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The capital.

Dou family.

Dou Jiaxian, the boss of the Dou family who hung up the phone, didn’t return to his senses for a long time, but his expression had changed a lot. Four or five minutes later, he called Dou Wenqing again, and said solemnly as soon as he opened his mouth: “Wenqing, there is no need to investigate Dou Jun’s affairs anymore, come back! The affairs in the capital need you more! I have already booked a plane ticket for you, and your grandma misses you too!”

“…” Before Dou Wenqing could reply, he was hung up on by there.


Half an hour later, the figures of Yu Xi and Yu Ling appeared in the box.

As soon as they knocked on the door and came in, Si Huang, who was in a light sleep, opened his eyes, and smiled to the worried two siblings, “It’s nothing.”

Both of them breathed a sigh of relief, and Yu Ling handed over the bag she was carrying to Si Huang, “These are clothes.”

Si Huang praised her for her carefulness and carried the bag to the bathroom that came with the box to change. After coming out, Si Huang was already dressed in low-key black clothes, a beret and the hat that came with the clothes, which covered her hair and prop ears, and you could only see her fair skin when she lowered her head slightly.

Under the leadership of the waiter, the few people took the VIP road with few people and arrived at the parking lot without any danger.

Si Huang took off her hat when she got in the car, and Yu Ling who was sitting in front handed over her mobile phone, “A man called more than half an hour ago, and when brother read the note, he thought it was a child, so he answered it.” As she spoke, she had a look of fear and curiosity on her face.

Si Huang was taken aback, took the phone over and looked through the call records, and found a note of ‘Xiao Qilin’ on it that stood out.

“What did he say?”

Yu Xi answered, “After asking about your situation, he hung up.”

Si Huang thought about it, and still called back, but no one answered after it rang for a while, she thought he was probably busy, so she didn’t call again after pressing the end call button.

After more than half an hour of journey, Yu Xi asked Si Huang for his opinion, and instead of going back to Jinglan Family’s villa, they went to Huaxing Art School.

When Xu Wanjun saw Si Huang, a group of people gathered around, asking her if she was okay, and comforting her in various ways. After Si Huang responded to them patiently and gently, everyone felt relieved, and then Yu Ling and her group removed the remaining special effects for Si Huang.

The makeup on the ears and fingers of the props had been worn for a long time, making her ears and fingertips red and swollen, which made all the girls feel distressed. Seeing their painful expressions, Si Huang couldn’t laugh or cry, so she went to comfort them that she was fine. This degree of redness and swelling could be cured by applying a little cold compress for a while.

The girls were still uncomfortable, saying that the ice pack in winter was so uncomfortable.

In the end, it was Xu Wanjun who said that he wanted to show her the effect of the shooting, which made the group of loving girls stop.

Not only Si Huang’s previous performances were shot in the camera, but also the scene of Si Huang’s collision with the car was also recorded. Xu Wanjun said: “I don’t think this scene needs to be cut.” Reality, excitement, danger, and the reaction speed shown by Si Huang was just too amazing.

Of course, this time it was an accident, no matter how good the effect was, Xu Wanjun would not want to have such an accident again.

“Yeah.” Si Huang agreed with him.

Everyone gathered around to watch. Previously, they were all focused on Si Huang’s safety, so naturally they didn’t pay attention to the shooting effect. Now that Si Huang was sitting safely in front of their eyes, they could calm down and watch the shooting effect. Seeing this, everyone had expressions of shock, surprise, amazement, etc. on their faces.

“Oh my god! This is too exciting! Si Huang, is your potential exploding? You can run as fast as a professional athlete!?” Fu Xi exclaimed.

A girl also shouted: “It’s really too thrilling! Your Majesty, at that time you actually took care of Jiang Yajing!”

“Don’t you think the kitten is very touched when it’s close to His Majesty? Although His Majesty’s face is coated with powder to lure the kitten, I didn’t expect the shooting to be so smooth!”

Because the speed of the bullet was too fast, Si Huang hugged Jiang Yajing in the picture. Then he rolled and bent and performed other movements smoothly without pause, but everyone did not think that he could have dodged the bullet on his own, and they all thought that all this was good luck, and the shooter missed the shot. Otherwise, this scene would definitely arouse everyone’s suspicion. Taking the initiative to avoid bullets was simply a legend, and it should not appear on campus students.

The originally planned filming was canceled for the afternoon, everyone said goodbye to each other after packing up, but when Si Huang was about to get in the car, Jiang Yajing stopped her.

Si Huang stretched out her hand to stop the crowd who were about to surround her, and asked Jiang Yajing, “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Yajing was in the crowd before, so she didn’t have a chance to come and talk.

Jiang Yajing asked: “Why save me?”

Si Huang: “Then why did you push me away?”

Jiang Yajing moved her lips but said nothing.

Si Huang shook her head slightly, “This incident was originally aimed at me, and I really got you involved.”

Jiang Yajing was a little distracted, “But it was at a critical moment.”

“Yes, it is at a critical moment, yet you chose to push me away without hesitation.” Si Huang said calmly, looking at the young and beautiful face in front of her, “Jiang Yajing, cherish your life.”

Jiang Yajing’s eyes widened.

When the people around heard Si Huang’s words, their expressions changed several times.

They deliberately rejected Jiang Yajing before because she was the one protected by Si Huang. Thinking about it now, Jiang Yajing was able to reach out to push Si Huang away at the critical moment of life and death, which was really remarkable. Many girls present asked themselves that in that situation, where they would probably be scared to death, would they have thought of going to rescue Si Huang first?

