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The racecourse had a special themed restaurant.

Dou Wenqing chose a box, it was like they never met Zhuang Jin on the road again.

When ordering food, Si Huang specially reminded: “Prepare something edible for this little guy too.” He said, pointing to the little black cat that had returned to Si Huang’s arms again.

The waiter responded: “Good customer.” Then he turned and walked out. Not long after, several people quickly brought up the food they ordered, and the freshly made fish, miscellaneous cat food and milk for the little black cat.

The little black cat probably also smelled the smell of food, and poked its head out of Si Huang’s arms, its sleepy eyes revived.

Si Huang put it on the table, pushed the plate containing the cat food in front of it, saw the little head of the black cat who was very hungry but still maintained an elegant and cute posture, and chuckled softly: “Be good.”

“Meow.” As if understanding her words, the little black cat arched into her fingers, then bowed its head to eat.

Chai Liang originally wanted to stop her impolite behavior of putting pets on the dining table but found that Dou Wenqing did not move. After thinking about it, he still kept silent. It was a secretary’s good habit.

The meal took about ten minutes, and the little black cat had finished eating a few minutes ago and was now nestled on the table without moving. Dou Wenqing finished eating first, and after two or three minutes, Si Huang put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth with a napkin, and Dou Wenqing who was opposite him put down his teacup, and went straight to the point: “Dou Jun was destroyed by you?”

The quiet atmosphere froze immediately.

Si Huang asked calmly: “Who is Dou Jun?”

“Dou’s eldest son, my cousin.” Dou Wenqing kept his eyes on Si Huang, “Yangcheng Xiangyuan, you met him and had conflicts, right?”

Si Huang recalled, and then smiled: “I remember. His hands were abolished by Qin Fan, and I just let him drink a few mouthfuls of toilet water.”

“Now he is in Iron Gray Triangle Sea Area.”

Was he thrown there? What a place to go. Appropriate surprise appeared in Si Huang’s eyes, “It’s the place where scumbags should go.”

Dou Wenqing stood up suddenly and rushed to Si Huang in the blink of an eye. A cold blade was pressed against Si Huang’s neck, “Don’t put on an act in front of me.”

His voice was still mechanically cold and emotionless, and the more he was like this, the more it made people feel creepy, as if he could even lose his life in front of him. None of them counted as humans in front of him.

At such a close distance, Si Huang looked up and saw a pair of unusual eyes from among his long bangs, his pupils were smaller than ordinary people, but they were dark and sharp, especially the eyes which were cold and emotionless and looked extremely ghostly.

[His Majesty! he will kill you!] Five Treasure was very sensitive to danger, and then complained viciously, [He’s too fickle, this guy, wasn’t he fine just now? Can he still play friendly!]

It was ready to fight for Si Huang again.

As a result, Si Huang ignored it, raised his head, opened his eyes completely and looked at Dou Wenqing, “I’m not acting.”

Chai Liang, who was standing beside him, had a strange look on his face.

Why did he feel that the picture of Er Shao and Si Huang standing together in this posture made people feel a little bit of exciting beauty!

He took a closer look at Dou Wenqing and found that he was no different from the Second Young Master in his impression, and he was definitely a dangerous person who could frighten people. Since there was nothing wrong with Er Shao, the problem must lie with Si Huang!

Thinking of this, he turned to look at Si Huang, and suddenly realized – this kid is acting too harmless now, right?

Just as Chai Liang thought, the Si Huang that Dou Wenqing saw at close range was so harmless and fearless. The shape of her fully opened eyes was beautiful and picturesque, the whites of her eyes were clean and bright, the pupils were black and moist like pearls in the deep sea, a circle of beautiful green which was not obvious but easy to catch a person’s soul could be seen, his eyelashes were very long and dense, trembling slightly, so that people had the urge to reach out and catch the touch.

She didn’t know if she didn’t feel the danger, or if she believed that if she was innocent and fearless she wouldn’t be hurt, but she didn’t have any hostile defense against Dou Wenqing.

This was not a harmless and easy to break little white flower, but it had a strong inner strength, but then why was it acting so pure?

