KHSW Ch. 322

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“Hello? Mom, I just saw the entertainment headlines. What’s going on…Mom, can you clarify…Okay, I understand, um, I’ll take the bus tonight and I’ll be there at noon tomorrow… …Don’t, don’t let Ling Xi pick me up, I’ll take the bus from the train station myself, just let her worry about her own affairs, I’ll hang up, bye.”

After Meng Xinyan hung up the phone, she felt a little guilty for Ling Xi, “Xi’er, Zimiao is ignorant, don’t take it to heart.”

“I know, Mom, I won’t argue with my sister.”

As soon as Meng Zimiao turned around, she saw her roommate standing by the balcony door, with a sense of “who am I” and “where am I” all over her face.

Because… her toothbrush unexpectedly fell to the ground unknowingly, but she still maintained the posture of brushing her teeth.

“Momo, what are you doing?”

Zhang Momo said vaguely, “Is Ling Xi your sister?”

Meng Zimiao understood what she meant and knew that her roommate was still reliable, so she nodded gently, “I just haven’t admitted it yet.”

Zhang Momo groaned subconsciously and swallowed all the foam water in her mouth, “Cough cough cough… Miaomiao, it’s all your fault for scaring me so early in the morning.”

Meng Zimiao saw her swallowing all the foam water…well, “feeling the same”.

“You actually have a sister who is a celebrity? You are so happy…wait a minute, what do you mean you haven’t admitted it yet?”

“I can tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone.”

“Don’t worry, you know me. Keeping secrets is my special skill.”

Zhang Momo looked excited. She especially admired celebrities and was a blind star chaser.

“Actually, Ling Xi is my stepsister, not my biological sister.”

When she heard this, Zhang Momo began to think deeply, “I understand, no wonder Ling Xi treats your mother badly.”

Meng Zimiao wanted to say that that was in the past, but now was a special period, “No, she is very good to my mother. Everything written in the headlines is false.”

“Miaomiao, are you stupid? If I had a sister who was a celebrity, I would definitely let her get me into the entertainment industry. Do you know this is called ‘the closest pavilion to the moon gets the moonlight first’?”

“You are blindly worshiping stars.”

“How about we discuss it. As long as you help me get ten signed photos of your step-sister, how about I get you some hometown specialties when I come back?”

“No, my relationship with Ling Xi is not that good yet.”

“If you don’t bring me a signed photo, I will call you every day and harass you…”

Meng Zimiao looked at her speechlessly, “It doesn’t matter, just call, my phone is not in the service area.”

“……It’s enough.”

On the other side, Ling Xi and Meng Xinyan found “Xiao Zhao’s” home.

Seeing the dilapidated bungalow area, Ling Xi felt a little upset, and then thought of the place where her mother, younger brothers and sisters lived before.

She may now understand why this “Xiao Zhao” did what she did. It was all for survival.


Hearing the knock on the door, “Xiao Zhao” immediately opened the door and looked at the two people standing outside the door in surprise, “Meng Xinyan? How did you find me here?”

“I asked Mrs. Chen, and she told me your home address.”

“Xiao Zhao” had a look of complaint on her face, and she cursed in her heart, this Mrs. Chen had remembered her home address quite clearly.

“Can we come in and talk?”

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