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The two stood at the door looking at each other for a while before Ji Juechuan remembered the reason why Yan Yan had appeared at his door.

He rubbed the center of his brows, so he turned around and walked inside: “Come in.”

After he had walked a few steps, he realized there was no movement behind him, Ji Juechuan frowned even deeper, and looked back.

Yan Yan was struggling to push the huge suitcase, pursing his lips hard, as if he was trying to suck his milk, but the suitcase only slid forward a little distance.


What did this person grow up on, and how did he look only as strong as a kitten?

He strode over and grabbed the handle of the suitcase.

Yan Yan’s eyes widened, trying to stop his movement: “This suitcase is very heavy, you can’t lift it up…”

Before he could finish speaking, Ji Juechuan lifted the suitcase with one hand and glanced at him before turning around.

Yan Yan was stunned for a moment before following, then he saw Ji Juechuan walk up the stairs as effortlessly as if he was carrying an empty suitcase, as he put his suitcase on the second floor without even panting.

It took two people to lift this suitcase onto the car, but he was able to carry it up the stairs with one hand, his strength was too exaggerated.

It was estimated that a light punch from him could throw him against the wall, and the kind where he couldn’t be pulled off.

Yan Yan muttered in his heart, not noticing that Ji Juechuan, who was walking in front, had stopped and thus he bumped into his strong back.

“Which room do you want to sleep in?”

Ji Juechuan felt as if he had been hit by a ball of cotton wool on his back, which was completely light and weightless. If he hadn’t seen the red spot on the tip of Yan Yan’s small nose, he would have thought it was his own illusion.

Yan Yan raised his hand and rubbed his nose, then he looked left and right, just about to say whatever, when he suddenly closed his mouth.

Ji Juechuan was usually in the company during the day, and he wouldn’t have many opportunities to get in touch with him. The two of them didn’t have much time to spend together. It was estimated that they wouldn’t see each other much until they got married.

Only by sleeping in the same room with Ji Juechuan could he have a chance to implement his plan.

Seeing that he didn’t make a sound, but just glanced around with bright eyes, Ji Juechuan thought he was carefully choosing a room.

He waited patiently, and after a few seconds, he saw the young man blinking his misty eyes and pinching the corner of his clothes: “I want to sleep with you.”

Ji Juechuan thought he had heard wrong, and his face darkened: “What?”

The young man, as if frightened by him, looked at him timidly with his beautiful eyes, but repeated softly: “…I want to sleep with you.”

This time he heard clearly, and his face became more serious.

He didn’t expect this cat to be quite courageous.

Yesterday, he posted on the Internet saying that he didn’t like him as a marriage partner, but today he turned his attitude around 180 degrees, and even dared to ask to sleep with him.

Could it be that this person had always been so casual that even people who he had only met a few times could be slept together with?

Ji Juechuan didn’t say yes or no, he folded his arms across his chest and looked down at him: “Didn’t you say yesterday that you were going to break off the engagement, did Mrs. Yan not agree?” Yan Yan froze when he heard the words.

If he told Ji Juechuan that he had to move in because he could not break off the engagement, then if he still behaved like the cannon fodder in the book, Ji Juechuan would definitely see the clue.

So he shook his head quickly in response: “I don’t want to break the engagement.”

After finishing speaking, he felt that he sounded a little too deliberate, and bit his lower lip in confusion, “I…I think there is nothing wrong with marrying you.”

Seeing that the slender neck exposed by the young man’s collar was dyed a thin layer of red, Ji Juechuan somehow thought of teasing him, and raised his eyebrows, “Why?”

After asking, he saw the young man’s black eyelashes tremble. For a moment, it seemed hard to say.

Those eyelashes seemed to sweep over his heart, making his heart itch for a moment.

He was used to Yan Yan always answering his words slowly, so he didn’t urge him. After a long while, he heard him say softly: “Because you are rich.”

Unexpectedly, it was this answer, Ji Juechuan’s expression turned pale and froze.

Yan Yan pondered for a long time before he figured out what the original owner could say. Seeing Ji Juechuan’s uneasy expression after he finished speaking, he hesitated for a moment, and added a comforting sentence: “And you are very good-looking.”

Comforting him? The corners of Ji Juechuan’s lips were pursed downwards, but he didn’t feel comforted.

For a moment, he felt that his actions just now seemed to be humiliating himself, and he also felt that he was in a daze for asking such a question.

Besides money, what else could Yan Yan be willing to marry him for?

He didn’t speak anymore, he just picked up the suitcase and walked to a room, and opened the door with the other hand and walked in.

Seeing his silence, Yan Yan thought he was angry but dared not speak, so he followed him to the door of the room.

He thought that Ji Juechuan would take him to the guest room, but unexpectedly when the light in the room turned on, it was the master bedroom in front of him.

He stood at the door of the room and looked inside. The style of the bedroom was very simple, with almost no extra things. Only a few pieces of neatly folded clothes were placed on the bed, and only a few traces of life could be seen.

The astonishment on Yan Yan’s face flashed away, he never expected that Ji Juechuan would actually agree to sleep with him.

Ji Juechuan carried his suitcase into the room and put it aside.

Although Yan family had told him about cohabitation before marriage, he had long forgotten about it, so he didn’t let anyone clean up a room. The aunt at home had gone back after finishing dinner. So, he could only sleep in his room for the time being.

