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Gu Nian’s expression was blank.

After countless times of “Why did Ms. Gu drive over without any notice” and “Could she escape faster by jumping off the building or hanging herself?” in her mind, Ms. Gu’s voice seemed to have come up the stairs.

“Gu Nian? Where are you?”

It was extremely clear, her voice was getting closer.

Gu Nian turned her head blankly: “Is the door of our room open?”

Luo Xiu stood up: “Maybe, I’ll go and see.”

“No, no, no – I’ll go!” Gu Nian jumped from the bed to the floor, but she didn’t forget to turn around and ask, “You change your clothes first, especially…”

Gu Nian gestured desperately at the position of his collarbone: “Don’t let my mother see, she will beat me to death.”

Luo Xiu nodded.

He was wearing silky black pajamas with a single button unbuttoned and an open collar. His cold white complexion was like the texture of warm snow jade, and it was full of spring in a dark room.

Gu Nian instinctively indulged in it for two seconds, and when she woke up, she wished she could bury her head in the ground: What time is this, you’re still being a nympho!

Gu Nian turned around and ran out along the entrance of the bedroom. She opened the door swiftly. Then she stepped out, closed the door behind her, and was just about to run back to her room.

“Are you upstairs? Why didn’t you answer when I called you?” A voice behind her stopped Gu Nian’s feet.

“…” Gu Nian turned back in despair, “Mom, why are you here?”

“Is it that you were being drunk and stupid again, I sent a message last night asking you whether you will go back or I should come here for the Mid-Autumn Festival tomorrow, didn’t you ask me to come here?”

Gu Nian was confused: “I asked you to come here? Last night?”

“Why? I’ll show you the text message interface so you can believe me, right? Wait until I get my phone to look for it.”

“No need—” Gu Nian quickly pulled Gu Yuan back, showing an innocent smile, “I must have drunk too much last night, and I didn’t remember texting you back when I was drunk.”

“That’s it! Have you forgotten what stupid thing you did when you were drunk last time?”


Gu Nian burst into tears.

Yes, she just didn’t know how to gain wisdom from a pit, so she did such a thing that was inferior than a beast last night. It was too late to regret.

“Is this your bedroom? You told me last time but I didn’t believe it. I didn’t expect this house to be really good. The lighting should be really good, right? You should do your job while basking more in the sun.”

Gu Yuan said, then stretching out her hand, she went to push the door behind Gu Nian.


Gu Nian teleported in a second and stood between Gu Yuan and the door.

Gu Yuan was startled by Gu Nian, then she turned her head and said, “You frightened me!”

Gu Nian grabbed Gu Yuan’s hand, showing a stiff smile of dying struggle: “I’ll show you around the house first. Come on, this villa is huge, it has three and a half floors, and the attic on the top floor is the most sunny – let’s go upstairs.”

La. Did not pull.

Pull again. Still wouldn’t budge.

Gu Nian: “…”

Gu Nian turned her head in despair: “…Mom?”

Gu Yuan was staring at her suspiciously: “You have never lied well since you were a child, and it looks like you have a guilty conscience. Why don’t you let me into your bedroom?”

Gu Nian, smiling mechanically with a wooden head: “My bedroom is not this, but that.”

“Then whose is this?”

“No, no one.”

“But I just came up, and I saw you coming out of this room.”

“Ah, um, the room is dirty. I cleaned it before. It hasn’t dried yet, so don’t go in.”

“Cleaning with bare feet?”


Gu Nian bowed her head.

In her desperate eyes, she saw her white feet where she had forgotten to wear slippers.

God, just kill her.

Gu Yuan became even more skeptical: “What shady things did you keep in the room that I can’t even take a look at?”

Gu Nian: “No…”

Gu Yuan: “You didn’t hide some wild things? A man?”

Gu Nian choked suddenly.

Gu Yuan was just probing Gu Nian casually, but when she saw her daughter’s reaction, she also stopped.

After a few seconds of stalemate, Gu Yuan slowly turned her head and stared at the door of the room.

She squinted her eyes, and with that hand that seemed to swallow mountains and rivers every time she played mahjong, she pulled away Gu Nian, who looked like a chick compared to her, and then pressed it on the doorknob.

Heavy pressure, push down – the room was bright.

The half-page curtain that could be seen from the entrance had a beautiful knot, and a large area of sunlight shone on the shiny and moist floor.

The man whose shoulders, waist and legs were perfectly outlined by the draping black silk pajamas was approaching the entrance of the room, and he seemed to stop unexpectedly.

Looking at Gu Yuan with a cold expression for a few seconds, the man bowed his head, and his black hair fell to his forehead.

“Aunt Gu.”

The voice was as gentle and cozy as the sunshine behind him.

