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Hearing Qiao Yanan’s rhetorical question, the software engineers who had been staring at her turned to look at Zhuang Li.

Zhuang Li stepped onto the podium, and while writing with an oil-based pen, he opened his mouth slowly: “The answer to the first question is: use a common model to define and control wireless networks, that is, software-defined wireless networks.”

“The answer to the second question is: develop edge computing.”

“The answer to the third question is: using big data analysis, the CDN system comprehensively considers information such as the connection status of each node, load status, and user distance, and distributes relevant content on the CDN proxy server close to the user, the user can obtain the required information nearby.”

“The answer to the fourth question is: to develop large-scale antenna array technology.”

“The answer to the fifth question is divided into three ideas: the first idea is to develop interference randomization processing technology; the second idea is to enhance the inter-cell interference assistance processing; and the third idea is to develop multi-point coordinated transmission technology.”

“The answer to the sixth question is situational awareness technology, network slicing and content distribution network. The biggest profit point lies in tailoring the network services that customers need.”

After quickly writing these dozens of lines of text on the blackboard, Zhuang Li turned around and glanced at the people present.

Sun Jingshu was speechless when he heard this, but he didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t until this time that he vaguely realized that this young man who had graduated from a pheasant university didn’t seem to be the legendary trash who knew nothing but gnawing on the old.

Xuan Ming also couldn’t understand these words, but this didn’t prevent him from showing an expression of appreciation.

The engineers and scientists who had no expectation or even sneered at the young man’s speech could no longer sit still.

Some of them were quickly copying the writing on the blackboard, some were doing crazy calculations on the scratch paper, some were clapping their hands suddenly, and some were slapping their foreheads and shouting: “Yes, that’s it!”

For laymen, the words on the blackboard were just some words that looked powerful but could not be read when put together. But for experts who were proficient in this technology, these simple lines were a beacon in the dark, illuminating their way forward.

It wasn’t until this moment that everyone’s looks at Zhuang Li completely changed. If this person was a liar, then they all didn’t have to work in the communication field anymore!

Only Qiao Yanan squinted his eyes and turned his mouth, disdainful of Zhuang Li’s answer. What was this? He couldn’t even understand it, and answering it was equivalent to not answering! Don’t let him fool people casually, right?

248 said in her mind: “Host, this person has indeed mastered advanced technology, he is not a liar.”

The corners of Qiao Yanan’s slanted mouth drooped for a moment, and her expression changed from contempt and ridicule to hesitation and solemnity.

However, before she changed, Zhuang Li’s eyes had already lightly landed on her. A sharp light flashed in his long and narrow eyes, and then returned to indifference.

Someone raised his hand and asked him to explain these six questions in detail, but he turned around and continued to write on the blackboard.

“Young man, you’ve come here, why don’t you give us a good analysis of the arrangement of large-scale antenna arrays? The problems need to be solved one by one…” A respected old scientist rambled, but his voice was very fast, as if it was stuck in his throat.

The engineers who gathered together for a heated discussion also consciously shut their mouths tightly, and then raised their heads one by one, staring at the blackboard with burning eyes.

Zhuang Li wrote another line on a blank blackboard: [Nine key technologies of 5G: first, non-orthogonal multiple access technology; second, filter bank multi-carrier technology; third, millimeter wave technology… Ninth, D2D technology.]

Just because of these few lines, the noisy conference room became surprisingly quiet.

Now that the concept of 5G had just emerged, everyone was smeared and groping step by step. But Zhuang Li had already carved out the steps to the top of the mountain, so that everyone could see the whole picture of 5G. Was it possible?

This was simply impossible!

But the impossible was happening right in front of everyone’s eyes. Everyone’s breathing became short of breath, and several old scientists hurriedly took out a bottle of medicine from their pockets and poured them into their palms.

Qiao Yanan stared at the blackboard seriously, as if keeping pace with everyone’s mood, but in fact said in an ignorant tone: “What exactly did he write? I know every word, but I can’t even read a single sentence together.”

248’s tone was serious: “He is describing the future of 5G.”

“Really? Is he better than me?” Qiao Yanan had already forgotten that the results she presented belonged to Dr. Zhao, not her own. In fact, there was no comparison between her and Zhuang Li at all.

248, who was still clear-headed: “…”

7480 began to persuade again: “Host, I am very surprised by your intelligence. If you were obedient, I would not be willing to kill you. In the next day, I will gradually increase the decibels of the noise, and before you die, you can slowly consider what to choose. Didn’t you say that you are precious? Then why do you risk your life for a man you don’t know at all?”

Xuan Ming’s mind was filled with these conversations, and all kinds of dark lights flashed in his eyes again and again. For Qiao Yanan and those two systems, he hated them deeply; for Little Curly, he both admired and felt distressed, and really wished to agree on behalf of the other party.

The system was right, a genius like Little Curly was really precious, and once he was lost, it would be a loss for all mankind.

However, the idea of genius, Xuan Ming would never be able to figure it out.

Even after hearing such vicious threats, Zhuang Li was able to maintain his inner peace. He no longer communicated with the system, or even thought about anything.

In the eyes of others, he was completely normal, but in Xuan Ming’s perception, he had become a walking black hole.

After writing the nine basic theories, he further divided these theories into data-level theories and physical-level theories. After finishing ignoring everyone’s active questions and almost bouncing raised hands, he continued to write more difficult, research and development-level theories. Higher technical theories, and finally used lines to connect these theories in series to form a huge 5G technology development tree.

