HWBGC Ch. 16: Beast Form

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It was not advisable to be superstitious, nor was it advisable to be superstitious about the protagonist.

Before this incident came out, Yan Leyang swore that he had no idea that Lang Shiyi’s thinking could be divergent to this extent, even though he had participated in the adaptation of this novel.

The protagonist had a cold temperament and had nothing to do with his imagination. Now it seemed that the written description was one-sided. Yan Leyang even suspected that Lang Shiyi was influenced by him.

At the other end, Seb swam along the swamp for a while, and exhaled heavily when he poked his head out. Yan Leyang was too dangerous, he looked so slender, but what was that weird fighting ability all about?

“It’s quite rare for prey to throw themselves into a trap like you.” The man’s voice sounded faintly, and Seb turned his head sharply and faced the Nile crocodile lying on the edge of the swamp.

This Nile crocodile was much larger than the Caiman, reaching about three and a half meters in length.

Very dangerous. Seb straightened his back and looked at the Nile crocodile. Before it could figure out what was going on, a rustling sound suddenly came from the grass next to them.

The big Nile crocodile turned its head and took a look, and the head of the object that made the sound happened to be exposed. It was: “How can there be a woman here?!”

The other party was a very beautiful woman with a round face, cute and small. Her eyes were big and round, like a deer’s. When she looked over, she looked pure and innocent, like a little princess who had strayed into the forest.

But the gathering place should be divided into gathering places for men and women. How come there were women here?

If Yan Leyang were here, he would probably understand since this was a plot point. This woman escaped from the women’s gathering place next door and was one of the admirers of the protagonist in the original text.

This was a herbivore, a hybrid between an antelope and another unknown herbivore. She was a ruthless person who studied bombs at a young age and blew up her country’s Congress building.

She escaped from her gathering point and came here. Originally, her purpose was to hijack the starship, but it was exposed. Now she had become a dangerous element to the mechanical guards. If she didn’t want to be controlled by those guys, she had no choice but to escape.

This girl had arrived at the gathering point, which indicated that she would soon meet the protagonist Lang Shiyi.

Lang Shiyi didn’t know this. Since Yan Leyang still had some toxins in his body and there was no antidote for it, Yan Leyang had been in a weak and aggrieved state for the past few days, but he had never cried.

It was just that Yan Leyang had always been in a semi-animal state.

The wolf was forced to turn into its beast form and was hugged by Yan Leyang against his neck.

The fur on Lang Shiyi’s neck was quite thick. The main purpose of this scarf in beast form was to prevent other animals from attacking his neck.

This large scarf probably felt pretty good. Yan Leyang’s head had been buried in it for a long time. Such that Lang Shiyi had no choice but to let out a long sigh.

“Hey, I’m actually quite curious.” Dai Zu stared at the tail behind Yan Leyang, “The color is quite fashionable, with black circles on them.”

“Maybe his parents are an orange cat and a striped one?” Lang Shiyi responded casually. In fact, he didn’t believe that Yan Leyang was a cat tribe at all.

Yan Leyang raised his head miserably, rubbed his eyes and stood up: “I’m ready, let’s go get the food.”

“Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?” Dai Zu walked around to Yan Leyang, “You don’t feel uncomfortable anymore?”

“It’s okay.” Yan Leyang led Lang Shiyi and Dai Zu, who had just transformed into human forms, to the food distribution area.

As a result, they came across a big fight.

“This…” Yan Leyang was stunned for a moment and looked at the group of guys in front of him. Among them was a strong man who looked about two to seven meters tall and almost three meters tall, including Meng Han, the rhinoceros they had met before. There was another strong man who looked about two meters tall.

They were fighting, and they were fighting a group of carnivorous guys. Not only were they beating up the carnivorous guys, but these three tough guys didn’t look like they were in the same camp, and they were also attacking each other.

“What’s going on?” Yan Leyang stepped back, and the two people around him also stepped back.

Looking at the three-meter big brother, according to Yan Leyang’s experience, this guy should be the legendary elephant imprisoned here. If the two rhinos hadn’t attacked him at the same time, it was estimated that all the carnivores in this area would have been suffering “the tramples of war.”

The whole area was blocked. Yan Leyang estimated that everyone who was supposed to come was here, some were fighting in their beast forms, and some were humanoids shaking their fists directly.

“Are they all poisoned?” Dai Zu opened his eyes wide, “What is this for?”

Yan Leyang frowned. This was mentioned in the original plot, and it should have been caused by the male protagonist’s peach blossom, the little mixed-race girl.

This little girl was the only girl at this gathering point, and this girl was very smart. The current situation could be simply explained as the fish in Neptune’s waters which caused fighting.

This little girl instigated the herbivorous side first, and she probably would have caused trouble a few days ago. They didn’t know mainly because they got so much from the drop-off point at one time that they rarely went out without needing to go out.

As a result, when they came out, the scene had almost turned into a gang fight.

Yan Leyang and the others noticed the woman standing leisurely aside. The woman had long gray hair, picturesque eyebrows, and was small and cute.

The woman seemed to have noticed them, and after being stunned for a moment, she raised a smile.

Sure enough, the woman noticed the protagonist, and Yan Leyang looked at the girl carefully.

