KHSW Ch. 155

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Xu Yizhi was concentrating on office work, but when he heard a faint sob, he stopped the work at hand.

“Xiao Nuo.”

Tears flowed across the small face of the little dumpling, which made him feel pained.

Xu Yizhi’s heart tightened, so he closed the computer immediately, walked over to him and sat down.

Now that Ling Xi was not here, and he was not very good at coaxing children, what should he do?

“Xiao Nuo, a manly man, can shed blood and sweat but not tears.”

The little dumpling raised his head slightly, tears dripping down his face, “Dad, Uncle Erlangshen is too bad, he threw Chenxiang’s mother down the mountain.”

Xu Yizhi was stunned for a moment, and turned his eyes to the TV, which was playing an animated movie of Baolian Lanterns. The expression on his face suddenly became a little subtle.

Chi House.

“Jingyu, where have you been these days, why haven’t you come home to live?”

Chi Jiayang’s mother was sitting on the sofa downstairs watching TV. Seeing that Chi Jingyu was back, she immediately made a motherly appearance and greeted him with a smile.

Chi Jingyu glanced at her lightly, “Where’s my dad?”

“Your dad hasn’t come back from the company yet, Jingyu, you haven’t had dinner yet, so I’ll ask Sister Li to cook it for you.”

“No need.” He just left her a back indifferently, and immediately went up the stairs.

The moment he walked around the corner, the woman immediately changed her face, “Bah, shameless thing” and muttered a few swear words in a low voice, and when she answered the phone, her tone returned to her gentle tone, “Hey Mrs. Yang, mahjong. Well, of course I have to go, okay, see you later.”

Seeing Wang Suping leaving from the window, Chi Jingyu came out of his room. There was only one servant left in the house, and she would not come upstairs without the master’s permission.

Thinking of what Ling Xi said, Chi Jingyu opened the door of his father’s bedroom, closed it gently, and went straight to one of the head cabinets.

After searching all the drawers, he didn’t find anything suspicious, and he laughed at himself that he was really stupid. His sister-in-law had never been to his house, so she must have deliberately set him aside to prevent him from being a light bulb.

Just when he was about to give up searching, he found that there seemed to be a file bag at the bottom of the last drawer.

Curiosity prompted him to open the file bag, and when he saw the contents, his eyes widened.

How could this happen?

Xu Yizhi was watching TV with Xiao Nuo, and seeing him cry one moment and laugh in another, the corners of Xu Yizhi’s lips curved slightly.

After tossing for a while, Xiao Nuo seemed to be sleepy, his eyes had already been closed, and his bald little head was nodding little by little.

Seeing this, Xu Yizhi gently took him into his arms, pushed open the bedroom door, and walked in cautiously, worried that the sound from the door would wake him up.

Looking at his small appearance when he was sleeping, Xu Yizhi’s heart felt soft and messy.

When Ling Xi returned home, she saw this warm scene. After Xu Yizhi made a “shush” to her, he crept out, “Xiao Nuo is already asleep, I’ll close the door first.”

“Let him sleep alone?” Ling Xi was still a little worried.

“Don’t worry, he can, is there something wrong? Why did Mom call you over?”

“Did father-in-law and mother-in-law give the wrong card, how could the betrothal money be 10 billion?”

It turned out to be this matter, Xu Yizhi said indifferently, “You’re right, even a mere 10 billion yuan can’t express our feelings, so just keep it.”

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