Dou Wenqing’s blade approached his neck, cut through the high collar wrapped around Si Huang’s neck, and he said coldly and sinisterly: “Stop acting for me!”

It’s not that he had never seen men and women who came close to him disguised as small white flowers, but none of them could pretend as well as the person in front of him, as if it wasn’t an act at all… Wasn’t it an act? Wasn’t that weirdly contradictory? How could there be such contradictory and strange people in the world.

Si Huang tilted her head, “I’m not acting.”

With this tilt, her neck came close to the blade with almost zero distance.

Dou Wenqing withdrew the dagger at a speed that was almost invisible to the naked eye, and his expression changed slightly, “You madman, do you want to die?”

Si Huang smiled, “Didn’t you take it back?”

This smile was not bright, but it gave people a clean and dazzling sense of brilliance, and the eyes were even brighter without a trace of haze.

Dou Wenqing pursed his lips, and asked suddenly: “Were you sent by Master Qin?”


“Let us make a one-month contract, and you will pay the price.” He stretched out his hand towards Si Huang’s face.

Si Huang shook his head, “No.”

Dou Wenqing stopped and retracted his hand, and took a deep look at her, “There are very few people in this world who can refuse me.”

“From now on, there will be one more, me.”

“I’ll remember you.”

This sentence would have been a threat from someone else’s mouth, but it was the highest approval from Dou Wenqing’s mouth.

After Dou Wenqing finished speaking, he turned and left.

But one hand grabbed his sleeve.

Dou Wenqing turned his head a little fast, and then his eyes shrank behind the black hair.

“Don’t you think I gave you face today?” Si Huang asked with a smile.

“What do you mean?”

“You owe me one.”

“…” Dou Wenqing turned his head to leave, his sleeve was still in the opponent’s hand, and he couldn’t step out for a while.

Chai Liang stared at Si Huang’s hand holding Dou Wenqing’s sleeve petrifiedly. He didn’t see how hard it was. Three fingers could pull the second young master who wanted to leave? Unless Er Shao didn’t want to leave at all!

Under Chai Liang’s stare, Si Huang let go of her fingers, hugged the little black cat on the table, scratched its chin, and said, “I won’t let you do anything excessive.”

Dou Wenqing fell silent for a long time. It took five seconds before he looked back at Si Huang again.

Si Huang raised the little black cat’s paws and placed it in front of her, pinched its little paws with one hand, made the gesture of beckoning to the cat, and asked with a smile: “Will you agree?”

The little black cat stared through its round clear green eyes for no reason, with a harmless and naive look. The person in front of it also opened their eyes, his eyes were bright and full of smiles, it made him look a bit purer than a milk cat, his furry prop ears also trembled, and they were still pinching his little paws for self-entertainment. The cat’s little paws were a lucky sign after all.

“…Understood.” Dou Wenqing said.

After these words fell, he left the box without stopping.

Chai Liang hurriedly followed his steps, and before going out, he glanced at Si Huang, as if Si Huang was a magical species, with admiration mixed with complexity.

When they were all gone, the smile on Si Huang’s face faded, and she put the little black cat back into her arms.

Five Treasure’s voice full of admiration came out, [Your Majesty, how did you do it?]

Si Huang knew what it was asking.

Dou Wenqing was an absolutely dangerous person. Once he made a killing attempt, not many people in this world could stop him.

Because he really wanted to kill and knew how to kill, which caused Five Treasure’s strong vigilance.

Then why did he take the initiative to let Si Huang go?

Si Huang’s eyes were empty, the few people she met today had brought back dusty but never forgotten memories.

The reason why she was favored by Dou Jun in her previous life was that she acted in a movie, a movie that made her win the best actor title again. In this movie, she played the male protagonist who was a schizophrenic psychopath with high IQ and a pervert who was the most controversial and talented young painter. Even if he was a pervert, he was also a very attractive pervert. As soon as the movie was shown, countless people were terrified and became crazily obsessed with him.

The dark side of the schizophrenic hero of the movie was a perverted killer who was as cold as a machine. He seemed to be transformed into a machine with no emotion but only wisdom. He could design a set of perfect plans and leave no evidence after completing the crime while not letting the police have anything to do with him.