He had read the novel, and of course he would not be attracted to the protagonist’s love interest. Not to mention that Yan Leyang himself was a crook, mainly because the girl herself was somewhat similar to Yan Leyang.

This lady was a half-breed, half-antelope-half… hippopotamus. Even though this person looked innocent and slender in her human form, if she transformed into her animal form and joined the battle, she would definitely be able to crush them, killing a person at a time.

Seeing that the other party was still looking here, Yan Leyang couldn’t help but sigh, it was indeed a peach blossom, it was love at first sight according to the original plot.

As for the lady Yan Leyang was talking about, she was actually looking at Yan Leyang.

This man looked so beautiful, his hair was golden, his eyes were lake green, and his whole person was sparkling. Seeing that the other party was also looking at her, her smile grew wider.

He’s so beautiful, the woman thought. It should be a small carnivore, not aggressive, but not that annoying.

But before the woman could come forward to seduce him, she was fixed on the spot by a death gaze.

Lang Shiyi looked at the two of them and followed Yan Leyang to look at the woman.

There was only one thought in his mind. Yan Leyang had a childhood sweetheart, Hutch, and he was suspected of being Hutch’s backup. But now he was unleashing his power on a woman. What did Yan Leyang mean?!

Yan Leyang went to see Lang Shiyi again and saw Lang Shiyi staring at the woman.

This was? Feeling a little bit of something?

See what I do? Lang Shiyi turned his head and was a little unhappy when he saw Yan Leyang’s eyes falling on him. Did he realize that he was looking at that woman and felt uncomfortable?

How could this man change his mind so quickly?

At this time, only Dai Zu was out of the situation. Dai Zu was also a pure crook. Now that he was watching a group of people fighting, he just folded his hands and took out a handful of melon seeds from his pocket.

“This is jealousy.” Dai Zu sighed, obviously describing the group of men fighting on the opposite side, but Lang Shiyi raised his eyebrows.

“Loma?” The three-meter-tall strong man turned his head and found that the woman was looking at another man. When he looked at the person again, he saw a fair-faced guy with golden hair, who looked quite good.

“Brother Yan, something is not right.” Dai Zu continued to back away, “Let’s run!”

“Hey!” The woman known as Loma also realized something was wrong and quickly turned around to stop him.

As a result, there was a thud, followed by a deafening roar.

It was a four-meter-long Asian elephant. Almost as soon as he transformed into his animal form, most of the animals around him ran away. Just kidding, no one wanted to be trampled to death.

The elephant rushed straight over, and Yan Leyang’s hair exploded.

For a moment, Yan Leyang didn’t even know whether he should be grateful that this guy was not an African elephant. It was the smallest group of elephants, but even this was enough to scare cats!

No normal animal would want to face an elephant, right?! Thankless.

“Run!” Yan Leyang shouted, leading Lang Shiyi and Dai Zu to run back.

It was not an African elephant, and there was only one. Yan Leyang would lose completely if there were more than one, but he was very likely to be injured. If he accidentally got kicked, he would be seriously injured, and if he stepped on his forehead, he would die!

These herbivores are all perverts dressed as meat!

The elephant rushed over, and Yan Leyang pulled Lang Shiyi around and ran away.

Probably still affected by the toxin, Yan Leyang did not hold back and complained: “Herbivores are too scary!!”

[Well, that’s not the case. In fact, most of them are quite cute, such as us little rabbits.]

[You rabbits? You rabbits are obviously quite yellow.]

[Ah ah ah!! The elephant is catching up! It’s catching up! I dare not look at it!]

[What are you doing! Can those mechanical guards stop it? Or throw that woman back to her own gathering place Oh shit!]

“Stop!” Loma screamed.

And just when the elephant caught up, it wanted to give Dai Zu, who was running at the back, a war trample and trample the caiman into a pancake.

“Roar!!!” Yan Leyang rushed forward fiercely, his clothes bursting.

He was transforming into his animal form.

The black and yellow fur broke through the clothes, and with a roar, the 70 mm long canine teeth were exposed.

This big cat had thick forelimbs and claws so big while you could even see the shape of its muscles through its fur.

With a length of three meters and a broad back, this was a real beast, with a ferocious look almost written on its terrifying face.

Dai Zu, who was pulled back by Yan Leyang’s claws, was completely confused. Not only was he confused, he was also trembling with fear.

The pair of beast eyes stared right at the Asian elephant opposite, while he lowered his body, and let out a low roar.

The Asian elephant seemed to be frightened by this sudden change and took a few steps back.

As for the comment section of the channel… after a period of silence, that thing was filled with exclamation marks.

The fight at this moment also had the pause button pressed. Almost everyone looked here, and some people began to tremble inexplicably.

As for Lang Shiyi, Lang Shiyi lost his original inexplicable fear after seeing the “big cat” that was three meters long and could possibly eat a child in its mouth.

He covered his mouth and sighed in a low voice: “It’s a bit cute.” The big cat’s head was so big, and it was round and naive. Although he was very fierce now, he was also a bit cute when he was fierce.

When Dai Zu heard this, he looked at Lang Shiyi in shock and said to himself that not only did Yan Leyang have a problem with his aesthetics, you are not much better either, and it even seemed to be a little more serious.

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