Thinking about it this way, they looked at Jiang Yajing with friendlier eyes than before, and felt a little ashamed.

After Si Huang finished speaking, she turned and got into the car.

After she left, a group of students from Huaxing Art School expressed their embarrassment and apologized to Jiang Yajing for rejecting her before. At this time, Jiang Yajing couldn’t listen at all, and was dragged away by Zhou Jian.

In the car, Zhou Jian saw that Jiang Yajing was absent-minded, and said while driving: “Yajing, don’t be fooled by Si Huang’s one or two words. Who cannot say beautiful words, this time it was all about Si Huang. You are the most innocent victim who was provoked by Si Huang, and you almost died! Si Huang didn’t even apologize, but you have to stay and wait for him to come back, and you have suffered so much grievance for nothing.”

Jiang Yajing blinked her eyes, “But he saved me.”

“He should have saved you!”

“…Why are you targeting Si Huang like this?”

Speak up. What should he say? Because I have offended him, I am afraid of him from the bottom of my heart, so I want to trample him into the mud?

Jiang Yajing didn’t press him anymore, her phone vibrated suddenly, she picked it up and took a look.

This was a message, the sender was a string of numbers, and the content was only one sentence: Si Hua is the one who bought the murderer.

Jiang Yajing’s hand holding the phone tightened violently.

Buzzing— another message came: deal with him?

Jiang Yajing bit her lower lip and replied: No.

After sending this word, Jiang Yajing leaned softly on the back of the car seat, with sadness in her heart.

Why do you let me down again and again? Could people really change so much in ten years? Even nature would change?


As the sky darkened, Si Huang, who had returned to the Jinglan villa, went to take a shower first, and simply treated the bullet wound on her shoulder, then she changed her clothes and went downstairs, where Zhao Limei had already prepared a big meal.

She didn’t know what happened during the day, and both Yu Xi and Yu Ling tacitly kept silent. This incident was obviously concealed and handled well, and it did not become a big deal. The TV only briefly mentioned that there was a case of a robber fleeing on the street. Fortunately, no innocent people died, and the robber had been subdued by the police.

After the four of them finished their meal, while Zhao Limei went to clean up, Yu Xi explained that a passer-by was hit by a bullet in this morning’s incident. Fortunately, he didn’t die. They had asked the other passers-by not to spread it indiscriminately.

Si Huang nodded, “Understood, just forget about it.”

The two brother and sister looked at each other and responded to Si Huang’s words.

After returning to her room, Si Huang turned on the computer and connected to Hacker Bear’s website.

Bear: [Video Link]

Hacker Bear seemed to have guessed that she would come and sent a link on his own initiative.

After Si Huang clicked on it, a video pop-up window appeared. On the screen, Si Hua, dressed in a low-key disguise, entered the terminal overnight under the escort of several people.

Bear: He went to Flight 018, and the destination was country M.

Anonymous: Price?

Bear: This is free news, what do you need me to do next? The price will be determined again.

Guo Chengxiong in Yangcheng had a look of fear on his face, thinking: How dare he ask for money? He clearly promised to protect this little phoenix, but in the end he was a little negligent. He was hit by a car and almost shot to death. He almost escaped death! If the master finds out, maybe even his head would be screwed off!

He thought that Si Huang would demand revenge immediately, but who knew that the reply he received was…

Anonymous: When he is settled in country M, tell me where he is.

Guo Chengxiong looked at this sentence for a few seconds but couldn’t guess what Si Huang was thinking.

Bear: OK.

The pop-up dialogue between the two ended like this.

Si Huang sat on the bed and began to talk about today’s situation with Five Treasure.

“Is it one of the five wonders to temporarily increase physical fitness in all aspects?”

[No.] Five Treasure explained very consciously, [Originally, I didn’t want to tell His Majesty about this ability for the time being, because Your Majesty, you found out, right? The consequence of enhancing various physical abilities is to consume Little Pink, that is to say, it consumes your lifespan, Your Majesty!]

Si Huang asked: “How much can the strength increase? How much lifespan does it consume?”

[Currently, without damaging the body, the strength can increase by one-half of various physical properties, consuming one hundred points per second of pink, when put equivalent to His Majesty’s lifespan, one minute consumes one day’s lifespan.]

“What’s the matter with you communicating with Saier?”

[The little girl has a good bloodline and a relatively high spirituality, so I can communicate with it. It will not work if it is an ordinary animal, such as the black cat that your Majesty brought back.] Five Treasure was very upset that the little black cat came to the house, [Today I threatened that girl…]

Si Huang: “Sar.”

[Okay, Sar.] The current Five Treasures was probably in the midst of spreading hands, [I threatened to occupy its body if it doesn’t obey His Majesty’s words. With its little intelligence, it is definitely not my opponent, so it obeyed obediently. But I don’t like its body, it’s just to scare it.]

“Where is the consumption?”

[The consumption of Little Pink with this is only one-fifth of the previous one.] Five Treasure proudly said: [This is my ability, after I have a physical body, I won’t even need to consume His Majesty’s life span!]

Si Huang knew that there was no such thing as a free dinner.

The ability of Five Treasure sounded good, but how many animals with high bloodlines were there in the world? Under normal circumstances, it may not even be used several times.

“Come out after you have saved up to 150 gold glitters.”

[No rush, no rush! I still have to look for a good body.] Five Treasure was serious.

Si Huang was amused by it, “Look for it.”

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