He didn’t like people coming into his room, but he couldn’t let people sleep on the sofa. If the young master went back to file a complaint, he would be annoyed again.

Anyway, when the room was cleaned up tomorrow, he would let the young master change rooms.

He put the suitcase and came out to see Yan Yan standing in the corridor outside the room waiting for him, the soft light illuminated his porcelain white skin, and his eyes under long eyelashes were round and beautiful.

Although he never liked to pay attention to other people’s appearance, he had to say that this person’s appearance was really impeccable.

Ji Juechuan looked away and walked downstairs: “Have you eaten yet?”

“Have eaten.” Yan Yan followed him all the way to the dining room.

There were a few dishes on the table, they were not rich, but they looked delicious in color and fragrance, but they had been placed for a long time and they had already turned cold.

Ji Juechuan sat down at the dining table, and Yan Yan sat down beside him and looked at him from the corner of his eye.

“Didn’t you already eat?” Without looking back, he picked up a piece of food with his chopsticks and put it into the bowl.

Yan Yan put his hands on his lap, sitting neatly, and instantly became nervous when he heard the words, “Can’t I sit here?”

Ji Juechuan paused while picking up vegetables, then he turned his head to look at him, and said nothing.

He intuitively felt that Yan Yan was playing some crooked idea, so he had put on a cute appearance in front of him.

But he didn’t bother to think about it, what Yan Yan wanted to do had nothing to do with him, and he was not interested in Yan Yan’s thoughts at all.

His sleeve was suddenly pulled a few times.

Ji Juechuan raised his eyebrows, with an expression of seeing what he was about to do.

“Can we eat together?” Yan Yan raised his head and opened his soft lips slightly. From this angle, he looked a bit like a kitten waiting to be fed.

Ji Juechuan inexplicably recalled yesterday in the car, when this man was clutching his stomach and his lips were slightly pale.

Just take it as compensation.

He stood up and went to the kitchen to wash a bowl and set of chopsticks and put them in front of Yan Yan.

Yan Yan was not actually hungry, he just noticed that there was no servant in Ji Juechuan’s house, so he wondered if Ji Juechuan cooked the dishes himself.

If it was the original owner, he would definitely not miss this opportunity, pestering the protagonist to make it for him next time.

While pondering in his heart, he picked up a chopstick of green vegetables and put them into his mouth. Unexpectedly, the taste was not bad.

Ji Juechuan glanced at him, “Tell Aunt Zhang what you like to eat tomorrow, I won’t be back at noon, so don’t wait for me.”

Yan Yan paused while eating, and then realized that these dishes were not made by Ji Juechuan.

But come to think about it, how could a busy person like the protagonist Gong, who was so busy with daily affairs, cook by himself.

Yan Yan curled his lips, scolding himself for being stupid in his heart.

Seeing him put down his chopsticks, Ji Juechuan frowned slightly.

His strength was like a kitten, and his appetite was also as small as a kitten. How did this person grow so big.

He pushed the dish containing the fish in the direction of Yan Yan, and when he realized what he was doing, his face turned unnatural for a moment, and he quickly withdrew his hand.

But Yan Yan had already noticed his movements.

He was still worrying that he couldn’t remember the plot in the book and always made some simple mistakes, so he was a little distracted, and subconsciously wrinkled his nose when he saw the fish dish.

“This fish is so thorny.”

The boy’s beautiful brows and eyes were slightly furrowed, showing a hint of disgust. He looked a little delicate, but he couldn’t find him annoying.

The soft voice didn’t seem to be expressing dislike, but it seemed to be acting like a baby and asking someone to help him pick out the bones.

Ji Juechuan’s eyes stopped on his face, then he lowered his head and put a piece of boneless fish into his bowl, “Eat it.”

Being a picky eater, it was no wonder he was so skinny that he could lift him with one hand.

Yan Yan stared at the fish in his bowl, and then saw Ji Juechuan staring at him, as if waiting for him to eat it. Although he didn’t know why Ji Juechuan did this but with the spirit of not wasting food, he obediently ate it.

Seeing that he was finally willing to eat the fish, Ji Juechuan felt inexplicably relieved, and then his face sank again.

This young master was really difficult to raise, troublesome.

After eating, Ji Juechuan was going to work in the study. He glanced at Yan Yan who followed him every step of the way, rubbed his brows, and planned to settle him down first.

He took him around from the living room on the first floor to the third floor, and took him around the backyard, but the young master didn’t find a place he wanted to stay.

After visiting all the places, the veins on Ji Juechuan’s forehead twitched, and he stopped at the door of the study, impatient.

“I’m going to work, you can go directly into whichever room you like, and you can use the things in it as you like.”

The meaning of staying away from him was very obvious in the words.

But Yan Yan obviously didn’t understand what he meant.

He saw him blinking happily, as he walked into the study room behind him like a stream, and sat down on the sofa inside, with his two snow-white legs placed neatly side by side.

Ji Juechuan had never let anyone enter his study room before, so he clenched his hand on the doorknob for a moment, almost pulling the doorknob down.

After a while, he closed the door with a cold face and sat down at the desk.

At least the young master found a place where he was willing to stay, he comforted himself.

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