KHSW Ch. 321

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Chi Jingyu walked out of the conference room and went straight to catch up with Xu Yizhi, “Brother, I just called Pei Shan. She said that there is evidence about my sister-in-law’s fraudulent donation, and she is dealing with another matter now.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this morning?”

Chi Jingyu choked, “No, you came back so suddenly today. You had to have a meeting as soon as you came back, and it lasted for two hours. It seemed like you had to finish all the meetings for nearly a month. How could I have time to talk to you? And even talk about my sister-in-law?”

Xu Yizhi’s expression softened slightly.

“Brother, is it true that Zhu Wenyuan, the general manager of Yiling, is going to be fired? He has done quite well in the past few years, but I don’t know what happened today.”

Xu Yizhi frowned slightly, remembering what he had said to Ling Xi before, “All my property belongs to your sister-in-law, including ‘Yiling’, so you can ask Ling Xi.”

Hearing Xu Yizhi’s cold and tender words, Chi Jingyu looked at him in great surprise, “Brother, I haven’t seen you for a month. Did something happen between you and sister-in-law? Or have you been stimulated in some way? There is also a ‘Xu Group’ in all your property!”

“So what?”

Chi Jingyu was speechless and choked now. He never thought that Xu Yizhi could dote on his wife like this. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he might not have believed it.

“Well, your decision is so wise and powerful. From now on, I just need to hold my sister-in-law’s thigh.” Chi Jingyu began to imagine a better life in the future, and he would no longer have to work so hard and exhaustingly.

“Don’t even think about it.”

After Xu Yizhi said this, he walked away.

“Wait a minute, big boss, I haven’t finished asking yet. Does my sister-in-law know that you pretended to be me to go to the military camp? Did you reveal your secret? By the way, there is also that silicone, you have to return it to me.”

Internet violence began to spread like a virus, not sparing every corner.

“Miaomiao, are you going home today?”

“Yeah, I’m going to take the train tonight.” Meng Zimiao was still packing her luggage.

“Woo~ You’re all going. I’m the only one left in the dormitory. I’m so pitiful. Eh? Did you read the headlines on your phone today?” Meng Zimiao’s roommate just woke up and opened her phone to read.

“Not yet, what’s wrong?”

“Oh my god, this is so bad! This person is so disgusting.”


“Ling Xi is in the headlines again. How popular this person is! I just didn’t expect that she would treat her mother like this. You really know people but don’t know their feelings!”

After Meng Zimiao heard what her roommate said, she immediately unplugged her cell phone that was still charging. There were news about Ling Xi’s abuse of her mother and fraudulent donation.

“How could this happen?” Meng Zimiao’s face turned very ugly. There were actually photos of her mother cleaning the street.

Another “eyewitness Xiao Zhao” claimed that she saw Ling Xi asking her mother to kneel down to her.

“Miaomiao, what are you muttering about? Do you think this celebrity is disgusting?”

“This is all a lie. How can they slander Ling Xi like this?”

“Miaomiao, why are you so excited? Isn’t she just a star? Didn’t you say you were not a fan of her last time?” The roommate was slowly getting up from the bed.

Meng Zimiao immediately stopped talking, but went to the balcony to make a phone call.

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