RCFS Ch. 134

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Zhang Le’s fleshy face started twitching.

That equipment was new machines that he slipped out alone. Many of the equipment left outside to be smashed by them today were waste equipment that needed to be disposed of. Did he want to make up the lens?

“Well, Ms. Ye, you see that you have already delayed my business for three days, and you still need to make up the shots. When will you make up for it? You didn’t even give 400,000 yuan. If it goes down, it will be more than this amount. My equipment is all the most advanced equipment, each of which costs tens of thousands…”

Zhang Le started to talk nonsense again, advocating how valuable his things were, how much damage Ye Yunxi had caused him, and by the way estimated a new price, eight hundred thousand, she didn’t know from where he calculated this number.

Ye Yunxi snorted, and the smile lines on the corners of her mouth became colder.

Was there a side to our nonsense?

You old man can boast that you can go outside the Milky Way, and you are not afraid of flashing your old waist!

Eight hundred thousand?

You really have the face to say it!

Add all those things together, plus the delayed business, the money is not even 400,000, 300,000 was as high as the sky, and you dared to ask for 800,000!

What a huh.

Really think she is a fool?

Ye Yunxi smiled: “Boss Zhang, didn’t we just say that there is less publicity for you, don’t say 800,000, you can earn this money by pulling a rope for your fire exit to take pictures and charge for it.”

Fool, this fatty Zhang tried to fool her, and Ye Yunxi continued to fool this fatty Zhang, let’s see who has fooled whom!

“Yes, there are so many?”

Zhang Le really took the bait, but obviously still had some doubts.

“Di Junxie’s popularity is much higher than those in the entertainment industry, right?”

“That’s true.”

Zhang Le nodded.

There could be more than n first-line celebrities, but there was only one Di Junxie.

“We can also put your address and name on it. Boss Zhang, what is a mere 800,000 yuan? Once it is released, you will definitely make a lot of money! If you can’t bear to let the children be trapped by wolves, and you can’t bear to part with this little equipment, how can you make money?”

Ye Yunxi boasted that she was good at fooling people, after all, when she was doing some special tasks, she needed to talk nonsense with a lot of eloquence.

Sure enough, Fatty Zhang took the bait, his eyes turned into money symbols, and he nodded repeatedly.

Ye Yunxi smiled, and patted Fatty Zhang’s shoulder with emotion: “Manager Zhang, just wait to get rich!”

Fatty Zhang was very excited, the flesh on the smiling face was squeezed together, and the squeezed eyes couldn’t see.

“That’s fine, smash it! I support you guys smashing it!”

“If you have anything else you have hidden, take it out together!”

“Okay, Miss Ye, wait, I’ll take it all out!”

After leaving, Ye Yunxi smiled and raised his legs to leave.

[The, the host is big, have you gone too far?]

The system couldn’t stand it anymore, it always feels that this fat man was a bit pitiful.

“Then why is it not too much? Is it not too much to give him 800,000?”

The system was tangled, of course not, 800,000 was obviously a sky-high asking price, and it didn’t want to let the host suffer a lot.


“No but.”

Ye Yunxi interrupted it neatly: “The only loss now is money. If it’s a mission, you can even lose your life because of your soft heart, but what about the carefully arranged situation? What about the efforts of tens of thousands of people? What about the personal safety of hundreds of millions of people?”

And would this fat man suffer from following her?

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