KHSW Ch. 320

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Xu Group conference room.

He didn’t know what happened during this period. Neither the president nor the vice president had a meeting. Let alone a meeting, it was difficult to even see their figures.

They all speculated that something big had happened to the group, but when they saw the president and vice president today, they felt an inexplicable sense of intimacy in their hearts.

Even this usually dull atmosphere seemed so… cordial.

In fact, when Xu Yizhi pretended to be Chi Jingyu and went to the military camp, Chi Jingyu rarely appeared in the company, and occasionally waited until all employees got off work before going to the company.

Zhu Wenyuan couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed when he thought about what he was going to propose next. At the previous meeting, he was the one who proposed that “Yiling” should invest a lot of money into Ling Xi, and now he was the one who was about to propose to terminate the contract with Ling Xi, the president would most likely feel that he was playing tricks on them.

“Xu… Mr. Xu, ‘Yiling’ would like to report to you the recent situation… Ling Xi was exposed by “Fengxing” at 7 o’clock this morning. Two of her scandals were exposed. One was about Ling Xi’s abuse of her mother, which caused her mother to live on the street and become a sanitation worker…” Before Zhu Wenyuan could finish speaking, he already felt a strong aura.

But since half of the words had been said, he had to continue.

“The second thing is about Ling Xi’s fraudulent donation. Two years ago, Ling Xi promised to donate a primary school to a rural town in her own name, but later she wanted the money back. This kind of donation has also had a negative impact on the company, so I applied to terminate the contract between Yiling and Ling Xi.”

After Chi Jingyu heard Zhu Wenyuan’s words, he silently regretted for him. Originally, it would have been good if he just hugged his boss’s wife’s thigh tightly, but it was better, instead of hugging his boss’s wife’s thigh, he actually had to terminate the contract with her. It was really true the older you were, the more your eyesight is lost.

Xu Yizhi’s expression became very gloomy, as if he was going to explode at any time. He just came back from the military camp today and came to the company to hold a meeting, so he hadn’t heard any news about Ling Xi yet.

“Did Ling Xi’s agent say the same thing?”

Zhu Wenyuan hesitated for a moment and quickly replied truthfully: “No, Ling Xi’s agent said that she would lead the team to conduct crisis public relations first, but I think, for the benefit of the company, maybe we…”

Xu Yizhi’s fist hit the desk hard, startling everyone.

Zhu Wenyuan thought the president was angry because Ling Xi was involved in the scandal, and immediately said: “I’m sorry, Mr. Xu, I made a mistake in my judgment before.”

“Are you saying that my judgment was also wrong?” Xu Yizhi’s deep voice caused a thin layer of sweat to form on Zhu Wenyuan’s back.

“That’s not the case, Mr. Xu.”

Zhu Wenyuan was about to continue explaining, but was interrupted by Xu Yizhi, “You no longer need to take the seat of the general manager of Yiling.”

He stood up immediately, bringing with him a chill that made people shiver.

Chi Jingyu immediately said “dismissed” and stood up to follow.

No one understood what happened. Zhu Wenyuan also didn’t know what made Mr. Xu angry.

He just sat on the chair in despair. He had been sitting in the position of general manager for three years and had never made any mistakes, but he didn’t expect it would be gone after he said something today.

“Mr. Zhu, just be more open-minded. What you just said must have offended the president.”

“It’s strange to say that no matter how fierce the president is, he would never remove the general manager of the branch like this!”

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