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Meng Hailong had been very depressed recently. As the director of the Jade Hotel’s product promotion department, he should have been very proud of this breeze of popularity, but the spokesperson of their hotel was actually unwilling to renew the endorsement contract!

As an artist, wasn’t the bulk of his income from a commercial endorsement? He should be rushing to renew the contract at the hotel, and the conditions offered were even better than the previous year. So! How! Could! He! Reject! Absolutely!

Meng Hailong thought it was the cheap agent who was going to sit on the floor and raise the price. Although he was angry, he went to the chairman Huo Zhilun to explain the situation and got 11 million endorsement fees approved. Who would have ever thought that the other party actually put on a posture not to bend their waist even for five buckets of rice, and sternly refused to sign the endorsement contract for the new year?

——Nima, this bastard agent is too cheap.

Meng Hailong was very angry, so… he found the senior management of All-Star Entertainment, hoping to put pressure on the cheap agent through the senior management, but the senior management of All-Star Entertainment were also ambiguous, and he was not allowed to speak.

Although changing the spokesperson was not a big deal, but since signing Yu Siyang as the spokesperson, the performance of the hotel could be described as thriving, and at the same time, the stock price of the hotel was also thriving.

The stock price had risen steadily → The major shareholders were in a good mood, so they would not come to the company to find trouble with the chairman → the internal management of the company could be calmed down → reduce unnecessary links and increase the work efficiency of employees → year-end bonuses will also be more → with increased income, their work would also improve, and they would be more motivated → create more benefits for the company → the stock price would naturally continue to rise steadily-this was a virtuous circle.

And Yu Siyang was really a very good spokesperson. He never shirked the things stated in the contract, and he would help if he could help with things outside the contract.

Really a spokesperson with great commercial value and selflessness!

But the question was, why was such a good spokesperson saying that the contract will not be renewed?

Meng Hailong’s introspection-

1. The endorsement fee they gave was not low. Although Yu Siyang was now considered to be a first-tier actor, but in the end, he is not well qualified, this price was already in line with his worth, not to mention they added another million this year!

2. They are not difficult to deal with as Party A. Although they did put forward some requirements outside the contract, they were not cut down by that cheap agent. The cooperation between the two parties should be considered pleasant.!

Why was he not willing to renew the contract?

If commercial endorsers and endorsees could work together, it would benefit both, and it was generally not easy to end the partnership. It was not that they couldn’t change the spokesperson or that he simply had to endorse it. It was just that after nearly a year of publicity, the Jade Hotel had become closely linked to Yu Siyang’s image, and it hurt both ways. After Yu Siyang’s advertisement was completely removed from the shelves, the stock price of Jade Hotel would definitely be turbulent.

Although Huo Zhilun was in power, there were still a lot of gazes secretly peeping and waiting for a bite. This was always the case in family businesses. If everyone was united, they would be invincible. But once a double-hearted person appears, it would be like a big hollow tree, looking prosperous, but dying from the inside.

Many members of the Huo family were just waiting for the stock price to fall, and to take the opportunity to attack and pull Huo Zhilun down. Huo Zhilun couldn’t move in the game because of the restraint of family affection.

Meng Hailong was personally dug out by Huo Zhilun from another company, so naturally he didn’t want this to happen.

Meng Hailong still remembered that when he first came into contact with Luo Peng, he felt that this young man was tall and talked like a silly bear.

At that time, because of the power of the upper management in the hotel, he could not immediately agree to sign a contract with Yu Siyang. Although he was a director, he had no rights and no tasks. He was leisurely all day as if he had taken early retirement. He would come and go, have a few drinks with Luo Peng.


He gradually discovered that with the passage of time, the silly bear had become a mud loach in bear skin, becoming more and more slippery, and his skill of sitting on the ground had reached the full level, and he was more and more fond of playing cheap!!!

As soon as he talked to Luo Peng now, he couldn’t wait to pinch his neck and yell “Dude, can you not be cheap? Can you?” He was heartbroken.

It stood to reason that no one would have trouble with getting more money, but he just met a strange thing. Everything had cause and effect, and Yu Siyang’s unwillingness to renew the contract should also have a reason. He couldn’t really be rich and wilful.

Luo Peng, who was felt to be too slippery by the Jade Hotel, had nothing to do, so he had inquired privately from Yu Siyang.

Luo Peng was also desperate when he learned that the Jade Hotel was inquiring about Yu Siyang’s reason for no longer renewing his endorsement contract.

He could not bend the waist for five buckets of rice, but when it was five buckets of golden rice, he was heartbroken when refusing.

——What can he do if the owner wants to open a restaurant with all his heart?!

Tell me, a star with good looks, talents, resources and background. Why was his goal not to dominate the entertainment industry, but to dominate the catering industry? Who would believe it?

But Luo Peng believed it—because he was sent by his boss to oversee the renovation of his mom-and-pop shop.

Standing on the side of Luyuan Street and staring at the construction company, Luo Peng was no longer the broker Luo Peng, but had become the contractor Luo Peng—this was really a sad story.

Meng Hailong found Luo Peng among the piles of decoration materials.

“Oh, Brother Luo is planning to open a shop? What kind of shop? When the time comes, brother will come to join you.”


Luo Peng wouldn’t tell anyone that he had become a contractor from an agent.

“Brother Meng, why are you looking for me?”

“Let’s walk around, brother invites you to eat spicy crayfish.”

Luo Peng looked at the sky, and thought about eating spicy crayfish at noon…

This proposal was really good~(≧ ▽≦)/~

There was no restaurant on Luyuan Street where they could buy spicy crayfish. So, the two drove to the one they ate at most often. Their table was served with five catties of crayfish. They had to drive so they didn’t drink alcohol, but rather had two glasses of orange juice.

