RCFS Ch. 180

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“Old, teacher, Ye, Ye Yunxi threw snakes, threw it at us…”

At this time, Bai Ruoyue was still making small reports, Ye Yunxi let out a haha, and continued to pretend to be innocent, pretending to be a pig while eating a tiger, she understood this principle!

“I was also taken aback, so I subconsciously stretched out my hand and threw the snake away, I’m also a girl!”

It was right to be afraid of snakes.

When the sound of +10+10 sounded, the system gentleman laughed like crazy, yes, yes, the host, what you said is right!

Come on, let’s raise the Awesomeness XP a little more brutally!!

However, Bai Ruoyue and the others were going crazy.

They were still startled, you were always deadpan when you were catching snakes!

When she caught it, she excitedly held it up to show them!

The tone was obviously very excited, okay? !

Bai Ruoyue was about to vomit blood, how could this person turn right and wrong over so much!

“She, she is talking nonsense!”

Bai Ruoyue’s eyes were red, but her voice was too low, and the little green snake was looking at her friends crookedly, so before she finished speaking, Bai Ruoyue started screaming again!

The dormitory teacher obviously believed in Ye Yunxi more. Which girl was not afraid of snakes when she saw snakes? She could do anything with her head empty with fright. Throwing it out was a piece of wool!

“Except for Ye Yunxi, come out everyone! Also, you all get dressed, I’ll call the security guards to come in and catch the snake!”

The girls flocked away, closed the door and changed their clothes.

After a while, the security guards came in and took the snake away, and Bai Ruoyue and others were honourably invited away by the dormitory teacher.

When passing by Ye Yunxi, the girl crossed her foot to block Bai Ruoyue’s way, and looked up at her with a smile.

“What are you doing!”

Bai Ruoyue gritted her teeth, she hated Ye Yunxi to death now!

“This is just a lesson, don’t forget to eat or retreat.”

After finishing speaking, Ye Yunxi curled her lips and sneered.

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

Bai Ruoyue shrank severely, and then left in horror.

This Ye Yunxi did it on purpose!

When did she find out?


It was in vain that they were still waiting so cautiously to watch the show. Did Ye Yunxi knew about it earlier?

Did she stay in the washroom for an hour on purpose?

To let them to wait outside on purpose?

Deliberately caught the snake and threw it away?

Thinking of this, Bai Ruoyue was about to explode, she couldn’t help arguing for herself in front of the dormitory teacher, but was ruthlessly dismissed by the dormitory teacher.

This looked like a prank, someone deliberately put the snake in Ye Yunxi cabinet!

These mischievous girls were still doing sophistry!

“Say you don’t listen, right? All of you write down the names of your classes tonight, and all points will be deducted! Go back!”

Deduction, deduction of points?

A few students were going crazy, deducting points would affect the grades of the class, the teacher would definitely not let them go!

What to do, they would be scolded by the teacher!

Gao Shuying was not easy to talk at first glance, she must be scolded miserably!

When she came back dejectedly, Ye Yunxi was sitting on the bed playing with her mobile phone, watching them come back, she smiled and narrowed her eyes.

This smile was an eyesore no matter how it looked, Bai Ruoyue gave her a hard look, anyway, everyone had discussed it, and they would never say a word to Ye Yunxi, they wanted to isolate her!

Isolation is isolation, it’s a pity to talk to you.

Ye Yunxi smiled and continued to send text messages.

But before the text message was sent, a phone call came first, from Di Junxie.

She could only scratch her head, go out, and answer the phone.

“Why didn’t you come back?”

Ye Yunxi stood in front of the window sill in the corridor and counted the stars: “I live on campus.”

“It’s agreed to come and live in my house.”

Listen, why was there a bit of sadness in that small tone?

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