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After Yu Siyang’s penguin pictures became hot, “Dead Land” was considered popular before it was even released, and other characters in the movie followed suit.

Especially Shi Zhen, because of his greasy styling, he had been hotly searched by countless black fans.

People who are eating melon take a look, eh! This guy’s look is even uglier than Yu Fatyang. In such a comparison, Yu Fatyang is so handsome.

Shi Zhen’s agent saw the hot topics on the Internet and couldn’t help crying.

Was there anyone in the entertainment industry today who was more exotic than the artist he was bringing around? And did that artist have much more black fans than him? And was that artist also being searched by black fans?

Only Shi Zhen fulfilled these!

It was originally a set-up photo to blacken Yu Siyang on the whole network, but the black powder fell on Shi Zhen, shocking him. They did not buy the hot search, nor did they direct the rhythm, but they still squeezed Yu Siyang from the hot search list TOP1!

What kind of expression of deep love was this?!

“You ask me, who should I go to ask to!” As the hacked party, Shi Zhen was shocked.

Lao Tzu is so handsome that it makes his legs soft. Are those people on the Internet blind?!!

The manager sighed and sounded particularly helpless, “No matter what, you are now turning red. Taking advantage of the current heat, I will arrange a few announcements for you to brush up on your sense of existence.” After listening carefully, it sounded like producing a little bit cheaper and selling it well.

Although he couldn’t see the other party through the phone, Shi Zhen rolled his eyes and said, “Come on, even Teacher Yu and Teacher Xiang didn’t play with them. With just such a bit of heat, if I came out, maybe I would get blackened again.”

The agent wanted to yell at him.

You are comparing yourself with Yu Siyang and Xiang Nan, are you redder than Yu Siyang or more senior than Xiang Nan? You are not comparable, and you are not seizing the opportunity to brush up on your presence, it’s no wonder that you haven’t been popular for so many years!!!

“Okay, I won’t talk to you anymore. Teacher Yu’s Matsutake soup[1] will be out of the pot soon, and there will be none left in the bottom of the pot if I’m late.” Shi Zhen said as he was about to hang up.

Shi Zhen knew that the agent was doing it for his own good. The two had been working together for so many years. He had always felt embarrassed that he was not up to the care his agent had showed him. The agent probably missed him more than him. But this was the first time. This time, after making a movie carefully and seriously, Shi Zhen didn’t think it was important whether he was popular or not. The deeper the filming, the more the story shocked his heart and the more admiration for those truly unsung heroes emerged in him.

Insiders always joked saying that Bu Guanqing made movies with his feelings, but it was no wonder that Bu Guanqing could get so many awards. If a movie like “Dead Land” had no feelings and only focused on commercial value, it would not be good to shoot.

This time, Shi Zhen also wanted to play a role with his feelings.

The agent heard a “beep” on the phone and stopped. He took the phone from his ear and felt helpless. At the same time, he was also reflecting on whether he really had shallow eyelids. His artist was more red than black now anyway.

Shi Zhen didn’t have the time to care about what thoughts his agent had in his mind. He was now focusing all his attention on a soup pot set up on a simple stove built with bricks and mud.

The hot matsutake soup was bubbling in the pot.

Since the shooting of the outdoor scenes in the forest started, the conditions of the crew had become extremely difficult. The hotel was gone, they all were sleeping in tents, and they had also caught up with the coldest month in Liang Province, and the more than 100 people from the crew had frozen into dogs in the mountains. The warmest thing every day was the various wild mushroom soups that Yu Siyang personally cooked.

Just that, it didn’t necessarily happen every day, and not everyone got a share.

As the hot soup cooked by a star who had just entered the front line, the hot soup was also compelling. It was not just any passerby who could drink it. The days when anyone could eat a bite had long gone.

Speaking of filming in the virgin forest in the cold and uninhabited area, it was worth mentioning that the “fat” on Yu Siyang could be considered a big help.

After having had rashes for N times, on which he had to apply Chinese medicine every day to prevent allergies, Yu Siyang had understood the power of the law of natural selection, his “fat” was simply a magical weapon in the virgin forest where the cold wind was whistling. He could even jump around in thin clothes, he was just too happy.

Shi Zhen, wrapped in a thick down jacket, squatted beside the stove, envious of Yu Siyang’s “fat”, but seeing the other party boiling a pot of delicious Matsutake soup, Shi Zhen decided to forgive the other party generously for his fancy dazzling “fat”.

Matsutake Soup not only used matsutake, but also black mushrooms and porcini mushrooms. Yu Siyang also put rice wine, shallots, sliced ginger, etc. in the soup bowl and steamed it for an hour and a half, then he added the broth to taste, and continued to cook it for more than an hour. It was then that the soup could be removed from the pot.

A thick bowl of wild mushroom soup, only seasoned with very simple seasonings, maximized the umami flavor of the mountain delicacies in the bowl. Once you drank a sip of the hot soup, it warmed you from the mouth to the stomach, and the warmth spread very quickly to the limbs, until the whole person felt warm and melted from within, and the nose was full of the smell of the soup, and tears of happiness were falling out of your eyes.

