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There was a commotion in the live broadcast room, and Su Yemu started to make Buddha’s Delight.

Erha was already in a daze. It took the chef less than 25 minutes for the two dishes, and the important work in the early stage had already been completed.

Bobo, what is Buddha’s Delight?

“It is rumoured that Buddha’s Delight originated in Guangfu during the Song Dynasty in China. It is a dish specially prepared for monks; in Buddhism, monks do not eat meat, so Buddha’s Delight is also full of vegetarian dishes.”

The ingredients used in Buddha’s Delight ranged from complex to simple; there were more than a dozen kinds of complex ingredients. Su Yemu was making a simple version with only five kinds: carrots, shiitake mushrooms, snow peas, green bamboo shoots, and fungus.

The fungus had been soaked in the morning, washed and cut into small pieces, then he blanched the shiitake mushrooms and snow peas, added appropriate amount of starch and water, mixed well, and set it aside.

He put the hot oil in the pan and added garlic, then put the green bamboo shoots, carrots, and fungus into the pan, stir-fried a few times on medium heat, added mushrooms, snow peas, stir-fried them evenly, added an appropriate amount of salt, then added starch water, stir-fried, and collected the juice.

Such beautiful colours, red, blue, green, black, is it so happy to be a monk? Most importantly, super tasty.

I don’t eat carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and snow peas, but I can’t stop eating.

The taste is fragrant, elegant, so crisp, so sweet, delicious, delicious.

Buddha’s Delight, Su Yemu made it in two pots. After the completion, he set aside one portion for the audience to eat, and put the rest in the warming cabinet; ehat the hell, the vegetables didn’t soften and turn black.

At this time, the fried pork was almost soaked, so he took it out and sliced it.

It’s like my fingers after soaking in water, wrinkled.

Poster in front, you go away, you have made me have a psychological shadow.

“Think about how it was browned before.” The pork slices should not be too thick, the oil would not come out if it was too thick, and it should not be too thin, the taste would be bad if it was too thin. So, he lifted his head and shouted: “Erha, pour the winter melon into the soup.”

Bobo instantly comforted me, I love Bobo every day, and I love Bobo.

In the front, it is forbidden to pro-broadcast, otherwise I will also want to.

Su Yemu instinctively held up the pork to cover his face, which instantly elicited bursts of laughter.

Bobo, did you grow up eating cuties?

Daily molesting Bobo.

Su Yemu said: “You keep being happy, except for kissing me.”

After cutting into slices, Su Yemu took out the pork meat powder. He asked Tong Ren Tang to make it for Fang Zi, and Tong Ren Tang even let him become a shareholder. Su Yemu originally thought of selling it to Tong Ren Tang at once, and wanted to collect some money. He just didn’t want to.

From the panda apron, to his fans, to Tong Ren Tang, to Grandpa Zong, the Jiang family, and Boss Hei, Su Yemu felt full of kindness, this world was so beautiful.

If Xiaonan knew her brother’s thoughts, she would definitely say: If this farm is established, the king of the universe will have to smile at you.

He smashed the garlic, sliced the ginger, poured in the meat powder, added salt, light soy sauce, sugar, and marinated it for fifteen minutes.


The soup was ready.

The timing was really accurate, and Erha once again fell in love with the five bodies that his master admired, and he almost worshipped him again.

Erha, this expression reminds me of yesterday! Cut into dices, all cried.

Haha, black history of life!

You guys continue to chat, eat first as a respect, kill this pot of pork rib soup, and be a fan of Bobo in the next life.

Ah, too much, I’ll take the first sip.

Delicious, the stewed winter melon is very soft, the soup is very sweet, Bobo is as good as ever.

“Our son cried yesterday?”

Far away in the palace of Neptune, the empress hated the emperor when she saw that the emperor was about to be buried in the pot. Was it so delicious?

“Yeah, yum, he cried because the vegetables were burnt.” His Majesty the Emperor didn’t lift his head, he closed his eyes and felt the delicious soup.

Queen: My son is so stupid, isn’t he just like you?

“Your Highness, the news is back that the marshal has returned to Poseidon with Air Wing,” Zuo Lun, the head of the guard, hurried in and reported in a low voice, “However, I heard that the situation is not ideal.” The emperor immediately opened his eyes and looked sharply at Zuo Lun.

The fresh soup was well received again, the meat was still marinating, Su Yemu started to make quicksand buns, and Jiang Xiaoyu, who had been squeezed into the corner by Erha, finally stood up proudly.

Quicksand buns were very simple to make. Put the raw salted egg yolk into the pot and steam for five minutes, then chop it up. Steam the butter over low heat, add salted eggs, powdered sugar, milk powder, and custard powder, stir well, then knead into small balls with a diameter of 2 cm, and put them in the refrigerator for quick freezing.

