HWBGC Ch. 15: The Protagonist’s Overturn

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Fennec fox Hu Dongtian recently hooked up with a new boyfriend, and they were getting along pretty well these days.

He no longer had to hide around. He had just taken some drinks from the food distribution site and was going to take them back to cultivate a relationship with his boyfriend. As he was walking, he felt something swipe past him.

Hu Dongtian could only see the golden afterimage, and then there was a crash, and the wine bottle in his hand fell to the ground.

Before Hu Dongtian could curse, he noticed Dai Zu following closely behind the shadow and hurriedly avoided him.

When everyone was gone, Hu Dongtian stuck his head out: “What’s going on?”


“He has a problem? What does that have to do with me?” Seb’s head rested on his arm, and the tail on his lower body was wrapped around the tree trunk next to the swamp. He squinted in the sun, and his skin actually had a golden sheen under the sun, especially the tail, which looked particularly gorgeous.

“I suspect he is the same as me.” The Komodo dragon still maintained its beast form and stood in front of Seb.

Seb finally opened his eyes a little wider. He looked at the Komodo dragon for a while, then twisted his body and changed direction, and continued to lie down: “That has nothing to do with me.”

“Your Highness.” The Komodo dragon crawled to Seb again and said seriously: “You should not conflict with Lang Shiyi anymore, he is very dangerous.”

Seb was the prince of the United States of Reptilian Races and the Snake Tribe. Of course, the Snake Clan had many children at one time, and the princes alone numbered around three or four hundred. Seb was ranked only two hundred, and according to the rules of the Snake Clan’s royal family, the throne could not be passed to him no matter what.

Therefore, the title of this prince was not as valuable as the royal family of other races. Just look at Seb’s current environment. Who would throw a prince into such a prison at the risk of damaging the royal reputation?

“What does it have to do with me if he hurts others?” Seb still didn’t care, “I’m just after Yan Leyang.”

He liked objects that were delicate and fragile, although Yan Leyang’s fragility was questionable.

[When will this pervert die?]

[Why didn’t that black wolf kill him last time?]

[The beautiful orange cat next door seems to be searching for signs of Seb.]

Different from Yan Leyang’s forum, the audience on Seb’s end was quite united, just thinking about when this guy would die. Occasionally, one or two people said that they liked Seb very much, but they were all anonymous comments.

Seb was in jail because he ate the man he was engaged to, whole.

Seb was engaged to a noble from the United Nations of Reptilian Races. That noble was different from Seb, the invisible prince.

The other party’s family was prominent, and his mother was a princess of the lizard tribe, an old noble for more than a thousand years. Originally, the young man had a chance to marry the prince of his clan, but he just fell in love with Seb…’s face.

Moreover, when Seb liked someone, he was really affectionate, took care of him carefully, and advanced and retreated appropriately.

The relationship between the two thus developed very smoothly. Because Seb himself was really good-looking, and the eldest gentleman of the other party was also very good-looking, they were quite popular on their own star network.

Until the news came out that Seb had eaten his fiancé.

At that time, the people basically didn’t believe it. This was too ridiculous, just like those herbivorous and muscular noble elephants suddenly turning into a group of cute little carnivores.

And it was only the second day of the engagement party between Seb and his fiancé.

Later, Seb himself admitted that, according to him, he really liked his lover, and because he liked him so much, after discovering that his lover seemed to be cheating on him behind his back, he ate him directly.

Originally, the family of his fiancé became at odds with the snake clan at that time. And due to the exposure of the scandal and the fact that Seb himself was a marginal figure in the snake clan royal family, Seb was finally sent in.

After Seb came in… he also ate several of his love objects. He liked delicate and fragile ones, regardless of gender.

But once you really fell in love with Seb, you could only look at Seb with all your eyes. The other party could beat and scold Seb, or he could do nothing and wait for Seb to take care of him at home.

But as long as Seb felt that the other person was starting to change his mind, or talk about someone too much, or look at someone too much, Seb would become manic and start worrying about gains and losses. The final result would be that the other person was eaten by Seb.

Seb was a dangerous pervert, everyone agreed on it.

So the people on Seb’s channel were basically waiting for this guy to be killed, but Yan Leyang, the only one who could possibly kill Seb, didn’t seem to have any intention of taking action.

This was understandable to most people. After all, no one wanted to deal with perverts, and not everyone could be cruel enough to kill people. In theory, Yan Leyang’s approach was completely fine.

But there were still a small number of people who felt that Yan Leyang clearly had the ability to kill Seb but was not doing it. However, if a guy like Seb was left alive, he would only kill more people. When something went wrong, Yan Leyang, who was standing by and watching, would also be as guilty as the murderer.

Of course, most people didn’t agree with this view. After all, where were there any good birds that could enter Dawn?

It was just that Yan Leyang couldn’t see these words, and even if he did, he wouldn’t take them seriously. Just kidding, had he been scolded any less for so many years as a screenwriter?

This Komodo dragon could be regarded as half of Seb’s subordinate. The reason why it was said to be half was mainly because this Komodo dragon was under the command of Seb’s brother before he came in.

