “chubby” selfie and sell meng by the way.

At the moment, Yu Siyang was filming the scenes of “Shao Ling and Qiu Shizhe’s engagement and Wu Wenjing being questioned by Shao Qing”. He was wearing a well-fitted black suit with a white shirt. He found a place which would not expose the shooting scene, and he stood and asked Tang Hang to take a picture of himself.

Before Tang Hang had time to show Yu Siyang the clicked picture, the latter was called by Bu Guanqing to talk about the scene, so he edited the photo himself, and then logged on Yu Siyang’s Weibo, posted the photo, then after thinking about it, he typed…

Yu Siyang V: “I don’t look like a penguin like this [squeeze eyes] [smile]”

In the photo, Yu Siyang was dressed in a black suit, white shirt and black bow tie, with his hands on his side, with a serious expression, he was standing upright, with a chubby figure, and he really looked like a penguin.

When the netizens saw it, they laughed madly, “Hahaha” and penguin pictures instantly filled the comment area. The netizens did not post the thin penguins such as hooded penguins or yellow eyebrow penguins, but the tall and fat emperor penguins.

As a result, most of the attention of netizens had shifted to whether Yu Penguin or the Emperor Penguin was cuter, and the acceptance of his new character modeling had become much higher than at the beginning.

Yan Haiqing breathed a sigh of relief, allowing the publicity department to publish the next draft, shifting the focus of attention from modeling to the movie, and exaggerating Yu Siyang’s acting skills. The rest of the crew also took it with them, spreading the heat and dispersing the firepower.

Master Yan, who had never paid attention to publicity before, also fought this time. It was not easy to cross boundaries at his age.

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