RCFS Ch. 135

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The system stopped talking.

However, Ye Yunxi said lightly: “I never thought I was a good person, but as long as I can protect more people, there is nothing wrong with being a bad person.”


Ye Yunxi walked out of the office, looking at the busy people and said proudly: “As soon as this movie is released, I guarantee that this fat man will definitely earn 800,000 yuan. It’s nothing to let him bleed!”

Touch and move.

I will make you earn back twice as much as you have paid!

It’s so awesome, only his own host can say it and do it!!

The system instantly felt that there was nothing wrong with cheating this fat man. Was this even considered cheating?

This was definitely a waste of welfare, giving out red envelopes!

The capital was only 300,000 yuan, but it more than doubled and he would make at least 800,000 yuan!

Tsk…tsk…, Fatty Zhang was making a lot of money!!

Great host! You are still great!

Mr. System kneels, Awesomeness XP + knee, all together!

“Yunxi, how is your contact?”

Ye Junpo was sweating profusely, before Ye Yunxi could answer, Zhang Le ran out first, Xiao Qing was carrying a large bag of popsicle drinks, nodding and bowing to distribute.

Fatty Zhang was fooled by Ye Yunxi, and the excitement had not passed yet. He grabbed Ye Junpo’s hand and said excitedly: “Director Ye, don’t worry, I, Fatty Zhang, appreciate your ability and culture. People here, you can smash anything here, if it’s not enough, I still have it in my warehouse, I will support your play to the end!”

Ye Junpo, “…”

This, it’s rare to see such enthusiastic and active sponsorship business!

“Hehe, it won’t be all smashed, that…”

“Don’t be polite to me! Although I’m a rough person, I also know that what you want to make a movie is an effect. You can change your tricks, and you can do whatever you want to achieve the effect!”

Ye Junpo: “…”

So fantastic!

Girl, have you brainwashed this fat man?

Even though we smashed his things, he can continue to spend money out of his family with such enthusiasm and excitement?

“Dad, kindness is hard to turn down, keep smashing it.”

Ye Junpo: …

What was kindness that is hard to turn down?

Now we are begging others to make a movie, how do you say it is like someone putting upside down!!

Of course, now it was Zhang Le who was begging to pay back.

Can make money, why not do it?

“Smash it, smash it hard! Director Ye, please don’t be polite to me!!”

Mo Yuxiang was going crazy, rubbing his eyes desperately, he felt that he must not have woken up, otherwise how could there be a sponsor who is so upfront?

But Di Junxie couldn’t bear it any longer and chuckled lightly.

There were all kinds of wonders in the world, and this kind of thing actually happened to him!

This little woman was really…

He squinted his eyes and subconsciously looked at that petite figure.

What did she eat to grow up?

It was really rare the more he looked at it.

Because of Ye Yunxi’s flickering, the scene of smashing the video game city, which was thought to be the most difficult to shoot, passed surprisingly smoothly.

This had a lot to do with the strong cooperation of the sponsors. Fatty Zhang even made the lunch boxes for the crew these days. When they left, Fatty Zhang also helped carry things and sent people outside the gate.

“Come again! Come again!”

Seeing the fat man’s extremely enthusiastic face, Ye Junpo couldn’t help it anymore, and turned around to laugh out loud in the car?


Let’s smash the video game city again?

Boss, do you still want to do business?

Really strange things happen every year, especially this year!

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