RCFS Ch. 163: Junyao High School 4

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Mo Yuxiang was going crazy, Young Master Di was not reluctant to let him go!

What was this called?

Although he was very depressed, Mo Yuxiang still sighed, turned around and left.

Junyao was able to rank among the No. 1 High School in Yan Country because the teaching system there was particularly strict. He finally escaped from the nightmare of three years in high school, and now he was being asked to repeat it!

It was painful to even think about it…

Pain is pain, Mo Yuxiang flew to Junyao and reported before Ye Yunxi.

Junyao, an old school with a history of one hundred years, was established in the precarious age and had continuously supplied various talents to the country.

Here was the cradle of talents and the hotbed of elites.

All kinds of luxury cars were parked at the intersection, Junyao’s students were wearing bright yellow school uniforms, as they slowly walked into the campus.

On the side of the road, Ye Yunxi had also arrived. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and took a deep breath.

Her stamina had increased by 1 again. Although it was slow, it was better than no increase at all. Her stamina was now 99. She didn’t have to stop and rest after running more than ten kilometers.

The sudden appearance of Ye Yunxi attracted many people’s attention.

“Look, that person came to school by running!”

“My God, when did Junyao even recruit such students, who are so poor that they can’t afford a car, why go to Junyao?”

“That’s right, really poor!”

“Let’s go, let’s stay away from her, the smell of sweat is so bad!”

Many students walked away holding their noses with disgust on their faces, Ye Yunxi didn’t care, she put the handkerchief away and walked slowly to the door.

“Yunxi, you can take my car from now on!”

Sun Chao rushed over and gave those students a hard look.

“Boss, boss, sit in my car, sit in my car, my car is spacious!”

Fang You also followed closely. These Junyao’s students must be too contemptuous of others, right?

“It’s not that I don’t have a car.”

Ye Yunxi raised her hand to refuse, and said that the money in her hand was enough to buy a few top luxury cars.

“What about the two?”

Junyao’s exam made the five of them form an unbreakable small group, and their relationship had become very good.

“They went in to take up seats. Junyao has a opening ceremony.”

It was Junyao’s tradition to have an orientation on the first day regardless of class.

A few people followed the trend and walked in. The old-style building carried the style of that era, but the interior decoration was similar to the most luxurious modern university.

Along the way, there were students holding their noses and looking at Ye Yunxi. There was an uproar about her running to school because of the opening ceremony.

“What are you looking at?”

Sun Chao gritted his teeth, and the people around him rolled their eyes frequently, thinking it was better to stay as far away from them as possible.

This angered Fang You and he couldn’t help spitting: “Who are you?”

After entering the auditorium, he saw Helian Moxie waving to them again, and the three hurried over to sit down.

But with five people as the center, there were at least three empty rows around them.

As the number one school in the empire, Junyao not only had a high threshold, but the students were also very hypocritical.

Ye Yunxi snorted and said nothing.

However, soon, these hypocritical students could no longer be hypocritical.

After the principal gave his speech, Jiang Baichuan stepped forward, took the microphone, and said with a smile: “Junyao’s tradition over the years is that the student who ranks first in the entrance examination every year will speak, so we invite the person who entered this year with the best grades in the history of the school to give a speech!”

The students looked around subconsciously, and the students from the second and third grades had already heard about it, but they didn’t know who it was.

Entrance with the best grades over the years?

Didn’t that mean that this person was not only the number one in this year’s enrolment, but also the number one that no one could surpass since the establishment of the school!!!

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