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Fortunately, the Cannon Fodder hadn’t done anything harmful, at most it was disgusting the protagonist Gong, so he could do what Cannon Fodder did in the book with peace of mind.

It was just that he really didn’t remember clearly the plot in the book, and he couldn’t remember what Cannon Fodder did in detail. He only knew that the Cannon Fodder liked to act coquettishly to the protagonist Gong, and what the protagonist Gong hated most was the way Cannon Fodder acted coquettishly to him.

It seemed that if he wanted the protagonist Gong to hate him, acting like a baby was the most important thing.

Speaking of acting like a baby, Yan Yan felt inexplicably confident.

Before transmigrating the book, their Yan family was also a large and intricate family. Although he didn’t understand many things, he could still see the open and secret struggles in the family.

The children in the family had been instilled with the idea of competing with other peers since childhood, and all of them acted like adults, doing things in a rigid manner.

Yan Yan was an exception.

When he was young, because of his poor health, his parents didn’t let him learn too much, and they never told him about the family affairs, so they protected him very well, which made him the only idiot in the family.

In addition, since he was a child, he had been exquisite, beautiful and lovable, so the relatives in the family, regardless of their camp, liked him the most without exception.

Family gatherings without him always ended in a hurry, as rigid and boring as a meeting, but if his parents brought him to the family gathering, the atmosphere of the party would be much warmer.

Everyone tacitly didn’t talk about business, but chatted about the family’s short stories for the first time, and cared about his favorite dish from time to time. At first glance, it really looked like an ordinary and warm family gathering.

After the party, those relatives still called him “Yan Yan” with a smile, petted his head dotingly, and gave him many expensive and exquisite toys.

Under the concentric pampering of the whole family, Yan Yan was spoiled more and more to become coquettish, and he perfected the skill of acting like a baby.

As for the fact that he realized that he always liked to act like a baby, it was because of a school bully in middle school.

That school bully always had a dark handsome face and kept calling him “coquettish”, but the only intersection he had with that school bully was when he sprained his ankle in gym class and let the school bully carry him for a trip to the infirmary.

Who knew that the school bully would often appear in front of him since then, and still call him by that name, every time he would get angry and stare at him a few times before the school bully shut up with red ears.

Although he was unhappy, since then, he had often paid attention not to act like a baby with people other than his family, knowing that it would be annoying.

But the situation was different now, his purpose was to make Ji Juechuan hate him, so naturally he wanted to disgust him by acting like a baby.

With a plan in mind, Yan Yan happily put down his phone, took a shower and lay down on the bed.

That night he had a dream, dreaming that after Ji Juechuan proposed to cancel the engagement, he cried very sadly, so Ji Juechuan added a zero to the huge amount of compensation for him, and he left City A with the huge sum of money. Since then, he lived a happy life.

When he woke up the next day, the corners of Yan Yan’s mouth were still curled up, as if he was still immersed in a sweet dream.

He lingered under the soft quilt for a while before getting up, took out the clothes he bought yesterday and put them on.

The original owner’s clothes were all too fancy. He searched the closet for a long time yesterday before he found a white short-sleeved one. It seemed to be the only normal piece of clothing the original owner had.

After changing his clothes, he took out all the original owner’s clothes from the closet, and hung up the clothes he went out to buy yesterday.

When he went downstairs, only Mrs. Yan was eating breakfast at the dining table, Yan Yueluo had already gone out, and Father Yan was busy with company affairs these days, so he was often not at home.

Yan Yan rubbed his eyes and walked over, smiled at Mrs. Yan, showing two dimples: “Mom, good morning.”

He was also dressed in white today, and there were drops of water from washing on his fair face. It looked tender and fresh, like peeled lychee flesh, Mrs. Yan was taken aback for a moment, not used to his refreshing attire.

The servant on the side brought the breakfast to the table, was surprised for a moment when he saw Yan Yan’s appearance, and then said with a smile:

“The longer the young master stays here, the better he looks.”

Yan Yan had just put a glutinous rice ball into his mouth, so his one cheek bulged slightly, and he bent his eyes when he heard this: “Because I look like my mother.”

He was telling the truth. Although Mrs. Yan had fine lines on her face, you could still see the charm she must have had when she was young, and her pair of beautiful eyes were most similar to Yan Yan.

Madam Yan was taken aback again, and the expression on her face subconsciously softened a little.

Seeing that Yan Yan looked more lively than before, she began to hesitate whether the decision to let Yan Yan and Ji Juechuan enter into a marriage was correct.

In fact, Yan Yan had not been an adult for long, and he had not yet reached the age to discuss marriage. It was only because of the fact that he had provoked her too much before that she made this decision hastily.

With confused thoughts in her mind, Madam Yan sighed softly and pushed the bowl away in front of her.

“Madam, the young master’s luggage has been packed.” Halfway through breakfast, a servant came down from upstairs and walked to the dining table.