When he couldn’t write on the blackboard anymore, he turned on the computer, continued to write in the document, and then used a projector to project the content on a huge white screen for everyone to watch.

Those raised hands lowered one by one and started typing desperately on the keyboard instead. Everyone was copying this tree, because it had fully and concisely explained the entire research and development process of 5G technology from the logical and technical levels.

Zhuang Li was not lying. The title of his speech today – “Overview of 5G Key Technologies” and it was really an overview, not a structure and a one-word summary like Qiao Yanan.

This tree was equivalent to a map with its own voice navigation. As long as the researchers of Haiming Group were not fools, they could follow the signs in the picture, step by step, and reach the end steadily and extremely quickly.

When everyone thought that this tree was amazing enough, Zhuang Li began to add branches and leaves to this tree. He also enumerated those technologies that were rarely used, difficult to develop, and easily overlooked.

The meeting unknowingly lasted for more than five hours, from nine o’clock in the morning to two or three o’clock in the afternoon, but no one asked questions or discussed in the middle. Everyone stared at the blackboard, and quickly pressed the keyboard with both hands, for fear of making a mistake or missing even half a word.

The young person on the stage did not seem to be here to give a presentation, but more like he was here to teach elementary school students.

The little curly hair really didn’t disappoint him. Xuan Ming rested his forehead and looked at the other party with a happy expression.

Qiao Yanan pretended to copy the notes, but actually asked in her heart: “Can I use the things he wrote today? You can sort them out later, write a paper in my name and send it out.”

248: “No, there is monitoring in the meeting room, and there are witnesses. If you send it out as your own work, you will face a copyright infringement lawsuit. At that time, the reputation I have managed to build for you will be gone. I can destroy the monitoring, but I can’t influence the judgment of these people, and Xuan Ming knows the truth, he will hate you.”

It was not just disgusting, it was unbearably disgusting. Xuan Ming corrected silently in his heart.

“That’s fine. But I can use the results of his private research and development in the future, right?” Qiao Yanan continued to ask.

“As usual, as long as he hasn’t released it publicly, I can steal it for you and destroy all the evidence for you.” 248 readily agreed.

“Hee hee, I have another mobile warehouse.” Qiao Yanan was proud for a while, and then complained dissatisfiedly: “Why is he still writing? Will he write all the 5G technology in one go and leave nothing for me?” She had been shameless enough to take other people’s things as her own for granted.

Xuan Ming’s stomach churned.

“No, he still hasn’t written out several key algorithms.” 248, who came from a high-dimensional space, obviously had a comprehensive understanding of 5G technology.

“Which ones?” Qiao Yanan hurriedly inquired.

“You don’t have permission to know, but I can tell you that he missed six key algorithms. But I believe he can discover these problems in his subsequent research.” 248 was very optimistic about Zhuang Li.

“These six algorithms are mine now.” Qiao Yanan announced proudly.

Xuan Ming almost laughed angrily at this shameless duo and was thinking about how to remind Little Curly tactfully but saw that the other party closed the document full of writing and opened a blank document.

An old scientist with silver hair raised his hand hastily, “Mr. Zhuang, I haven’t finished copying it yet!”

The rest of the people also raised their opinions in a low voice.

Zhuang Li continued to write on the document by himself as before.

Everyone, look at me and I look at you. Although the face was full of doubts, anxiety and grievances, no one dared to sing against the teacher. What if the teacher had more important theories to explain?

Their guesses were quickly verified. This time, Zhuang Li wrote a brand new algorithm that was never mentioned in the previous technology tree, but it was also extremely critical.

248 sighed: “He found a loophole!”

Qiao Yanan’s face became ugly in an instant.

But Zhuang Li raised his head at this time, and moved his slender fingertips, while his tone was cold: “I have given some key data, please write its algorithm.”

Qiao Yanan looked at the curtain, then I was stunned – [F-OFDM algorithm design in 5G system], what was it all about!

Different from her daze, the engineers and scientists sitting on both sides took out their draft papers and eagerly started calculating according to the few clues given by Mr. Zhuang.

Xuan Ming realized almost immediately – the little curly hair noticed Qiao Yanan’s abnormality! That’s right, he was so smart that he could even peel off the skin of the system and the main god, so how could he be fooled by an ordinary person?

So Xuan Ming stopped immediately: “Everyone put down your pens, no one can calculate!” Once these people wrote something, 248 could tell Qiao Yanan their answers and teach her how to get away with it.

Everyone subconsciously stopped doing the questions, and then started writing regardless. They were the most free and undisciplined group of people in the company, but they were also the ones who created the most commercial value. Others were afraid of the president, but they were not.

Zhuang Li tapped the table with an oil-based pen, and said in a calm tone, “Stop writing, let this lady write, and I will explain her answer later.” He didn’t know why Xuan Ming ordered that, but it didn’t prevent him from plugging all loopholes.

The most stubborn old scientists immediately put down their pens and sat upright. The rest of the people also hesitantly pushed the paper away and looked at Qiao Yanan.

Xuan Ming couldn’t control the lunatics in the R&D department, but just a few hours after arriving, the new Zhuang Li managed them submissively.

Seeing this scene, a layer of cold sweat slowly broke out on Qiao Yanan’s forehead.

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