After greeting, he walked forward wearing the pair of gray slippers with the fox head shaking, then bent down in front of Gu Nian who was still there and put the pink rabbit head slippers on Gu Nian’s feet.

“You forgot to wear slippers. Lift your feet.”

Gu Nian completely followed the man’s soft voice and raised her feet by instinct. It wasn’t until Luo Xiu put them on for her one by one and straightened her drooping rabbit ears that he stood up.

Gu Nian suddenly came back to her senses and looked at Gu Yuan beside her in panic.


Gu Yuan’s face changed into a rainbow scene after the rain, with red, orange, red, green, blue, blue and purple taking turns to appear on her face.

Gu Nian leaned back in horror, “No, no, don’t get angry! I did say there was a secret!”

“Secret?” Gu Yuan gritted her teeth and grinned, “You’re really promising, Gu Nian?”

“It can be explained!”

“You don’t need to rush to explain, first get a beating from me.”


Gu Nian wanted to run away with oil on the soles of her feet, but before she could take a step out of the door, someone grabbed her wrist, and then pulled her gently but firmly into the room.

Gu Nian subconsciously took two steps and followed behind Luo Xiu.

Gu Yuan’s raised slap stopped in front of Luo Xiu.

The young man lowered his head and frowned slightly, “Aunt Gu, I told Nian Nian to hide it from you. Don’t get angry with her. If you want to hit me, hit me.”

Gu Yuan snorted: “Don’t think that I won’t do it because I’m not familiar with you. Besides, I saw you last time. You are a junior, so I won’t give you much face.”

Luo Xiu didn’t raise his eyes, and there was no trace of extra emotions, he didn’t even show any hesitation, but his arms still held Gu Nian firmly behind him: “It was my fault.”

“It wasn’t him!”

Gu Nian finally regained consciousness, but unfortunately, she was too tightly blocked by the tall and straight figure in front of her, and she could only help him by jumping high, as she tried her best to stand up.

“I, I, I, Mom, I was wrong. I really didn’t tell you on purpose, or I didn’t have time!”

Gu Yuan gritted her teeth and glared at her daughter who had turned her elbow outward[1] in disappointment.

No matter how harsh her words were, after all, it was the first time she met a junior, and with such a star face that seemed to be worth seven or eight figures of insurance, she couldn’t really do it.

After a few seconds of stalemate, Gu Yuan threw back her hand, turned her head and walked down the stairs angrily: “You two change your clothes, and explain to me when you come downstairs.”


Seeing Gu Yuan’s back disappear at the stairs, Gu Nian took a breath, put her hand on Luo Xiu’s arm, and pulled him back.

She warned softly and seriously: “Don’t protect me in front of my mother, she is really familiar with me, and her slap, like the true biography of the Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon, can actually take half of one’s life with a slap, until it’s all gone.”

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes helplessly: “Is this what you’re focusing on now?”

Gu Nian: “Escapinf from death, otherwise what else could it be—”

Before she finished speaking, Gu Nian was pulled into an extremely close distance, then she caught a glimpse of the bite mark under Luo Xiu’s slightly open black satin collar.

Gu Nian choked on the spot.

When she regained her senses, she put her hands together and kowtowed: “I’m sorry.”

Luo Xiu smiled dumbly: “I don’t want to hear this.”

“Then what do you want to hear?”

“You said it last night, do you want to go back on your word?”


After hesitating for a long time, Gu Nian finally asked cautiously: “Are you really sure that I am responsible?”

Luo Xiu’s eyelashes drooped, his smile lost: “If you don’t like me, then forget it.”

“Why?” Gu Nian blurted out without thinking, “I can’t like anyone as much as I like you!”

Luo Xiu was stunned and raised his eyes.

Gu Nian realized that she had said something serious again, so she blushed and lowered her head. This embarrassment didn’t last long, and Gu Nian thought of the most serious question.

She frowned and raised her face: “But now is the period when your career is on the rise, and you will be distracted a lot by developing relationships at this time.”

“…” It was rare for Luo Xiu to see this little girl look completely sincere and serious. He felt kind of weak and funny.

Gu Nian looked at him blankly: “What are you laughing at?”

Luo Xiu leaned forward, and with their height difference, it was just enough for him to prop his head on the door and lower his head, as she moved close to the girl’s eyes: “Me and your career, which one is more important?”

Gu Nian didn’t even think about it: “Of course it’s you.”

“My answer is the same.”


“You are more important than my career,” Luo Xiu couldn’t help kissing the girl’s forehead, “You are the most important.”


A few seconds later, the little girl who couldn’t hold the firepower ran back to her room: “I, I, we, let’s change clothes and go downstairs.”

Facing her back, Luo Xiu smiled regretfully. He leaned against the door, stared at the girl’s bedroom door deeply and nostalgically for a few seconds, and then turned back.

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[1] Preferring outsiders over family.

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