KHSW Ch. 323

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“Xiao Zhao” then noticed the person wearing a mask and cap next to Meng Xinyan, “Ling Xi?”

…When they walked into the house, they saw that the home was extremely simple, with only two or three small stools placed next to the stove.

“Come, drink some water first.”

“Xiao Zhao” came over with a bowl. Ling Xi noticed this small detail, so she had to take the bowl and take off her mask.

“Xiao Meng, it’s useless what you say. We’ve all been interviewed anyway.”

“Xiao Zhao” knew their purpose as soon as she saw them.

After all, she still remembered that last time Ling Xi gave her a signed photo for her daughter’s birthday, but today she did such a thing. She also felt very embarrassed and couldn’t even raise her head in front of Ling Xi.

“I would like to ask, how did the people from “Fengxing” convince you to accept such an interview?”

“Xiao Zhao” lowered her head and said nothing. She had always remembered the woman’s words. If she said something that she shouldn’t have said, none of the money would be given.

Meng Xinyan was angry, “Zhao Li, Zhao Li, even if you have any difficulties, you can’t lose your conscience! When did you see me kneel down to Ling Xi? Tell me!”

When Ling Xi heard the name her mother called out, she always felt familiar. Where had she heard it?

“I saw you kneeling down that day…but I was too far away and didn’t hear what you were saying.”

Meng Xinyan held her forehead helplessly, “You misjudged the wrong person. At that time, I was… alas…” She sighed deeply, and then said calmly: “That person was Ou Mengxue, not Ling Xi.”

“Xiao Zhao” naturally knew that that woman was not Ling Xi.

“No, I’m sure she was Ling Xi.” When she said this, “Xiao Zhao”‘s eyes were still a little dodgy.

Ling Xi patted her head and finally remembered, “Your name is ‘Zhao Li’?”

“Xiao Zhao” nodded, not knowing what her intention was in asking.

After hearing her admit that she was “Zhao Li,” Ling Xi pulled out a photo from the album. Since she couldn’t see the person clearly, she had to recall the date of that day.

Then she gave the phone to Zhao Li, “Look at this photo. Is it you and your husband?”

As soon as Zhao Li took it, she heard a knock on the door, “Mom, dad and I’m back!”

Zhao Li immediately put down her phone and went to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, a little girl jumped in like a little rabbit, “Mom, we picked up a lot of bottles today!”

Zhao Li knelt down and rubbed her head, “Yeah, okay.”

“Lili, who are these two at home?”

Ling Xi felt their voices were familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she heard them.

The moment the little girl saw Ling Xi, her eyes shone with surprise, “Sister Ling Xi.”

As soon as she finished shouting, she rushed to her side, “Sister Ling Xi, I am your little fan, why are you at my house?”

The man who entered the door was slightly surprised. He actually saw the big star that Mengmeng always talked about. But why did the big star come to his house?

Hearing the little girl say that she was her “little fan”, Ling Xi’s heart warmed up. She was about to call her “little baby”, but she remembered that Nanny Zhang had told her before that Xiao Nuo thought the word “baby” was her exclusive title when she was calling Xiao Nuo, so she had to change it to another one, “Sweetie, what’s your name?”

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