IHSB Ch. 14: Gu Nan

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One old and one young, one questioned and one answered, Nuan Nuan had only been back for less than two days, but it seemed that she had lived here for a long time, she got along with the old man so naturally.

Mother Gu and Aunt Gu smiled unconsciously.

“Grandpa, I’ll bask in the sun with you too!”

Gu An leaned over to the other side of the old man and chatted, while looking at Nuan Nuan proudly.

Old Man Gu said in a disgusted tone, “You’ll accompany me to bask in the sun, it’s fine if you don’t disturb an old man like me.”

Although the words were disgusting, there was a smile in those eyes.

Gu An started arguing for himself, “Grandpa, am I like that?”

Nuan Nuan laughed so much that her eyes were bent, Gu An glared at her, “Don’t laugh!”

The corners of the raised mouth were pressed down, but the smile in his eyes could not be concealed.

Old Man Gu knocked on Gu An’s forehead, “Don’t scold your sister.”

“It’s too much, you are all favoring her! I didn’t scold her, I just stared at her.”

A car engine sound was heard.

Nuan Nuan looked back, and Gu An snorted, “Why did Dad come back so early today?”

“Is it Dad?”

Nuan Nuan’s eyes lit up when she heard Gu An’s words.

The old man touched her fluffy and soft hair and nodded, “Well, your father is back.”

Facing the little girl looking at him with bright and expectant eyes, the old man laughed, “Go, go.”

Nuan Nuan embarrassedly revealed a soft and sweet smile, then she tilted her head and rubbed her grandfather’s hand before running towards the black car with her short legs.

Old Man Gu looked at the car, and soon the door opened and Dad Gu walked out.

He snorted and muttered, “This stinky boy must have skipped work! He came back before the end of work time. People nowadays really disrespect their work. It’s not like this old man, when I was there, I would always work overtime!”

The housekeeper standing next to him “…”

That’s because you didn’t have a daughter!


With her soft and beautiful eyes shining brightly, she looked at the person who got out of the car. She called out “Dad” in a milky voice, and was picked up by the tall man.

The little girl shyly hugged her father’s neck with her small arms. Her face was flushed, but her eyes were brighter, and she looked very happy and shy.

“Nuan Nuan, have you missed your father?”

Gu Linmo put the fluffy little girl on his firm arm and asked softly. He laughed like a silly father. If his business rivals saw this scene, they would definitely wonder if this person was possessed. Was this still the terrifying smiling tiger?

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently, and replied softly to her father, “I missed you.”

Gu Linmo laughed, then once he looked at Nuan Nuan’s appearance now, his eyes lit up, as expected of his girl, after a little tidying up, she looked so beautiful and cute, no one was as warm and cute as her in his family.

“Dad, you got off work early today?”

Gu An staggered over and asked.

Dad Gu’s smile froze for a second, and then he answered with a natural look, “I can leave the company early if there is nothing to do.”

Mr. Gu snorted twice, was there nothing? What a fool, as the boss of the company, you were so busy that you did not even have time to eat and rest!

Facing his father’s contemptuous eyes, Dad Gu touched his nose.

Anyway, he had a young, strong and capable son, who was he afraid of?


Gu Nan, who was far away in another country, sneezed a little without warning, and pinched his nose expressionlessly.

His assistant ran up and asked, “Master, do you have a cold?”

The weather here was indeed a little cold, so he hurriedly greeted someone and brought a black trench coat over.

Gu Nan’s stern expression was as if it had remained unchanged for thousands of years, as if his face was paralyzed, and his eyes were also a little cold. Generally, people who wanted to talk to him would basically be frightened by his expressionless face and eyes and speaking with him really made them face too much pressure.

Gu Nan took the windbreaker and draped it on his body at will. The moment he took out his mobile phone and opened it, there was a little girl with a cute head on the screen of his mobile phone. She was smiling at the screen with crooked eyebrows. Her eyes contained thousands of stars, she was full of light, and the fluffy hair made her very soft, and she looked as cute as a furry little animal.

This photo was taken by Mother Gu after Nuan Nuan had cut her hair, and then sent the photo to her son to show off.

Staring at the photo, Gu Nan’s long, narrow, cold eyes softened a bit. His emotions might not have changed in the eyes of others, but the careful observant assistant still found it.

It was precisely because of this that the assistant felt a little surprised and curious, however he would not go over to see what his boss was looking at, but he had really become gentle.

“The rest of the matter will be resolved as soon as possible, buy me a plane ticket for two days later.”

In fact, there was still a week for the matter here to be completed, but Gu Nan couldn’t wait to go back.

Looking at the photos, he couldn’t help thinking of when his sister was only a few months old. During that time, he hadn’t fully come in contact with the company’s affairs. He had plenty of time, so his younger sister, who was less than one year old, spent a lot of time with him and his second brother, Gu Bei.

When the fluffy little sister was babbling, the first person she called for was neither her father nor her mother, but her brother.

Gu Nan clenched his fingers, called a meeting, and worked overtime that day!

The scalps of the assistant and all his subordinates were numb, Master’s body must be made of iron!

They didn’t know that he was thinking of Nuan Nuan, who while being missed by her brother far away in another country had gone out shopping with her grandfather and to walk the dog. Nuan Nuan really wanted to repay her family’s concern for her. She wanted to give everyone a gift, but didn’t know what to give.

Nuan Nuan’s little face was all scrunched into a ball.

“What are you thinking about, Nuan Nuan?”

The gentle voice of the old man came from above, causing Nuan Nuan to recover from her thoughts.

“It’s… Grandpa, I want to do something, but I don’t know how to do it?”

“What do you want to do? You can discuss it with Grandpa. If you can’t, then read books.”

Yes, Nuan Nuan could read books!

But the next second she was discouraged again. She only attended preschool in the village, and she knew too few words.

“Grandpa, Nuan Nuan wants to learn to read!”

The little girl said with her tender face raised, but her milky voice was very serious and firm.

“Okay, Nuan Nuan must be a smart child in the future. I want to teach you how to read and write.”

“Dad, where do you need to teach her? Let that stinky boy Gu An teach Nuan Nuan, that guy can’t sit still all day long. If he can’t calm down, it’s better to grind his temper.”

Mother Gu asked Gu An to teach, but in fact, it was more to promote the relationship between the brother and sister.

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