Since this movie was watched by Dou Jun, she understood at the first sight of Dou Wenqing——the perverted killer’s personality was too similar to Dou Wenqing’s.

Dou Jun hated, was jealous and was most afraid of Dou Wenqing. He was unwilling to be suppressed by Dou Wenqing when he was the eldest son, so he always thought that one day he could torture him and make his life worse than death. This obsession had become crazy, and if it couldn’t be realized, Si Huang was used as a stand-in, and all the abuse was then imposed on her, and she was asked to observe Dou Wenqing and act more like him.

Si Huang knew that Dou Wenqing was the key to her getting rid of Dou Jun, and tried her best to understand this person, and finally she accidentally discovered Dou Wenqing’s weakness once.    

He was a very peculiar person, harmless people couldn’t get into his eyes, and slightly harmful people would attract his defenses without leaving any openings. He really calculated everywhere like a machine, and he seemed to be invulnerable. But who would have thought that such a dangerous and cold person would watch kittens frolicking in a daze, until the kitten got so close that he was unprepared, but when his foot was scratched by the cat’s claw, the dagger in his hand was thrown out instantly.    

If he hadn’t stopped it in time, the kitten’s claws would not only have been cut, but might have been broken off directly.    

The kitten’s shrill cry sounded, and Dou Wenqing’s expression changed slightly for a moment. He took a step back and murmured something in a low voice.    

At that time, Si Huang understood, he was murmuring: “I’m sorry.” Apologizing to a cat? Second Master Dou, known as the cold-blooded King of Hades, apologized to a cat! And he took the initiative to give in!    

From this discovery, Si Huang became keenly aware of the breakthrough point in understanding Dou Wenqing. As time passed, she finally determined that Dou Wenqing’s weakness was… nothing but harmless cute things!    

His instinctive ignorance of harmless characters was more like a subconscious protection for himself. If it was inevitable to hurt the other party, then it was also inevitable to hurt oneself.    

His dangerous aura made truly harmless characters dare not approach him, and he would be keenly aware of those with a purpose who pretended to be harmless, and thus dealt with them mercilessly.    

So, how to attack him?    

Si Huang did it in her previous life, and it was easier for her to do it again after being reborn.    

“You helped me a lot today.” Si Huang withdrew her thoughts and whispered to the drowsy little black cat in her arms.

The little black cat couldn’t understand human words, so it turned over and continued to nest.

Five Treasure was not happy anymore, [Your Majesty! How can you praise it first and not me!]

Si Huang said: “You are already too good to praise.”

Five Treasure: [Hey~ It’s also true! But Your Majesty doesn’t have to say it so bluntly, people will be embarrassed!]

Si Huang’s mood was disturbed by this bastard, then the door of the box was knocked, and she said: “Come in.”

A waiter came in, and he asked: “Guest, is there anything else you need?”

Si Huang: “Lend me your mobile phone.”

The waiter offered it to her with both hands.

Si Huang called her mobile phone, and the call was answered not long after, then Yu Xi’s voice came through: “Hello?”

“It’s me. I’m in Box 6 of the horse farm theme restaurant on Qingyun Road. Come pick me up in your car.”

“Okay! Okay! I’ll be right there!”

Dou Wenqing, who had already left in the car, then received a call from his uncle.

“Wenqing, why did you provoke the lunatic from the Qin family?”

“I didn’t.”

“He asked me to tell you not to touch his people. Which person of his did you touch?”

Dou Wenqing was silent for half a second, then he said, “It’s not his person.”

“Since he can let this lunatic make a phone call in person, he must have a close relationship with him. Wenqing, you shouldn’t provoke this lunatic, don’t you know? The Qin family is the only one who can do crazy things, and with his flaws, he can’t live for many years, so…do you understand what I mean?”

“Uncle, I understand.” Dou Wenqing looked out of the car window and said in an unwavering voice: “But this person is very special, and I like him very much.”


Chai Liang, who was driving in front, couldn’t control the steering wheel well, causing the car to shake.

Dou Wenqing didn’t respond, and said into the phone: “You know, I don’t like to accommodate others.”

“What kind of liking are you talking about? Which girl is this person?”

“Not a girl.”

“… …”

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