Yan Yan was stunned for a moment, and subconsciously asked: “What luggage?”

Could it be that the Yan family couldn’t stand what the original owner did and wanted to throw him out?

Madam Yan looked at him: “Have you forgotten, you are going to move in with Juechuan today so that you can get used to life after marriage.”

Life after marriage?!

Yan Yan’s hand holding the spoon paused in mid-air, he didn’t expect that he would go to live with the protagonist Gong so soon.

Difficult, could it be that he was going to start implementing his plan today?

Although he was confident about his plan yesterday, he didn’t expect to progress to cohabitation with Ji Juechuan so soon, which made him a little flustered.

He hadn’t figured out how to act like a baby in order to arouse Ji Juechuan’s disgust. Could it be that he had to act on the spot?

Yan Yan couldn’t hide the thoughts in his heart, his eyes flickered a few times, his white and slender fingers tightly grasped the spoon, and the word “uneasy” was written on his face.

Seeing his pale face, Mrs. Yan couldn’t bear it, so she said a few words of comfort: “Don’t be nervous, I’ve met Juechuan before, he’s very mature and stable, as long as you’re obedient, he won’t make things difficult for you.”

Then she paused and after a while, she added: “If you really can’t get along with him, then come home and live.”

At first, she just hoped that this marriage could restrain Yan Yan, but judging by Yan Yan’s performance in the past two days, it seemed that there was no necessity of doing such a thing, so it didn’t matter where he lived.

Mrs. Yan explained a few more words to Yan Yan, and then looked at the servant: “Bring down the young master’s luggage.”

The servant brought down a big suitcase, Yan Yan casually flipped through it, and found that everything in it were the clothes he had just put in the closet, and some daily necessities.

During the day, Ji Juechuan was at the company, and he could only go there at night, so he went out to buy some things in the afternoon and stuffed his suitcase full.

Seeing him gasping for breath and pressing down the contents of the suitcase, with his pretty little face flushing, the servant came to help with a smile.

“Master Ji, would you want anything at Mr. Ji’s house? Why are you bringing so many things?”

Yan Yan was still sweating on the tip of his nose. He shook his head when he heard this, “I don’t need him.”

He still hadn’t forgotten Ji Juechuan didn’t even want to eat with him yesterday, so these daily necessities would definitely be even more clearly divided with him.

The young master’s daily necessities were many even though they were small, and they were all expensive brands, so after buying these things, all his savings were used up.

Yan Yan sat beside the suitcase with a sad face. He knew that he didn’t have much savings, so he wanted to replace it with a cheaper brand, but he didn’t dare to easily try a brand he hadn’t used before.

He still remembered that when he was at home, a servant who was in charge of purchasing bought a cheap pillow cover in order to be greedy for petty gains, and took the difference into his pocket, thinking he could hide it.

The cheap pillow cover looked the same as the one Yan Yan used before, and the other servants didn’t notice anything, so they changed it for him after washing it.

Unexpectedly, the next day, little red spots appeared on Yan Yan’s neck, and he felt uncomfortable for several days. After finding out that it was because of the pillow, the servant was fired, and his parents paid even more attention to all his daily necessities.

So Yan Yan himself didn’t dare to take it lightly. The brands he bought were all the ones he had used before. He had never bought these things by himself. When he bought them, he found that the prices were much higher than he had imagined.

Since the original owner failed to start a business, his credit card had been suspended, and he only had a savings card given by his father, and when he transmigrated over, most of the money in that card had been used by the original owner.

Fortunately, the remaining money was enough for him to buy the things he needed, but he was really penniless now.

Yan Yan was worried for a while and then he didn’t worry. He always thought things were simple, and when he had no money, he would try to make money. Anyway, he had healthy limbs, so he didn’t have to worry about not being able to find a job.

The suitcase was already packed, and after dinner, the driver came to pick him up to take him to Ji Juechuan’s house.

His suitcase was filled with too many things. The driver was a middle-aged man in his prime, but he still struggled to lift the suitcase a few centimeters. In the end, he called a servant over to lift the suitcase. Then the suitcase was loaded onto the car.

An hour later, Yan Yan stood at the door of Ji Juechuan’s house.

The iron gate outside the villa was open, and he asked the driver to drive the car in and help him pull the suitcase to the gate inside. After the driver left, he took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

Ji Juechuan came back home early today and was about to go downstairs for dinner after taking a shower, when he heard the doorbell ring.

He had long forgotten the pre-marriage cohabitation trial agreement that he had made with Yan’s family, wiped his dripping hair with one hand, and went to open the door with a frown.

The door opened, and a little beauty stood outside the door, holding the hem of his clothes with his fingers, looking at him nervously with his beautiful eyes, and a huge suitcase stood beside him.

Ji Juechuan’s face froze.

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