Seb and his brother had a pretty good relationship.

This giant lizard could be regarded as loyal. His ability to come to Seb, the gathering point, was indispensably because of Seb’s brother’s arrangements.

Seb turned over again: “Do you have any star coins there?”

“No.” The Komodo dragon didn’t respond. It wasn’t clear what Seb wanted the star coins for. There was no use for the star coins in this damn place.

Seb was silent and just lay there for a while. He suddenly heard footsteps.

Seb raised his upper body and came face to face with Yan Leyang who had just come out of the woods.

This was a surprise for Seb. He raised a smile, but halfway through, Yan Leyang grabbed the tail of the Komodo dragon on the ground, then swung it hard and hit Seb on the head.

Hearing a clang, Seb leaned back and a nosebleed came out.

The Komodo dragon rolled over and fell on its back, struggling to get up.

Seb covered his nose and stood up to look, only to see Yan Leyang reaching out and wiping the corners of his eyes. Yan Leyang’s eyes were red, and he looked like he had just cried: “What’s wrong with me?! I…”

This time, he couldn’t finish his words. So, Yan Leyang reached out and grabbed Seb’s cheek, dragging him up: “What did you do to me?”

“Ah?” Seb was a little confused, “What?”

Yan Leyang did not answer, and Seb was confused. He thought for a moment, considered it carefully, and finally asked tentatively: “Did I hurt your heart?”

“It hurt your grandma’s leg.” Yan Leyang pushed Seb to the ground with a bang.

Dai Zu and Lang Shiyi happened to see this scene when they arrived. Dai Zu hissed: “Good guy, his brain must be making a buzzing sound.”

Lang Shiyi looked at the Komodo dragon lying on its side. He stepped forward and pushed the Komodo dragon back when it was about to turn over successfully.

“Where did the potion come from?” Yan Leyang asked again, Seb was still confused: “What potion?”

“The kind that affects your mood.” Lang Shiyi continued, “Is this Komodo dragon your subordinate?”

“No need to quibble, it smells.” Lang Shiyi frowned slightly as he stared at the Komodo dragon that he pushed to the ground. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, the world in his eyes had completely changed. Everything in the surroundings had been dismantled in extreme detail, and there seemed to be something in the body of the Komodo dragon that did not belong to its original body structure.

Had it been modified?

Seeing Seb being beaten up and down, his tail was tied in a knot. Although the force was not fatal, it was extremely humiliating.

“Stop! Stop!” The giant lizard waved its claws, but the legs were too short and he couldn’t turn over or break free. “Hero! Your Highness! This is none of his business!”

Your Highness? Yan Leyang was still covered for a moment and did not let go of Seb under his hand.

Lang Shiyi picked up the giant lizard and shook it: “He seems to have been modified.”


Afterwards, the giant lizard explained, roughly speaking, that his venom glands had been modified. This kind of transformation was very expensive, and basically had no big effect in the interstellar era.

Roughly speaking, the toxins secreted by his venom glands would destroy the human nervous system, causing the prey to lose resistance and die in pain.

During his hunt, blood sprayed on Yan Leyang’s face, and one or two drops probably entered his mouth. Yan Leyang’s emotions became very sensitive for no reason. It was probably because the central nervous system was affected, but the dose of toxin was very small. So there was no need to worry about health issues.

At this time, Yan Leyang finally let go of Seb, but he did not take the giant lizard from Lang Shiyi’s hand: “I’m sorry, I misunderstood.”

“By the way, you are so far away from me, you can’t spit your venom at me from there, right?”

“What are you talking about? I’m not a cobra.” The monitor lizard noticed that Seb on the ground got up tremblingly, and then ran away without looking back.

“Then I’m relieved.” Yan Leyang didn’t pay attention to Seb who ran away. “Are you sure it’s not a medicine? Is there a corresponding medicine that can control my emotions? Whoever sprays it on me will have special feelings for me?”

This was Lang Shiyi’s idea yesterday. Yan Leyang thought it was quite reasonable. Yan Leyang, who didn’t take medicine, didn’t understand it. It was mainly the protagonist’s idea.

The giant lizard stared at Yan Leyang in silence for a long time.

“Hero, are you just taking advantage of me for fun? Where in the world can this kind of medicine be found?! Please be reasonable!” The giant lizard kicked its legs twice and did not dare to struggle too hard.

No? Lang Shiyi raised his eyebrows. He didn’t know about the potion, but Yan Leyang once told him a story about a woman who invented potions to make men think she was particularly attractive. Lang Shiyi thought that art came from real life.

So it was just a story?

“How can emotions be controlled by potions?!” The giant lizard was about to cry without tears.

“Skip this question.” Lang Shiyi said expressionlessly.

“I’m serious! The behavior of this mythical potion is wrong.” The monitor lizard condemned.

Lang Shiyi held the giant lizard’s mouth with one hand, silencing him: “Since it was not intentional, let’s go.”

Yan Leyang, who was stared at by Lang Shiyi: “Uh…”

Dai Zu, who was watching the whole process but had no sense of participation and had started eating melon seeds halfway through, laughed twice, so then a cat and a wolf turned to look at him.

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