After eating more than half of the spicy crayfish, Meng Hailong turned to Luo Peng heartily and said: “Brother Luo, what do you think your brother has done for you this year?”

“Eat, drink, and shop.” Luo Peng said concisely.

Meng Hailong asked again: “How good is your brother to you?”

Luo Peng: You are good to me, because you have to be good to my master!

“You give your brother a reason, why is Mr. Yu not willing to renew the contract?” Meng Hailong asked: “Our hotel is now in a critical period of business transformation, and we are interested in keeping a friend.”

It had always been the artist who pleased the brand. After winning the endorsement, why was it Yu Siyang’s turn to not play cards according to common sense?!

Luo Peng: What can I do, I am also desperate!

When Meng Hailong and Luo Peng were discussing this, in Qingsongyuan Cemetery, Yu Siyang held flowers and small snacks to come see…his other self.

“Dead Land” was at the critical juncture before the finale, but another death anniversary had arrived. He had to ask for leave by whatever means. He was still a day too late.

When Yu Siyang arrived, he found that there was already a person standing in front of the tombstone, who was still an acquaintance.

“…Chairman Huo?”

Huo Zhilun was stunned when he saw Yu Siyang, “…Mr. Yu.”

Yu Siyang placed the flowers and snacks in front of the tombstone one by one, wiped the tombstone with clear water, and bowed in prayer three times.

Huo Zhilun watched his actions silently, and after he worshiped, he asked, “Mr. Yu and Chef Yu had a good relationship?”

Yu Siyang turned to look at him.

“Sorry,” Huo Zhilun smiled apologetically. “Very few people come to see Chef Yu, and you two don’t seem to have a deep intersection.”

“If I offended you, please forgive me.”

“I remember I told you my relationship with him very well.” Yu Siyang said: “I would think that there would be no intersection between Chairman Huo and Chef Yu as well.”

Huo Zhilun looked towards the tombstone at the picture of the handsome young man with a bright smile, then said, “He once helped me.” His voice was low, with regret and melancholy.

Yu Siyang’s expression remained calm, but his heart was overwhelmed-when did I help him!!! I do not know!!! Did I lose my memory or does he have an extra memory!!!

“He was very good,” Huo Zhilun seemed to have found a person to talk to, so he opened up like a chatterbox. “At that time, I was banished to the logistics department. The group of people were instructed to consult me. He found out and reported to the logistics manager. Heh… My situation seemed to have gotten worse because of this…”

Yu Siyang: o(╯□╰)o

This…this…there seemed to have been something like this… he couldn’t understand why the people of the logistics department were bullying the newcomer, so he complained about them. At that time, the master had accepted him as a disciple, so his treatment in the hotel was not the same as before. The manager of the logistics department said kindly that he would deal with these people. Only today did he realize what he had done.

This, this, this, did he do bad things with good intentions?!

“Then…you…” Hate him?

Yu Siyang couldn’t ask.

Huo Zhilun knew what he wanted to ask, and smiled and said, “I am very grateful to him.”

Yu Siyang: o(╯□╰)o

He was cheated and still grateful?

He couldn’t see that Huo Zhilun was a trembling M!

You really could not guess from a person’s looks!

Huo Zhilun looked at Yu Siyang’s expression, laughed, and explained: “At that time, I was given up on by the family and assigned to the logistics department. The group of people were instructed to grind me. Although he did…bad things with good intentions, but for a moment, I found that a stranger could give me care and warmth, so why should I give up on myself.”

“What about the family abandoning me? I will trample them all down.”

“It turns out that I did it.”

Yu Siyang sincerely praised him: “You are very good.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”



Then… and then they both fell silent.

Yu Siyang awkwardly said in his heart: Why is this buddy not leaving yet? I want to talk to myself! I want to talk to myself! Go, let’s go!

After being silent for a long time, Huo Zhilun said again: “After I took power, the first thing I did was to promote Chef Yu. I wanted to make the hotel’s restaurant famous, but who knew…”

But who knew I’ll die?! Yu Siyang thought.

The encounters in life were wonderful, especially the adventures like his.

It could not be said that he had no regrets about his death, but if it were not that, he would have never met Xue Chengxiu in his life. He wouldn’t say which kind of life was better, because this was not a multiple-choice question. What he wants to do was to live in the moment and cherish the people around him instead of yearning for something that could not come back.

Yu Siyang said: “Thank you for your appreciation of him.”

Huo Zhilun smiled and said: “You’re welcome, I’m not only appreciating him.”

Then… then they again fell into a cold silence.

Huo Zhilun wanted to talk, but Yu Siyang didn’t have any curiosity, so he didn’t ask.

Chairman Huo: Is it so difficult to talk to me!

Yu Siyang: Why is this buddy still not leaving? Okay, if you don’t go, I’ll go!

Yu Siyang was a little depressed, turned around and was about to leave when Huo Zhilun stopped him.

“Mr. Yu, can you tell me why you are not willing to renew the contract with our hotel.”

Yu Siyang felt that there was nothing to hide, so he said: “I am going to open my own restaurant, so that will conflict with your restaurant.”

Huo Zhilun counted everything, thought up so many conspiracy theories, but the reason was as simple as that.

“Sorry, Chairman Huo, I’m leaving now.” Yu Siyang nodded and turned around again to leave.

Then he was stopped by Huo Zhilun.

“Mr. Yu did not consider changing to another way of cooperation?”


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