The filming of “Dead Land” was really hard. It had just a few forest scenes. But the whole crew had been camped in the forest for more than a month. Fortunately, the weather was cold now, and the small animals in the forest didn’t like to move, especially mosquitoes and the like, otherwise there would have been a lot of suffering.

After drinking a hot bowl of Matsutake soup, Bu Guanqing wrapped in a thick down jacket ruthlessly continued to sit behind the monitor. Each department was in its place. Yu Siyang carried the simulated prop gun, and the group was in the designated place behind the bunker.

The first try of the fifth scene of the 98th act of “Dead Land”.

The undercover agents risked their lives to pass back the news of a major drug cartel transaction. The drug police and special forces deployed a joint arrest operation. At the same time as the arrest operation, the drug cartel also grasped most of the hidden undercover information from a traitorous undercover agent. So, they also started arresting undercover agents.

The vast forest was the battlefield for this life and death battle.

Wu Wenjing became the only undercover agent who had not been exposed because of his appearance, but in order to cover his friend Qiu Shizhe, he and Shao Qing had torn apart their faces and now he was also being hunted down all the way.

Behind a tall cedar tree, Wu Wenjing and Qiu Shizhe stood back-to-back, guarding against bullets from all directions.

“Fatty, you said you are so good, but you have also come to die here.” Although Qiu Shizhe complained, there was a bitter expression on his face. Needless to say, his friend could have obviously retreated, but in order to save him, he had also fallen into the path to death.

“Get off–” Wu Wenjing believed in his appearance, and said angrily: “You are fat, you don’t know how handsome I am.”

Qiu Shizhe was waiting to say something, but the two separated immediately after a gunshot. After a roll, they started looking for a bunker again.

Wu Wenjing unfortunately rolled to the side of a bare tree stump. The stump could not cover his chubby body. He was shocked when he heard another gunshot. The round ball rolled into the shrubs under a cluster of trees, and he swore: “My God, who is so wicked, they cut and felled a tree in the virgin forest, if I catch him, Lao Tzu will make him plant trees in the desert for eighty years— —”

“Ka—” Bu Guanqing shouted: “Very good, take one.” The props team and the art team stepped forward to restore the scene to its pre-shooting appearance. Each unit was in position, and Shi Zhen squatted under the cedar tree, just waiting for Yu Siyang.

And Yu Siyang… Yu Siyang was still lying in the bush.

“Mr. Yu, what are you doing lying down here? Why don’t you get up?” The deputy director called him over.

Yu Siyang said angrily: “I can’t help it, I am also desperate!

” ——Because of being “too fat”, I am unable to get up, blame me?!

Deputy Director: “…”

Everyone on the crew: “…”

It was really a sad thing to be trapped in a shrub…Hahaha…The assistant director hurried over to help Yu Siyang, only to find that there were many vines in the shrub. These vines had entangled Yu Siyang, and because of his “fat”, it had become such a sad ending.

The assistant director and Tang Hang helped Yu Siyang up, and the props crew immediately went to restore the shrub that had been crushed a little, and the filming started again.

At the same time, in Yunzhong City, thousands of miles away from Liang Province, Pei Ziteng led Xue Chengxiu into a street shop that had been emptied, and said to the latter, “Well, the store that I helped find is not big. It is also not small, there are communities and business districts around, and there is a lot of traffic, but not too much. It faces the street, and the property rights can easily be traded. It is a 30-minute drive from your home, which all meets your requirements.”

Xue Chengxiu walked in the empty shop. After a lap around it, he nodded in satisfaction: “Yes.”

Pei Ziteng leaned against the evacuated counter table with his arms folded, his eyes moving as Xue Chengxiu walked around.

It was not easy to get Dad Xue to say “nice”. Finding a store with such weird conditions was very difficult. They had spent a few months trying to find it, and they had succeeded finally.

“You’re looking for such a…well, what are you doing looking for such a shop?” Pei Ziteng said he couldn’t understand Dad Xue’s brain circuit.

The area was not large or small, and the passenger flow was expected to be not too much, then what was the use of this store!

Xue Chengxiu said, “Give it to Yangyang.”

“…” Pei Ziteng was stunned silly, “You give someone a gift, just give it like this… um, such a store?”

Shouldn’t it be a store in Hengsheng Square? Wouldn’t it be more pleasing to the wife?!

Xue Chengxiu cast a sideways glance at Pei Ziteng, using practical actions to express that he “does not want to talk to people with small brain capacity.”

Pei Ziteng walked out of the shop and asked unwillingly, “Isn’t your gift too shabby?”

“Stupid, I want to make Yangyang happy, but I don’t want Yangyang to die.” Xue Chengxiu got in the car and said, “You give the information to my assistant and let him deliver the property rights.”

His child had always wanted to open a restaurant. As a caring lover, of course Mr. Xue had to help him achieve this small goal. But he didn’t want his little boyfriend to be too busy with his own skills, so the choice of store was of course very important.

Choose a store like this…moderate, which could take into account the wishes of his boyfriend, but because the passenger flow was not large, it would not be too busy and cause his small body to be exhausted. In addition, there was a restaurant to operate which would make him have some concerns so his child wouldn’t have time to pick up weird characters to film in other places, such that he wasn’t able to come home for several months in the future.

Mr. Xue thought he was really very witty.

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