Round, yellow, so cute.

I want to eat again.

Jiang Xiaoyu didn’t even blink his eyes, Su Yemu had already started kneading the dough, adding baking powder, yeast, and vegetable oil to the flour, kneading it into a snowflake shape, then kneading it into a dough, then letting it rest for ten minutes. They then kneaded the dough into small balls, pressed them into discs, took out the frozen stuffing, wrapped them in, and closed the mouth.

This job was simple, not as complicated as making buns or dumplings. Jiang Xiaoyu and Erha could also help, so in about ten minutes, a hundred quicksand buns were wrapped, he put them in the steamer, waited for another twenty-five minutes and then turned on the fire. It could be cooked in minutes.

At this time, the meat had been marinated, so Su Yemu handled the meat first.

He poured it directly into the pot with the sauce and stir fried it, but just after adding it to the pot, the strong aroma came out. The meat was already half-cooked, and the juice could be collected after the fire cooked it through. The color was sauce red, and the oil on it was shining.

It smells so good. Every time Bobo cooks meat, I feel very happy.

Fat and thin, fat but not greasy, melts in the mouth, I can eat a pot.

The taste is strong, whether it is lean meat or fat meat, it has already been tasted, biting and pulling it out, even drawing, absolutely, broadcast, accept my knees.

Can I just say, I especially like eating skins? So tenacious.

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.

Erha and Jiang Xiaoyu couldn’t stop their saliva, they could not turn their eyes away from the meat, Su Yemu could only cough a few times, as a chef, how come they not even have this little bit of concentration.

The two returned to their senses, their faces flushed.

The food was ready, Su Yemu set aside the lucky draw to eat with his family, and let Mother Jiang give the rest to the construction team first.

My pork rib soup, my braised pork, and my Buddha’s Delight.

Bye! goodbye! My dear dishes, you have to be obedient, be obedient, be eaten, and then the farm will be built in a blink of an eye.

In front, it is better to worship the great god.

When counting down, there are still eight days.

At this time, the quicksand buns had risen already and Su Yemu steamed them on high heat, and it took six minutes for them to come out of the pot.

“Be careful…”

Ah, it’s hot, it hurts…

It’s called a quicksand bun, it really flows out, and the stuffing inside is delicious and salty.

Golden, the taste is like sand, but it is soft, and so special.

The outer skin is tender and soft, the filling is salty and fragrant, and has a slight milky taste. It is delicious, I love it, and I must eat it.

“Just after steaming, the temperature inside is very high, you must be careful.” Su Yemu took out a plate of steamed buns, and put the others directly into boxes.

So fast! This damn time, I command you, stop passing.

Quickly the time has stopped, so don’t move.

Bobo, let’s play 123 wooden people, start, 123 wooden people, don’t speak or move.

Su Yemu thought: What to do, the fans are only three years old, and I am already an adult.

No matter how reluctant he was, Su Yemu also notified the system that there was a lottery draw. At the request of the audience, there were still 82 places today.

After the lottery draw, Su Yemu smiled at the camera: “Then today’s live broadcast is over, see you tomorrow!”

Su Yemu: “!”

At this time, the atmosphere in Poseidon Fortress was heavy, General Alan’s face was cold, and he looked coldly at the chief guard who came to convey His Majesty’s will.

“Your Majesty requests that the marshal must return to the palace to resume his post within three days. This order cannot be disobeyed.”


The table in front of him was smashed into pieces by General Alan’s fist. He slapped Zuo Lun’s face with one hand: “Go back and tell your Majesty the Emperor that it is inconvenient for the marshal to return to the capital.”

“General Alan, please respect yourself. Your Majesty is the emperor of the empire, please be careful.”

“Be careful… “

“General Alan,” Zuo Lun tried to stop Alan: “Chief Zuo Lun, please reply to Your Majesty. We will definitely tell the Marshal and try to return to the capital on time.”

“Adjutant Chen, take Chief Guard Zuo Lun to rest.”

Zuo Lun left finally, Alan made a ‘cut’, leaning against the back of the chair, he stepped on the table: “Our brother is really facing His Majesty the Emperor.”

Alan ignored Heka’s question and got up: “Remember to pay the money.”

“Damn, I have no money, can’t it be paid out of military expenses?”

“You have already owed the Marshal several times of military expenses.”

After saying that, Alan left, leaving behind Heka who was anxiously yelling at people to use glue to stick the table, and Boss Hei appeared in Alan’s mind, Alan thought that putting these two together might cure Heka’s habit of vandalism.

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